The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Meaning - Astrology Valley

by Astrology Valley Feb 08 2023

Interpretation and General Meaning (Upright)

The upright Wheel of Fortune in Tarot predicts luck or destiny and signifies change as a Major Arcana sign. Major changes are expected when this card appears upright, which can be beneficial for your overall well-being. However, keep in mind that change can be challenging, even if it leads to your destiny. The universe works in your favor to help you reach your goals, so focus on what you want and make the most of this opportunity. The Wheel of Fortune represents the changing cycles in our lives, so accept change as a part of life. This card is a trump and karma card, so be kind to others on your way up as you may meet them again when you return.

Love and Relationships (Upright)

An upright Wheel of Fortune in a relationship reading indicates positive change. This can mean moving forward in the relationship, starting a new phase or project, or making major changes if the relationship is unsatisfactory. Whatever happens, it will lead you to where you need to be. The universe wants to give you the love of your dreams, but you must work with it. Your luck in finding love is good, so take advantage and make new friends. This card in a love Tarot spread can signify destiny and soulmates, and you may soon meet your soulmate if single. Confirm with supporting cards.

Money and Career (Upright)

The upright Wheel of Fortune in a career context is a positive sign of great change. Consider a career shift or starting a business if you desire. The universe is working in your favor to achieve your goals. The Wheel of Fortune also indicates stability in your job and change in financial matters. Be prepared for any financial difficulties and make sure to save enough money. The card predicts financial luck and success.

Health (Upright)

In a health reading, the Wheel of Fortune signifies change. If you have struggled with health issues, the wheel may turn in your favor. You may also encounter health issues that require adjustments in your life. Take a step back if you have been pushing yourself mentally, physically, or emotionally. This is a warning from the universe to take better care of yourself. Make positive changes to improve your health.

Spirituality (Upright)

With an upright Wheel of Fortune, fate is favorable for spiritual growth and development. The universe will guide you, but you must take advantage of opportunities that arise. You may experience spiritual growth and meet people who support and guide you. You may also notice signs and symbols, as well as synchronicity, in this time of spiritual growth.

Interpretation and General Meaning (Reversed)

The reversed Wheel of Fortune Tarot card suggests change, but it is not likely to be positive or welcomed. It may indicate that you are facing a challenging time and need to adapt. The card can symbolize sudden changes and a feeling of being powerless and out of control due to external factors. However, the outcome of your actions and decisions still play a significant role in your situation. To benefit from this experience, you must take responsibility and be in control of your choices. Despite the difficulties brought on by the reversed Wheel of Fortune, there are karmic lessons that can help you make better decisions and move forward. Life is full of ups and downs, and we often learn more from challenges than from success.

Reversed: Love and Relationships

In a romantic relationship, the reversed Wheel of Fortune Tarot card can suggest a stagnant relationship or its end. It is not necessarily a sign to immediately end the relationship, as all relationships go through ups and downs. It may indicate that you are transitioning to a different stage in the relationship, which may have its downsides. Take a step back, evaluate the situation, and determine what is best for you. This period of turmoil will pass. If you are single and having trouble in relationships, it's time to reflect on your choices and behavior. Are you missing out on opportunities for love? Learn from past mistakes to have another chance at happiness. The reversed Wheel of Fortune Tarot card suggests that you may experience setbacks and delays in love, whether you are single or in a relationship. The key to moving forward is to go with the flow.

Money and Career (Reversed)

The reversed Wheel of Fortune Tarot card in the context of money and career indicates a stagnant career or periods of uncertainty and disruption. Unwanted changes may occur. It is crucial to assess your career decisions and determine if they were the best for achieving your goals. Take advantage of any opportunities available to you. Don't lose hope if you don't, as the setbacks are temporary. Use this time to learn from past mistakes and prepare for better days ahead. The card advises against taking risks or gambling during this time. It may also suggest that you have not taken necessary steps to secure your finances, such as saving money. Remember, financial hardships are temporary, and you can learn from the experience for a better future.

Health (Reversed)

The reversed Wheel of Fortune Tarot card in a health context may indicate that disruptive changes in other areas of life are affecting your health. Keep a positive attitude and don't let negativity take over. Changes, especially unwanted ones, can be stressful, but you can control how they impact you. Take steps to care for your body and yourself during this difficult time. Your health will improve in the end.

Spirituality (Reversed)

In a spiritual context, the reversed Wheel of Fortune Tarot card may make you feel that the universe is against you. However, this is not the end. The universe still has a plan for all of us, even in our toughest times. Keep your faith. Use this period to strengthen your connection with your higher self, and you will emerge from this experience with a stronger spiritual connection.