Libra Traits & Characteristics

By astrology valley Sep 27 2021

About Libra 

Hey there, Libra! The charming persona that you possess is sure to mesmerize everyone you come across. Considered the most generous and favorite of almost everybody in your circle and even outside, your kindness has over overarching effect on the minor flaws that you embody. 

Ruled by the planet of beauty, Venus, you enjoy the luxury of fine things in life. From food to home decor, you want it all beautifully organized.  

If you are inquisitive about who you are, keep scrolling ahead because you will be surprised to know about your hidden traits.  

Positive Traits and Characteristics of Libra 

Romance and love 

Ruled by the planet of love, Venus, Libra is the most romantic of the lot. While all of us tend to do some stupid things when we are in love, a Libra will make you go crazy with their enthusiasm and charm. With them, you will feel like this is the first time you have fallen in love. 


An unmatched personality that will make you enchant you with their subtle smile and beautiful eyes, a Libra is sure to make you fall for him/her. If they are cracking flirtatious jokes when you are around, take it to be an indication of their developing interest in you. 

Good communication skills 

Communication involves both the process of listening and conveying. A Libra is possibly the greatest listener one will ever come across. Their way of speaking involves many expressions and fewer words. Owing to your polite behavior, people find you approachable.


You are a sign guided by reason and logic, Libra! You will never sacrifice logic to emotions and will always listen to both sides of the story before passing your judgment. This is why people find you extremely trustworthy in every scenario. This is a quality you should never distance yourself from. 


Your love for the finer things in life also finds manifestation in your meticulousness. You strive for perfection and will make sure that every aspect of your job is nearly and beautifully done. But your tendency to overthink must be avoided at all costs. 


Owing to how objective and logical you are at every turn in your life, people will find you the most reliable person around them. You are a sociable and understanding person with unmatched empathetic skills. 

Negative Traits and Characteristics of Libra 


Your tendency to weigh everything in terms of rationale often translates into your dilemma as to which way to go. You will think about prospects, consequences, and almost every aspect and will still find it difficult to decide. But once you decide, there is no looking back. Despite your indecisive nature, their stubbornness to achieve what you have committed to us your savior. 


While most will look at your approach as essentially lethargic, you think of your approach as smart work. But remember Libra; an easy way out may not be the way out. 


Your love for aesthetic beauty is undebatable. Of course, you realize the importance of inner beauty, but have you considered looking beneath surface beauty? Pleasing things are not always good for your mental well-being, Libra. So, try to see through the real personas and the utility of things rather than focusing on how fancy they look. 


While your objectivity is praiseworthy, your manipulative nature is also not hidden from others. People do realize that you tend to get manipulate when need be. You are empathetic and can easily get an insight into what is the weakness of others. You might unintentionally find yourself using this to manipulate individuals to your benefit. But this could create cracks and crevices in your equation with the people around you. So, refrain from using manipulative strategies to get your job done. 


Your manipulative nature is not concealed. Even at times when you are not thinking of your interests, people may think you are offering suggestions that will benefit you in some way or the other. You often fail to speak up even for yourself and people might wonder if someone who cannot stand up for one’s themselves will bother speaking up for them. 

Dear Libra, we are all a combination of goodness and flaws. Owning up to the drawbacks of your personality may be difficult for you, but who on earth is beyond the grasp of faults? Focus on practicing the good and you will be good to go! 


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