The Temperance Tarot Card Meaning - Astrology Valley

by Astrology Valley Feb 16 2023

Interpretation and general meaning (Upright):

The Temperance Tarot card represents the qualities of balance, moderation, and harmony. It suggests that the individual is able to maintain calmness and positivity even in challenging situations. This card also indicates that the person has developed the ability to avoid conflicts and adapt to changing circumstances. Temperance suggests that the person has found inner peace and contentment, and is in touch with their values and aspirations.

Love and Relationships (Upright):

In the context of love and relationships, the Temperance Tarot card suggests a harmonious and balanced partnership in which both individuals respect and love each other. It may also signify that the individual is ready to attract a loving partner into their life by balancing their personal life and making room for a relationship.

Money & Career (Upright):

The Temperance Tarot card suggests that the individual is ready to set career goals and work towards success with patience and determination. It also advises to maintain a balanced financial situation and avoid taking risks.

Health (Upright):

In the context of health, the Temperance Tarot card suggests that moderation is the key to maintaining good health. The individual is advised to identify areas in their life that may be causing problems and bring them into balance.

Spirituality (Upright):

The Temperance Tarot card suggests that the individual should listen to their inner guidance and follow their spiritual path with patience and calmness. It may also signify that the person is finding balance and harmony between their mind, body, and spirit.

Interpretation and General Meaning (Reversed):

The reversed Temperance card can be interpreted as an indication of imbalance or excessive indulgence. This Major Arcana card could suggest that you are acting recklessly or hastily, leading to many problems with overindulging in harmful or excessive behaviors such as gambling, drug use, eating disorders, shopping, and more. With the Temperance card in a reversed position, you may be losing touch with your inner peace and tranquility, causing you to seek out risky and dangerous gratification. Additionally, reversed Temperance can signify a lack of harmony with your family members, conflicts with them, or getting caught up in the drama of others. By taking a step back, examining your behavior, and identifying the root causes, you can work on solving them.

Love and Relationships (Reversed):

If you are in a relationship, the reversed Temperance card may indicate conflict or clashes due to an imbalance in the relationship. It may be that one of you feels more loved than the other or that your partner doesn't reciprocate the love and respect you give them. You may feel lost in the relationship and sometimes become hostile, trying to score points instead of working together. To improve the situation, find your inner balance, and be more open to solutions to cope with the issues you face. Reversed Temperance in a single person may mean that you are giving too much too quickly or can indicate promiscuity and desperation. If you are looking for love, be patient and take the time to get to know the person before rushing into a relationship.

Money and Career (Reversed):

The reversed Temperance card can indicate an imbalance or conflict in work situations, whether it be working too hard, not enough, or clashing with co-workers. You may also be reacting negatively or ignoring constructive criticism. To address the issue, look within yourself to find ways to balance your energy and resolve the situation. Be mindful of impulse spending, which can lead to immediate gratification to distract from the inner imbalance. To find peace, slow down and connect with yourself. Address financial issues immediately to avoid debt.

Health (Reversed):

A reversed Temperance card in a health context can indicate that your health is not in balance and that you are seeking comfort from unhealthy habits or behaviors. To restore balance, be aware of how you feel and identify what is causing you to seek comfort from unhealthy ways.

Spirituality (Reversed):

Temperance reversed is a spiritual term that suggests spiritual inefficiency, indicating a loss of connection with your inner guidance and spirit guides. This imbalance may be due to disharmony between your mind, body, and soul. To restore balance, try meditating and doing energy work or consider seeking professional help if self-balancing techniques are not effective.