Meaning of Angel Number 1010

by astrology valley Oct 25 2021

Do you keep seeing the same number several times? If you think this is a coincidence, you are wrong. When you see the same number several times a day, these numbers are known as Angel numbers. Angel numbers are used to direct and guide us in life trying to tell us a message by giving various hints.  

Significance of 1010: Numerology 

Have you been noticing the number 1010 several times lately? It is not a mere coincidence; the Universe is trying to send you a message through this Angel number. The number 1 has a very strong vibration but when combined with two zeroes the energy becomes more powerful and abundant. Angel number 1010 represents positivity and progressing towards your purpose in life. The number 1010 consists of two 1s and two 0s where 1 represents positivity, self-assertiveness, and originality, 0 represents purity and truth.  

When Angel Number 1010 appears repetitively in your life it means that the Angels and the Universe want you to concentrate on your growth and maintain a positive attitude. One of the most significant meanings of this Angel number is eradicating negative attitudes and thoughts from your life. The Angels are trying to tell you to be open-minded and positive about your present as well as future through Angel number 1010.  

As you start to learn how to control your emotions by developing a positive perspective towards life, you will start to see a change. Positive vibrations, conditions, and even people will be automatically attracted by you. Seeing this Angel number gives you a hint to live in the present instead of being in the past or future. Your future entirely depends on the decisions you make in the present. Angel number 1010 has a lot to do with your intuition and inner voice. Gut feelings are present for a reason, you should not ignore them.  

Spiritual meaning of 1010 

Seeing Angel number 1010 frequently in your life spiritually means that you have progressed towards a new path in life for the better. During this time, you need to be open-minded so that you can successfully take part in your soul growth. You will notice that this is working for you because you will become more aware of the things around you like what you do or say in life.  

The number 1010 tells you that you are the sole creator of your reality and it is reminding you to do and create whatever your soul wants. When you decide to follow your passion combined with a little bit of energy and action, you will know that you are being supported by higher power and vibrations. Remember, the Universe is always by your side and the more you will work on yourself, the more the Universe will reward you.  

Why do you keep seeing 1010? 

1: It is a hint for good times are coming 

Angel number 1010 is very good and positive as seeing this number indicates that good luck is on the way to your spiritual enlightenment. This number represents staying happy and maintaining a positive attitude whether it is a good or bad time. Maintaining a positive mood helps you attract more and more positive energies. You are seeing this number repetitively in your life because good times are coming.  

2: It is a reminder to be positive 

Angel number 1010 is a reminder to be positive always as you will never know what will happen in your life. This number is a message to relax and be open to new possibilities. You have brought yourself to a higher level than your previous self, you will never be able to find out what the Universe will change in your life so it is better if you start embracing everything with a more positive perspective.  

3: It means you need to get out of your comfort zone 

You should learn how to step out of your comfort zone and try out new things. You should not be afraid of change. Remember, the things that change your life are for the best. You are repetitively seeing the number 1010 because the Universe is trying to tell you that change is good for you. You need to relax and trust where the Universe is taking you. You will enjoy every moment of it.  


Seeing Angel number 1010 is more than a coincidence, it has a deeper meaning behind it. The Universe is trying to communicate with you. Listen to your intuition and take action for your goals.  



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