Scorpio Traits & Characteristics

By astrology valley Oct 09 2021

Ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation, Scorpio is bound to be an extraordinary passionate soul. They are ambitious and dedicated individuals who strive to transform into a better version of themselves with every passing day. However, this does not, in any way, imply that they are willing to compromise with their morale. They are faithful individuals who know that trust is what constitutes the base of any relationship and will never trade it for the most precious of materialistic gain. 

However, the other side of a Scorpio’s personality is comprised of a jealous and often intimidating approach. The reason people perceive them as being dominating is that they tend to be extremely possessive when it concerns something or someone close to their heart. They love everyone from the depths of their heart and are responsible people who are aware of their duties as a child, a parent, and a partner. 

Positive traits and characteristics of a Scorpio 

A lot of people are of the opinion that Scorpios are so competitive that you will never find them stable because they are always running behind their dreams. Nothing ever can obstruct their way in reaching their destination. No matter what challenge is thrown at them, they are bound to emerge victorious given how brave they are. A Scorpio will not even fear risking something very important to them because they always have a fair estimate of what the cost of losing might be. To some, it might seem like a crazy approach and people might even suggest that a Scorpio should adopt a more well-thought-out approach, but a Scorpio always knows what she/he wants from life.  

Their ambitions are not something they have discovered overnight. They grew up believing in certain ideas and manifesting them is like their ultimate goal in life. 

When a Scorpio has bonded well with a friend or their lover, they are most likely to be loyal to their partner no matter what the circumstances are. This dedication, they believe, ought to be reciprocated because a relationship can never work out until both people devote their heart and soul to it. Thus, also stands true of their idea of friendship or business partnership. As a friend, a Scorpio is one of the most reliable of all the zodiacs. Once they begin to value you, they will never turn their back on you. 

They do offer independence more than anything else, and perhaps that is why they will help you become independent with all that they can. 

Negative traits and characteristics of a Scorpio 

One of the foremost places in a Scorpio’s life is occupied by jealousy and envy. A Scorpio dies to believe in rising together, but not at the cost of their dreams. If you try to overtake a Scorpio by false or inappropriate means, a Scorpio knows exactly how to smash your wings. Their belief in loyalty and trust is not meant to be met with betrayal, and if one does happen to hurt them where it hurts most, he/she should buckle up to meet an entirely new side of a Scorpio’s persona.  

A Scorpio is one of those signs that perceives a threat from most things and most people in this world. This is what motivates them to seek certainty and security in any relationship, this being one of the primary reasons as to why they are so possessive as lovers. Even watching their partner talk kindly to another person can ignite their passion at times, especially because their attractive partners are always the center of attention. They may not always spell it out explicitly, but it is understood by how they tend to lose their calm.  

Usually, Scorpios are dominating individuals who are not meant to be bound by rules and regulations. They have their conditions when it comes to leading their lives and trying to impose these rules on the people that surround them can have some adverse effects. They might acknowledge this as a part of them, but they just don’t seem to be able to help to be themselves. 

What are the signs most compatible with a Scorpio? 

To make a relationship sustain, a Scorpio’s nature ought to be complemented with someone like a Cancer, a Capricorn, or a Pisces. When a Scorpio gets into contact with these signs, there is an almost immediate attraction that she/he is bound to feel. It is also equally important for a Scorpio to get to know how their prospective partner views the crucial things in life and if or not they are passionate enough about the relationship. 


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