The Tower Tarot Card Meaning - Astrology Valley

by Astrology Valley Feb 17 2023

Interpretation and general meaning (Upright):

Although the Death card is often the most feared card, the Tower card is the one that should concern you the most. The Tower Tarot card is a symbol of chaos and destruction, representing sudden change and upheaval in the Major Arcana. This type of change is often scary, life-changing, and almost always unavoidable. Negative Tower events can feel like a bomb has been dropped in your life, making it impossible to predict how you will survive, but you will. Later, you will realize that although it was difficult and you would not wish it on any of your closest friends, it helped shape the person you are. The Tower's destruction is often directed at things that were built on false foundations, unrealistic goals, or dreams. However, the Tower's destruction is often followed by new creation and renewal. The Tower can also have a negative side, such as the death of a close friend, divorce, rape, violent abuse, stillbirth, miscarriage, bankruptcy, drug overdose, car accident, job loss, or even death. This can be the worst thing that could happen to you. Nevertheless, not all Tower events are tragic. If all the cards are in your favor, the Tower could be a sign of major change and an opportunity to move to another country. Although it will cause some changes in your life, the end result will be positive. It is also important to place The Tower in a past location in a Tarot spread, telling you about your life. Certain life events cannot be avoided. However, The Tower may appear in the future to warn us to stay away from dangerous paths. The Tower could be warning you to be careful if your actions are dangerous and you do not think about the consequences. The Tower could also warn you if you gamble with your money too much and warn you about natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes.

Love and Relationships (Upright):

If you are in a relationship, The Tower could be a bad sign indicating breakups, separation, or divorce. The Tower can represent you, your partner, or both going through a difficult and traumatic event that will strain your relationship. You must be there for your partner and keep open and honest communication if you want your relationship to survive the Tower event. The Tower will tell you that your relationship will change if it survives the upheaval. This is not necessarily a bad thing. The Tower also represents the destruction of false beliefs. The relationship might come out with a stronger and more honest foundation, but it will be one of the most difficult things that you, as a couple, will face. Single people may suddenly discover that they are not happy with themselves. It could be that your ego, arrogance, or pride has been preventing you from building healthy relationships. Although it may not be pleasant, this experience will help you learn humility and increase your chances of having a happy, healthy future relationship. It can also signify violence or assault, so be aware of your safety while out and about meeting new people. Be cautious, but aware of your surroundings and take the necessary safety precautions.

Money & Career (Upright):

The Tower can indicate a lack of job security in a career context. It may be a sign of job loss or redundancy. It could also be a sign of a major change in your job that could cause you stress. However, this may not always be the case. You may be able to find work with another company, which can cause you stress and uncertainty for a while but could eventually lead to a better job. The Tower cautions you to be careful with your money. The Tower can also indicate extreme financial difficulty, including bankruptcy. Avoid making risky investments and be cautious with your financial decisions.

Health (Upright):

In a health context, the Tower can indicate a sudden illness or accident. It is important to be careful about your safety and well-being. It can also be used in conjunction with pregnancy cards to indicate a difficult pregnancy or the possibility of a miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion. Tower events can also be a sign of mental health problems, which is understandable since Tower events often bring extreme emotional turmoil. Although the Tower can indicate health problems, these are often followed by periods of renewal. You may need to change your lifestyle if you have health issues, but you can embrace these changes with a positive outlook. The Tower warns you not to engage in any type of substance abuse or you could risk overdose.

Spirituality (Upright):

Imagine living in a house you believed was sturdy and secure. The Tower would cause your home to crumble, causing you to question the strength of your foundations. Although you will still feel sadness, grief, anger, and confusion due to this terrible turn of events, you can build a better home out of the rubble with stronger foundations. In a spiritual context, the Tower represents the loss of old beliefs. It could be a personal crisis or a revelation that forces you to question your entire belief system. The Tower's destruction brings about renewal. You may find that you are able to follow a more spiritual path that is grounded in truth and has a solid foundation.

Interpretation and General Meaning (Reversed)

When a Tower Tarot card is reversed, it can indicate that you have narrowly avoided a disaster, and it may be a wake-up call to learn from your mistakes and take preventative measures to avoid it happening again. While we all wish to avoid hardship, it is a natural part of life, and the Tower in reverse suggests that you may need to face a major change that you have been avoiding due to fear. Even though it may be difficult, confronting it can lead to a fresh start and a new beginning.

The Tower in reverse cautions against attempting to rebuild what was lost after a Tower event, but instead, focus on creating something better and more sustainable. It may also indicate that you are holding onto people who no longer support you, and it's time to let go and allow new people to enter your life.

Reversed: Love and Relationships

In a romantic relationship, the Tower reversed can signify that you are hesitant to end the relationship out of fear of the unknown. However, ignoring the problems in the relationship will not solve them, and it's important to face the facts and move on to something better. If your relationship has been impacted by a Tower event, the Tower reversed advises against trying to return to the same dynamic as before since your relationship has changed. Instead, you should decide if you are ready for this new version of the relationship.

If you are single, the Tower reversed can suggest that you have avoided a toxic relationship or delayed a painful breakup. It's essential to confront the reality of the situation, learn from it, and move forward, leaving the past behind. Holding onto emotional baggage can hinder your ability to move forward and find new love.

Money & Career (Reversed):

The Tower reversed in a career context can signify that you have been able to keep your job even under difficult circumstances. This could be a sign that you are successfully avoiding job loss. However, if you avoid what you see as a career catastrophe and instead of feeling relieved, you feel unhappy or dissatisfied with your job, this may not be the right outcome for you. Sometimes, getting out of your comfort zone can help you do incredible things that you wouldn't have done otherwise. Financially, The Tower Reversed can be a sign that you have avoided a financial disaster, but it doesn't necessarily mean you should have. You might be better off allowing the negative event to happen and letting it go. This will allow you to move on and not try to push a boulder up a steep hill. You might find the motivation and time to start your own company by being laid off, even though it is scary, stressful, and frustrating. If you are struggling to pay your mortgage payments at the detriment of every other area in your life, it might be time to give the keys back to the bank and rent. This will make you happier.

Reverse Health:

The Tower reversed in a health context can mean that you are ignoring an illness, warning signs, or trying to make it go away. To have the best chance of recovery, you need to confront this issue head-on. You may be able to avoid disaster by recognizing that it may not be a serious health issue, but no matter what, you will be doing more harm than good for your health.

Spirituality (Reversed):

The Tower reversed in a spiritual context means that you might have realized that your old beliefs are false, but are refusing to let them go. Perhaps you believe that you are unable to choose what beliefs you should have if those beliefs are not present in your life. Perhaps you are afraid of backlash from those who hold these beliefs and are reluctant to change with the status quo. To move forward, you must face the truth and let go of what isn't working for your spiritual path. It will not be easy, but it will pay off in the end.