Let's find out Taurus-Aquarius Compatibility & know if they are the one for you!

By astrology valley Dec 30 2021

1) Taurus-Aquarius Personality Fusion

Taurus and Aquarius are not two peas in a pod, they can never be. A Taurus personality is the wise and composed one, they are one of the earth signs and hence the stability in their aura. They are seen as intellectual and intelligent individuals with a dedicated and dependable nature. They can be adamant and stubborn in some matters but are very sensual and passionate. Taurus is the old-school type when it comes to dating. Their approach towards a relationship is traditional and simple. They can be persuasive and are stern about their views. Usually, they are not fond of any kind of changes.

And then there are Aquarians. This air sign is ruled by Uranus, the planet of the innovative and surprising situation in one's life. These personalities are spontaneous and unconventional in their ways. They are represented by water-bearers and are natural healers. They seek change, social progress and want to be the change themselves. Their free-spirited, liberal and eccentric aura mirrors their influencing personality.

2) Love Compatibility of Taurus-Aquarius

When these earth and air signs come together and try to bond, the match seems unlikely everywhere. Taurus and Aquarius are not supposed to get attracted to each other as they both have a stubborn and stern approach. However, their ideologies are unrelated. When the passionate and tender Taurus, who is not particularly fond of suddenness in a relationship, is placed with an independent and outrageous Aquarius, then it seems like coming together of two ridiculously different individuals.

Whether sexually or emotionally, their difference in ideologies, ideals, and principles are bound to make them feel bored of each other. Taurus is a sensuous being, when their tenderness is presented to the energized and excited Aquarius, they might find it hard to compose themselves.

Taurus is a dependable person, and Aquarius is independent. Taurus seeks a secure and stable relationship, whereas Aquarians do not want to bind themselves in any emotional relation. And thus are very distant from each other's needs.

3) Positive Aspects of Taurus-Aquarius Match

Taurus and Aquarius are not meant to be together in many ways. But it can not be denied that the calm and composed demeanor of Taurus can be of help to the eccentricities of Aquarius. The Taurus partner can help the Aquarian partner to settle in their lives. On the other hand, the innovative and unique mindset of an Aquarius individual can enrich the life of Taurus with fresh thoughts and help them to adapt to changes.

Both Taurus and Aquarius signs are fixed signs. It indicates that, if they come together, then they are likely to be deeply committed to each other. It stems from the mutual respect and admiration that both the signs have for each other.

They are not similar in any way, except for the fact that they both keep themselves away from unnecessary complications, and they like to have control over the situation and events.

4) Negative Aspects of Taurus-Aquarius Match

The major issue, which the coming together of Taurus and Aquarius, might see is that their basic instincts and needs do not assimilate at all. One is into steadiness and stable relationships, while the other is unwilling to give up on adventure. The Aquarius partner is a believer in exciting explorations, and a Taurus is unable to understand these needs. Taurus wants to stay close to their roots, and Aquarius wants to spread their wings and fly.

These small and large, sometimes widely vivid and intense differences are the reason that gives birth to a lot of misunderstandings. And that is why the cosmic plan does not align with the astrological sayings, making it more difficult to understand them.

Both the signs are strong in their ways. They also have strongly opinionated and stern beliefs, which do not help them to avoid clashes. They both have a dominating attitude about everything. It often leads to differences of opinion and lands them in trouble. Their relationship can easily turn out to be a regular clash of opinions if mutual respect ends between them.


So if you know someone who is trying or you are trying to bring Taurus and Aquarius together, then it is not a great idea. They must learn from each other's differences if they wish to stay together. It might be a bumpy ride, not at all smooth, but such a relationship will be unique in its way. 


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