Let’s find out Taurus-Aries compatibility and know if they are the one for you!

by astrology valley Dec 30 2021

Will a powerful, and faithful Taurus make a strong connection with a strong and Gentle Arian? Let’s find out. 

Taurus-Aries Personality Fusion

Being an Earth sign, Taurus comes in the second position in the astrological chart. The Bull symbolizes dedication, strength, and perseverance. People born under this sign are known to be very determined and hard-working individuals. 

Aries comes in the first position in the astrological chart. The symbol of this fire sign is the Ram. Individuals born under this sign are sociable, confident, extroverted, and strong. They were born with leadership characteristics. 

Love compatibility of Taurus-Aries

These two zodiac signs are next to each other in the astrological chart. Though being represented by two different elements, Taurus and Aries have a distinctive understanding of each other and bonding of love. They also have some naturally similar characteristics. The planet Mars rules the strong Arian while the faithful Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus and Mars is always an interesting and captivating love match. 

Aries is a strong sign that knows how to impress the Bull. Similarly, Taurus doesn’t even have to try to charm the Ram, it just happens because of its raw magnetism. A Taurus man and an Aries woman will have to go through some ups and downs in their love life but there is enough spark to get these two going if they handle it right. An Aries man and a Taurus woman might also have to face some highs and lows in their love life and but in the end, both of them will be able to manage and sustain their relationship. 

Positive aspects of Taurus-Aries match

Taurus is a candid and loyal individual, traits that are truly admired and respected by the Arian. On the other side of the coin, Aries is an energetic and confident individual who brings enjoyment, excitement, and cheerfulness to the bull’s life. 

Being an ambitious sign, Aries is not scared of stepping out there and working hard to fulfill the dreams of his or her life. The Bull is also driven by its aims and is ready to put every effort to achieve them. Therefore, they tend to inspire and motivate each other. Taurus appreciates the materialistic things and Arian does too. So they both do not mind bringing the extravagance and occasional beauty in each other’s life.

Taurus can become quite confusing and indecisive sometimes. This is when the confidence and fortitude of the Ram step in. Aries, on the other hand, can be very arrogant and loud sometimes. The serenity of Taurus helps to calm it down. 

Negative aspects of Taurus-Aries match

Although this is a very strong love combination, both Aries and Taurus need to take care of certain things to maintain their relationship. Since the astrological starts begin with the sign Aries and a symbol of birth also, it tends to lose its temper easily because of its innate dynamism. The Bull may consider it too reckless because it thinks carefully about anything it does. 

Taurus can be called a stubborn and possessive sign. The can cause resentment between them and bring friction in their relationship. Both the signs think they are right at all the time which makes it very hard for them to compromise in an argument, therefore, leading to stretching of the argument only. 

Aries likes to take things slow in a relationship while Taurus wants to explore new things in the relationship every so often. Aries keeps things in the flow and Taurus tends to overthink about several things. Both of them hide certain things from each other so that they can meet each other’s expectations. 


After looking at all the positive and negative aspects of the Taurus-Aries compatibility it can be said that they can make a strong bond together. Their relationship will have the potential to suffer the injuries of all the stones that life throws at them. However, both of them need to understand that only the relationship can work when both of them are willing to make efforts and know-how to keep going.

Aries should learn to give up its stubborn and dominant behavior now and then, while Taurus should learn how to transform its stubbornness into patience now and then. Both the signs are very loyal so this increases their compatibility towards each other. They do not face any struggles in a physical relationship because both of them want equal intimacy from each other.