The Hanged Man Tarot Card Meaning - Astrology Valley

by Astrology Valley Feb 08 2023

Interpretation and General Meaning (Upright)

The general meaning of the Hanged Man Tarot card is that you are discontent with your current situation. You may feel trapped in a pattern or mindset that does not bring you happiness. However, you have the power to break free. You can either leave the situation or alter your perspective. You may be conflicted and uncertain about what to do next. This Major Arcana card can make you feel as though things are not going according to plan. It is crucial to view your situation from a different angle. Take some time to unwind and let the circumstances unfold. The appropriate action will reveal itself in due time.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

If you are in a relationship, the Hanged Man can indicate dissatisfaction with your current situation. This could suggest that you or your partner are seeking ways to improve the relationship. The Hanged Man advises taking it slow and not making any hasty decisions. You may need to adjust your expectations for what your relationship should look like. Instead of fixating on the negatives, focus on the positive aspects of your relationship. If you feel unhappy, the Hanged Man in your Tarot reading is indicating that you are the only one hindering your own happiness. You have the choice to leave if you desire. For singles, the Hanged Man suggests letting go of people, ideas, and situations that do not bring happiness. This could mean ending toxic relationships and moving on from old grudges. The Hanged Man also implies letting go of any preconceived notions about your ideal partner and being open to all possibilities.

Money & Career (Upright)

The Hanged Man symbolizes uncertainty in your career or career prospects. You may be unsure about the steps to take for advancement. Do not feel pressured to make a decision immediately if you are struggling. Take a step back and allow the process to unfold naturally. With time, you will gain clarity. If you are facing financial difficulties, the Hanged Man suggests rethinking your approach. Your worries may be amplifying the situation, or you may be missing out on potential opportunities in other areas.

Health (Upright)

The Hanged Man advises you to consider all options when dealing with health issues. This does not mean you should reject any treatments offered to you. However, it encourages you to reflect on your health and explore alternative options. This card can be a sign that you need to give yourself time to recover, regardless of the problem.

Spirituality (Upright)

The Hanged Man, a spiritual symbol, suggests paying attention to your own attitude. Negative thinking can harm your outlook and happiness. Do not limit your spiritual growth. By letting go of old beliefs and negative thoughts, you will open yourself up to new spiritual realms and connect with your higher consciousness.

Interpretation and General Meaning (Reversed)

The Reversed Hanged Man can signify impulsive or rash decisions made to distract from inner discontent. The Major Arcana card may indicate jumping from one negative situation to the next without proper consideration. It is important to examine any feelings being avoided or changes that need to be made, and confront fears holding you back. Take a moment to reflect and make changes to negative behavior patterns. Your attitude towards life will impact the attitude of others.

Reversed: Love and Relationships

The reversed Hanged Man for singles may indicate repeating negative relationships without learning from past mistakes. It is important to slow down, examine behaviors and make changes to avoid rushing into harmful relationships. The card may also indicate a relationship that is not working or one that is being held onto out of fear. Examine the relationship and address the problems to determine if it is salvageable.

Money & Career (Reversed)

The reversed Hanged Man in a work context suggests difficulties in decision-making and problem-solving. It may indicate feeling powerless or blaming others for issues. Take control of your career by determining your goals and taking action to achieve them. Don't let others control your life. This card may indicate financial difficulties, but seeking professional advice can provide a fresh perspective and move you in the right direction.

Reverse Health

The reversed Hanged Man in regards to health suggests looking beyond conventional solutions to resolve issues. Consider other aspects of life contributing to health problems such as stress, grief, and anxiety. Alternative and holistic treatments can complement medical treatment and improve healing.

Spirituality (Reversed)

The reversed Hanged Man for spiritual guidance indicates a loss of spirituality and seeking superficial gratification rather than connecting with the higher self. This is a time to explore new spiritual paths for a renewed connection with higher consciousness and to lift out of a spiritual slump.