Taurus Traits & Characteristics

by astrology valley Sep 25 2021


About Taurus 

People born between 21st April and 21st May have Taurus as their zodiac sign. Taurus is an earth sign ruled by the planet Venus. It is the zodiac’s most dependable and reliable sign. People born under this sign love cooking, music, and gardening. They cannot tolerate sudden changes and insecurity. Taurus’ like to be surrounded by beauty and love. They acquire a number of positive and negative traits. People should be aware of all the traits of Taurus personality to form a better relationship with them.  

Positive Traits and Characteristics of Taurus 

Nature gives some strengths to people and they should be aware of it to use it to their best use. So Taureans and people around them should know what are their positive qualities to benefit from them.  



If you want to get a task done then approach a Taurus. They are great at completing tasks successfully because they put so much determination and effort into what they do. They are a pleasure to work in a team with. They tend to carry this huge pack of resilience and power so they make a great assistant.  


Taurus is never in hurry to live their lives. They take their time to analyze every step and take into consideration all the pros and cons before coming to a decision. They apply an analytical approach to almost everything and that is also the reason they are known as stubborn. They will not come to any conclusion before thoroughly analyzing a situation.  


Taurus has a down-to-earth personality so they do not have time for imagination. They believe in enjoying physical pleasures like delicious food, shopping, and great intimate life. They please their emotions through physical pleasures so relaxing music and a bar of chocolate will provide them more pleasure than some random vacation.



People appreciate Taurus so much. But why? It is because these individuals are nurturing and caring making everyone feel comfortable around them. They have an unlimited reserve of kindness and unfortunately, people tend to take advantage of this.  


No matter how difficult a situation gets, Taureans try to analyze it from all possible ways. Their leadership and observational abilities allows them to understand the behavior of othe people. They are great at building plans and solving challenging situations because they know how to offer realistic solutions.  



Taureans progress mentally because of their analytical abilities. They are known to be hard-working and ambitious. Their good problem-solving skills make them intelligent zodiac signs.  

Negative Traits and Characteristics of Taurus 

With positive comes negative. Every person possesses both types of traits. After analyzing the positive traits of Taurus you should also be aware of their negative qualities so that you can take everything into consideration.  


When Taurus comes in a relationship with someone, they cannot control their possessivesness. They tend to think that person now belongs to them and cannot see them with anyone else. Their level of patience bursts when someone tries to threaten their relationship and surprisingly, it is not shocking.  


Taureans like being independent. So they want to be autonomous and leave their parent’s house. They like to be the centre of attraction but it becomes difficult for them to stick around only one person. So it is normal to say that Taureans are not the most dependable signs. 


Taureans feel confident to be right all the time and become stubborn to their point. This negative trait prevents them from listening to other people’s viewpoints even if their viewpoint is more creative than theirs. Taureans stubbornness can be prevented if someone gives evidence of their truth but it will take a lot of time and patience.  



Taureans are called hard-workers but at the same procrastinators also! It is because they only take tasks they are interested in to or they have to complete but when it comes to completing household chores or other less important tasks, they prefer to lie in bed rather than engaging in wiping and dusting the house.   


Taureans are lovers of luxury so they can be called perfectionists. They like to get the best of everything and if they get something that does not fulfill their expectations then they refuse to accept it and leave.  


Taureans only allow the authority to people whom they have chosen. Although they have great leadership skills when someone tries to impose their decisions on them, they become rebellious. They want that others should obey them.