Sagittarius Traits & Characteristics

by astrology valley Oct 09 2021

You know you are a Sagittarius if you were born between the 22nd of November and the 22nd of December. Being a fire sign, you are always bubbling with energy, motivation, and the need to take action. Sagittarius is often considered a natural leader because they are the kind of people who can inspire people to do good and are extremely passionate individuals. They love fiercely and are extremely adaptable individuals.  

From networking to making new connections to using their passion and intellect to bring people together, you have the innate ability to be flexible and make things work. The ruling planet of every Sagittarius is Jupiter, and this planet is popularly known as the great benefit because it provides in abundance. It is believed that the planet Jupiter in your birth chart, will bring you good luck.  

The symbol of Sagittarius 

Sagittarius is symbolized by a centaur going by the name Chiron who is seen holding a bow and an arrow. It is also popularly known as the archer sign. Centaurs were often considered to be wild, drunk, and sexual beings who tended to behave badly. Here, centaurs symbolized the animal side of the nature of human beings, a man with the lower body of a horse. But Chiron was different because while he was a centaur, he was also the son of the Greek god Titan, who impregnated a nymph. While the god Titan was physically identical to a centaur, he was a titan that was raised by the Greek god Apollo who was the god of art and archery. With Apollo’s influence and nurturing, Chiron grew to be a kind and caring spirit who was extremely intelligent. And exactly like Chiron, the personality of the Sagittarius is kind, caring, loyal, independent, and intelligent.  

How do Sagittarius people behave? 

Sagittarius individuals are known to be the travelers of the zodiac, and with so many journeys and experiences under their belt, they make beautiful storytellers and can light up the room with their laughter and personality. They are magnetic individuals, who have no difficulty in attracting friends with their humor and intelligence. Sagittarius are people who are witty and blunt, they tend to speak only the truth, no matter how blunt they may come off as. They brighten everyone’s day and make sure that they keep their tongue in check so that they do not offend anyone and come off as arrogant.  

The traits of every Sagittarius 

Being a Sagittarius, you have always been adaptable and flexible. You were born to explore and you yearn for freedom, be it in a relationship or just in general, you need your own space. They are individuals who are always into serious relationships and prefer long-term and stable commitment over casual and short-term commitment. They make their path and are extremely independent individuals who are risk-takers and innovative. Sagittarius have a perspective of their own and are sought after by many people. They are also considered to be extremely trustworthy individuals who are responsible and entrusted with important tasks.   

Weaknesses of every Sagittarius 

While Sagittarius people are known to be extremely independent individuals, they tend to be spontaneous and random. They also get bored very easily and tend to rebel against authority which often leads to conflicts and arguments at work. Being Sagittarius, they make great team leaders and members, but with the need to be independent, people find it hard to maintain unity and team with them.  

They are honest people who are compassionate by nature, but they often come off as rude or arrogant because of the way they talk and their need, to be honest, and blunt. Sagittarius is also extremely stubborn and will do what they think is right because once they have set their mind, there is no turning back. They also tend to do their own thing, even if the whole team agreed on something else. Being a Sagittarius, you also tend to ignore the various ideas and suggestions given by other people and will go with your ideas and opinions that you think are right.   

Sagittarius individuals are people who are emotionally intelligent and are well aware of their feelings and why they feel that way. But they also tend towards being egotistical if they are not careful. They are also natural problem solvers and are the individuals who people turn to when they are in trouble and need help in solving their problems. They provide great advice which is completely logical and help the person in trouble.    



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