Significance of all Twelve Houses in the Astrology

By astrology valley Aug 30 2021

First House- Self House 

The ascendant is the first house in astrology. It controls our self-image, sense of individuality, and the image people portray to others. It controls our look. The first house includes ideas related to "firsts" and fresh beginnings, such as first impressions and taking initiative.  

Second House- Finances House 

All physical things reside in the second house, including the 5 senses and fundamental sensory experiences. Affecting your attitude toward money, riches, and worldly goods. So, your personality and self-worth are also linked to the second house.  

Third House- Communication House 

The third house controls how you present yourself through words (including virtual communication), your basic routines, how you perceive and use simple reasoning, as well as your most basic, uncomplicated bonding such as with family and friends. It also governs over little conversation and gossip, since it is governed by Gemini and Mercury. That is, it governs the aspects of your life that tend to become messy while Mercury is in retrograde. 

Fourth House- Family House 

This house is the basis of your zodiac and it represents family. This includes both physical (like residential security) and psychological (like a secure place to live and ways you feel safe and nurtured. A feeling of belonging is represented by it, both in the physical location and the people who surround you. The house also represents ancestors and past. Planets here may suggest a strong focus on family. 

Fifth House- Creativity House 

This house is all about enjoying life and expressing your creative energy. This includes hobbies and leisure activities, as well as romances and casual sex. It also governs over children creatively. In this house, you may find out how well you'll do in games of chance by looking at the planets.  

Sixth House- Health House 

This house is about the labor and duty you do in your life – your work ethic, your devotion to others, and the boring chores we all have to do. This house governs health. This includes diet, exercise, and self-improvement. It's also worth noting that this house rules pets and tiny animals, possibly because of their importance in our everyday lives. 

Seventh House- Partnership House 

This house controls our one-on-one relationships with others.  It governs all relationships and partnerships, including marriage and commercial partnerships (essentially anything involving people). It also judges over adversaries, divorces, and litigation. Because Libra is the sign of justice, be cautious of binding commitments if your planetary placements are in this house. However, because this house handles one-on-one interactions, planets here may merely reflect how you relate to others and work within a community. 

Eighth House- Sex and Transformation House 

As the eighth house is ruled by Scorpio, it's characterized as being secretive, wide-ranging, and difficult to describe. Financial difficulties, loss of personal resources, and clairvoyance are all dealt with by the house of Death. To summarise, this magical house is about change. It about ends, but also the fresh opportunities that they always bring - a natural energy shift.  

Ninth House- Big Ideas House 

This house is deeply philosophical in its approach to higher education, religion, and the quest for knowledge.  This house controls higher education and intellectual thinking. It also governs our spirit of adventure, which includes traveling, long trips (physical and spiritual), and learning new cultures or languages. Experiencing the ninth house allows us to expand our perspectives and question our own views. 

Tenth House- Public Image House 

The apex of the 10th house is also known as your "midheaven" in astrology. It's vital for your entire life and professional path. This house controls your corporate image, character, career, social position, and even popularity. It also symbolizes power or paternal impact in your life. In this house, look for placements that suggest a propensity to view oneself through the eyes of others and become concerned with your reputation. 

Eleventh House- Community House 

This house emphasizes community, membership, organized organizations, and teamwork. The eleventh house rules friendship, cooperation, connection, social justice, and an Aquarian urge to shake things up. Ambitions for the improvement of mankind, and what we do to make them a reality. Look at your 11th house placements for clues about your position in groups. 

Twelfth House- Subconscious House 

The final house of the zodiac symbolizes endings and spiritual development. You are ruled by the occult or paranormal forces and are imprisoned by your unconscious (both literal and metaphorical). Working to comprehend any placements in your twelfth house may help you grasp the innermost inner workings of who you are. The more we concentrate on mending deep, buried wounds, the less we have to fear other dark manifestations in our life. 


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