Leo Traits & Characteristics

By astrology valley Sep 27 2021

Dynamic and cheerful, Leos are natural leaders of the zodiac. You radiate self-confidence with every step. Leo is synonymous with creativity. Creativity flows in your veins. Just like a lion, you are dominant and independent. People are magnetically attracted to you by your sense of humor and generosity.  

About Leo 

All those born between July 23 and August 22 are Leo. It is the fifth sign of the zodiac, represented by a lion and ruled by the Sun. Just like Aries and Sagittarius, Leo belongs to the element of fire. This is a fixed sign unlike the mutable signs Virgo, Pisces, etc. You are the most compatible with the signs Aries, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius. Your lucky day is Sunday and your lucky metal is Gold. Now, let us see the positive and negative traits of Leo.  

Positive Traits and Characteristics of Leo  

You have a very attractive and dynamic personality that is loved by everyone around you. This makes it easier for you to make friends. You have a big friend circle and a lot of connections. The best quality about you is that you care about your friends and protect them from any mishap in life. You do not help others to be returned that favor. You help them selflessly with full dedication. You give your best to your friends and family.  

You are bold and courageous. Like a lion, you are the leader of your pack. You are always on the top and in the spotlight. Your aura and courage usher others to follow you. You also love all the attention you receive and make it a point to never let your people down. You are responsible, kind, and generous. You have a compassionate heart.  

You are born with a knack for drama and pizzazz. You are the heart of the party. You are the entertainer in every social gathering and party. Your sense of humor and sarcastic nature commands the attention of the onlookers. Sometimes you deliberately seek attention but people tend to be attracted to your vivacious personality and energy.  

You are extremely loyal to friends, family, and partners. You are worthy of their trust because of your honesty. You are direct and straightforward with people. You do not shy away from giving honest feedback to people when they ask for it. You believe that brutal honesty is better than white lies. At least it is real. Living under false impressions of perfection will not do anyone any good.   

You have an extremely optimistic outlook on life. You see the silver lining to the dark clouds of hopelessness and despair. You believe that optimism and a firm belief in your abilities will sail you through every problem in life.  

You love independence. You live your life on your own terms and conditions. You lay your own rules to live your life. You do not like other people controlling your life and enforcing their opinions on you. If someone tries to do that, you break all the ties with that person.  

Negative Traits and Characteristics of Leo 

There will be times when your confidence will turn into over-confidence and make you arrogant. You believe that every decision you take is right and will be best for everybody when it clearly isn’t. You would block the advice given by everyone thinking that you are the best. This thinking could be dangerous both for you and your followers.  

You are inflexible and rigid. Once you have formed an opinion about something, no power in the world could change your stance about it. You do not accept your mistakes in front of others, even though you know, somewhere in your heart, that you are wrong.  

You are indeed full of energy and vivacity. But you lack the commitment to opportunities. You try to take the easy way out of a situation. You try to escape the situation especially when you think that it wouldn’t add to your glory. Anything that isn’t fun is off the table for you.  

You are very dominant and filled with pride and narcissism. The only thing you wish to do is rule the world. You like speaking excessively but when it comes to listening you turn deaf. You expect everyone around you to quietly follow your instructions without asking any questions. When you do not get the respect you command, you get frustrated and throw tantrums.  

You are very jealous and competitive. You wish to be the best, the boldest, and the most beautiful person in the world. You hate it when you meet someone better than you. When they get more attention than you, you do not hesitate to use lies to defame that person.   


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