Most to Least Flirtatious Zodiac Signs as per Astrology

By astrology valley Sep 25 2021

We are always told that Flirting is indecent and improper. One must not indulge in it. But as we grow, we learn that it can be a healthy practice as well. Flirting can be an ice-breaking activity in many social gatherings. If the flirting is healthy, then it can help one to blend in. People might also start liking them.  

Moreover, flirting in style without making your fool in front of others is a skill in itself, it is not everyone's cup of tea! And isn't it amazing that Astrology can reveal which sign is flirty enough to steal the show and which sign is awkward? 

Flirting does not come naturally to every sign. However, certain signs possess amazingly flirty skills. Few of them are effortless flirters! They don't even try hard. It is as natural to them as asking for help. Let us see which sign ranks where on the scale of most to least flirty! 


Arians are very outgoing and extroverted. When they converse, they make it a point that the one on the other side is equally interested in the conversation. For which they effortlessly suggest compliments and imply praises for basic traits. Flirting for them is a natural trait. They carry a charm in their words. They unintentionally form sexual tension during chitchats. They make subtle remarks and harmless innuendos to make the dialogue interesting for both parties. 


Geminis are bold and blessed with the talent of conversing with anybody about anything under the sky. They are brave enough to pour their feelings into the person they admire. They fearlessly show their attraction towards someone and can skillfully talk to them and rope in a flirtatious tone in their dialogues. They believe in impressing through gestures. They have inbuilt skills to be good at anything they do, including flirting. 


Leos are born leaders and self-confident. They love to flirt and usually draw the attention of the listener through their good looks and sharp features. They involve smooth conversations as well as dramatic gestures. They do not hide their desire. Rather, they dauntlessly initiate a conversation with the person they feel attracted to. It not only sets them apart from the crowd but also helps them to establish strong crowd-pulling personalities. 


Virgos are generally shy and seem quiet, but despite their silent demeanor, they are naturally flirtatious. Even if they put negligible effort into flirting, their charm can easily glide into the heart of the onlooker. It is their grace and elegance that proceeds their words. Instead of being verbal, they let their sensual actions convey their feelings.  


Scorpions are always attractive. They have a sultry tone in their voice, and it implies their natural flirty instincts. They are confident in their skin and instill their words with passion and compassion. It naturally attracts the listener, and they feel a sudden connection. Scorpions are thus natural flirters; flirtation is as easy for them as wandering in their thoughts. They speak their mind, and the other person gets bewildered. 


Cancerians are emotional beings. They are driven by sentiments. They love to meet new people and talk. But in the case of flirting, they are not the initiators. However, they will play along efficiently if someone else flirts with them. They are smart enough to identify the action but not brave enough to initiate it. They tend to compliment you and make you special through their actions. 


Capricorns are better at flirting when it’s happening virtually. They’re intelligent, so they can always come up with the perfect response to make their crush’s heart beat faster, but they prefer to do it over text. They do not feel confident to look into the eyes of the other person while thinking pickup lines. They appear sophisticated and suave in reality. 


Taureans believe that they are natural flirts who can charm their way into people’s hearts. But sadly, this is not true. When they try to flirt they are likely to stumble, fumble, and struggle. But they do try their best to flirt. However, Taureans are made to fall in love. One will be smitten by their nature. They are friendly and great listeners. They have an attractive personality which no one can miss. 


Sagittarians are fun to be with. They are polite and kind to everyone therefore, people see flirting as politeness. They don’t get the fact that Sagittarians are trying to impress them. This restricts Sagittarians from flirting. They are liked by all for their playful and friendly nature, and their attempts are mistaken for playful impressions. 


Librans are straightforward beings. They have no time for indulging in fruitless chitchats. This is what they believe flirting is. They have their way of meeting new people and prefer formal meets over private ones. If they adore someone, they approach them directly/ They do not take help of general propriety of the proposal. They prefer knowing about their love interest in an upfront manner. 


Aquarians prefer not to flirt. They refrain from being crafty to show their interest in someone. Instead, they come out with subjects of discussion that they might have a shared interest in. They are art lovers. They talk about paintings, music, philosophy, and all things aesthetic to get into an interesting conversation. They are thus not that into conventional flirting. 


Pisces is romantic but very timid and shy. They are generally artistic, and poets and hence have a strong imagination power. This makes them introverted and self-observed. They prefer to stay quiet and wait for the other person to approach them. They do not dare to speak out to strangers. They lack self-confidence as they are severely clumsy. 


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