The King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning - Astrology Valley

by Astrology Valley Mar 21 2023

The General Meaning and Interpretation of the Upright:

The King of Pentacles symbolizes the pursuit of self-improvement, the reward of hard work, and the achievement of goals. This Minor Arcana card also represents high social status, resourcefulness, principles, and entrepreneurship. The King of Pentacles is a mature and successful person who is patient, stable, and secure. He embodies loyalty, hard work, and good business skills, and provides for his family without being reckless or careless with his wealth. Although he can be stubborn and conservative, he is a great father who provides stability and security. However, he may struggle with emotional matters and prefers practical ones. The King of Pentacles is often associated with Earth signs such as Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn.

Love and Relationships (Upright):

The King of Pentacles indicates a secure, comfortable, and stable stage in a loving relationship, where one can relax and enjoy the benefits of perseverance and hard work. He represents a mature, grounded man who is reliable, patient, supportive, and nurturing, loyal, faithful, and trustworthy. Although he may struggle to express his emotions, he will show his love by being generous and caring for his partner. The King of Pentacles signifies readiness for a serious relationship, sharing stability with someone who shares similar goals and maturity.

Money & Career (Upright):

The King of Pentacles is a powerful omen in a career context, indicating success, achievement, and high levels of performance in one's field of choice. It may also signify support from an older man, who is generous with his time and support. This Minor Arcana card is associated with careers in finance, banking, or other Earthly areas, representing hard work and success in financial matters. The King of Pentacles signifies financial stability and security, gained from prudent investments and hard work, leading to the ability to enjoy the finer things in life and be generous to others.

Health (Upright):

The King of Pentacles is a positive omen in health Tarot readings, representing physical strength and stability, indicating that any health concerns will likely be resolved quickly or not as severe as anticipated.

Spirituality (Upright):

The King of Pentacles is a symbol of spirituality, signifying the potential to move beyond materialism and financial stability towards enriching one's spiritual life. It represents an opening of one's eyes to the spiritual side of life, leading to enrichment that materialism cannot provide.

Interpretation and General Meaning (Reversed):

The King of Pentacles is a reversed Tarot card that represents losing control, not reaching your goals, or not seeing the end. The Minor Arcana card can be reversed to signify loss of social status, failure, impracticality, lack of principles, taking ill-advised risks, poor judgment, hasty decisions, or being impractical. The King of Pentacles reversed could signify an older man who is less successful or more grounded. In a reversed situation, there can be two extremes to the King of Pentacles. The first is an older male who is lazy, unmotivated, or has poor judgment. This King is often broke, a gambler, or an unsuccessful risk-taker and is weak. The other male is an older man who is corrupt and ruthless. His greed is unbridled, and he is often unfaithful, hypocritical, and a cheater who holds others to standards he cannot meet. He is a miser, a money-grabber, and a terrible father. His obsession with materialism makes him cold, uncaring, and unsupportive. He could be an Earth sign like Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn.

Reversed: Love and Relationships:

If you are in a relationship, the King of Pentacles reversed means that you have not achieved the security, comfort, and stability you desire from your relationship. This could be causing problems between you and your partner. The relationship may be troubled by jealousy, possessiveness, or manipulative behavior. The King of Pentacles reversed may represent a man in a relationship who is impatient, unreliable, and unstable, or he might even be unsupportive. He may be unfaithful or disloyal, engaging in cheating and prostitution. His obsession with materialism, greed, laziness, or gambling can lead him to neglect his children and partner. He may be cold-hearted, ruthless, and use money to control his partner and get what he wants. If you are single, the King of Pentacles reversed could indicate that you have met someone who is more successful than you or has a higher social status. They may attempt to control you by using this symbol. They may lavish gifts on you or spoil you, but they have an ulterior motive. This could be a sign that you have met someone who is the King of Pentacles. Be careful.

Money & Career (Reversed):

The King of Pentacles reversed in a career context is not a good sign. It can be a sign of failure or the collapse of an empire or business. It can indicate insecurity at work or failure to reach your goals. It could be that you are working in a job that isn't right for you, or that you lack the drive, dedication, and work ethic to make your career successful. This card can also be a sign of corruption or extortion, so ensure that all transactions are legal and honest when you receive your Tarot reading. The Minor Arcana card with the reversed symbol can indicate that an older man might discourage or undermine you at work. If he is negative, you should try to overcome him. He is often cold-hearted, greedy, and miserly, and you won't get the support that you need. Focus on the people who will support you, and try to limit your interactions with him. It can indicate that you might not be qualified for the job or promotion you desire. The King of Pentacles reversed in a financial context is not a good sign as it could indicate bankruptcy or being broke. It could be that things are not going as planned in financial matters. It could be that you have not put in place proper financial planning to ensure your financial security. Or you might have made poor investments or lost money. You may also have all you need, but not enough to share it with others. You don't have to be greedy, miserly or a money grabber to keep your finances in control. Be generous and give freely.

Reverse Health:

The King of Pentacles reversed in a Tarot reading can signify insecurity and lack of stability when it comes to your health. You may feel anxious about your health and may become obsessed with symptoms and diseases. Relax! You don't have to worry if you suspect you might have a problem. The Knight of Pentacles reversed may also signify a more unhealthy lifestyle, such as overworking your body or being lazy. This extreme can be more prominent in the case of the King. Balance is key, just like the Knight. Moderation is key to a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Spirituality (Reversed):

The King of Pentacles reversed in a spirituality context can mean that you are so attached to material wealth, possessions, or image that it is impossible to connect with your spiritual side and true essence. Your possessions are not yours when you pass on. It's your love and the way you gave it that matters most. It seems that you can know the cost of everything, but not the value of it. Before you lose something you cannot put a value on, you need to slow down and reconnect to the things that are truly important.