The Zodiac Signs That Make The Best Parents In The Household

by Admin Aug 25 2021

With demands over career, finances, and school, it is not a surprise to see why being a parent in the household is not an easy task.

But, per Tolstoy’s observation, there are happy families, too.

And these happy families are more alike than they are different.

Great. But what exactly makes a family and household happy?

An important consideration is a compatibility.

After all, you cannot put a circle in a square peg and expect nice results.

And, when it comes to compatibility, there’s wisdom found in the Zodiac.

The Zodiac signs feed off each other, especially if compatible.

But they also mark against each other, too—especially in dysfunctional pair-ups.

They are still valid pair-ups, of course, but it may indicate that things tend towards problems rather than solutions.

Tolstoy could have been a fan of the Zodiac!

Here is a breakdown of each Zodiac Sign and their particular views on parenthood, what their ideal household is like, and which signs form the best parent-child tandem.

Aries (March 21 – April 20)

Their View of Parenthood: Due to their often competitive natures, Aries will likely become a results-driven parent. Not often someone for niceties, they usually want to “best” the accomplishment of the past generation of parents. And though this does not always result in aggressive decisions, Aries secretly takes some thrill in this tendency of theirs.

Their “Ideal” Household: For an Aries parent, the “ideal” household is uncommon. They have often wanted to test out different options, whether that’s “unique” for their children or a house set up that no one’s heard about. For Aries, the role of a parent in the household is to see experiment on other options than what is often provided.

Their Best Tandem: Gemini


Taurus (April 21 – May 21)

Their View of Parenthood: The Taurus will generally take methodical steps towards something. This is especially true with parenthood or the development of their children in the household, where the results are discussed or criticized. Compared to other areas in their life, this is something that Taurus would like to use their tendency to not rush things.

Their “Ideal” Household: The “ideal” for a Taurus parent is often non-negotiable. If a household is not placed with a solid foundation of material success (e.g., bank money, commodities, furniture, etc.), then it is not ideal—at all. For a Taurus, it is not a household, but a bunker for future calamity.

Their Best Tandem: Scorpio

Gemini (May 22 – June 21)

Their View Of Parenthood: Gemini, at first glance and on paper, is probably a nice parent to have. After all, they often socialize with other people easily. But they’re also complicated, since they can also easily split their allegiances with family, whether it’s their parents or their children. In other words, a Gemini often fickle as a parent, which is not admirable.

Their “Ideal” Household: Since it’s often Gemini’s fickle-minded nature that gets them to curry favor with certain people, the household won’t look stable. Added to this is the increased probability for family politics and children that want to “get out” of the main house. Thus, the “ideal” household for a Gemini parent is an RV trailer, where their household expenses are “spread out” and might even have a couple of poor-managed apartments.

Their Best Tandem: Aries


Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Their View Of Parenthood: if there’s a sign that needs the comforts of parents in the household, it’s Cancer. This is a nice thing, as they can extend the same concerns of their parents over to the next generation once they become parents.

Their “Ideal” Household: What a Cancer desire in the “ideal” household is somewhere “cozy”. This normally refers to the parental ideals (and concerns) of protection and that of secure places. So long as Cancer has these two things in “the bag”, they’re not too fussy about “specifics”. Unless their children insist otherwise. One concept that can describe Cancer’s ideal as a parent and as a householder is the Danish term, hygge.

Their Best Tandem: Capricorn

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Their View Of Parenthood: When it comes to their roles as parents to their children, it’s not difficult for Leo to want a trophy household. It’s likely that they see themselves as trophy material too, especially for their drive to accomplish things. A Leo will almost certainly consider their household as a source of pride.

Their “Ideal” Household: The ideal household for a Leo is one where they can “show off”—even in pleasantries—the nice luxuries of their place. It’s also likely that a Leo-dominated family will live in a place where neighbors can notice them. A Leo familial household is like a poster of some sub-urban house, not too far from the city.

Their Best Tandem: Libra


Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Their View Of Parenthood: More than any sign, the Virgo’s gifts are a sense of duty. And, it’s the kind that society demands from parents, children, and households alike. Thus, Virgo’s tendency to serve holds great candidacy to take on these roles without many problems.

Their “Ideal” Household: The “ideal” household for Virgo would likely fall under what’s considered as a conventional household, probably even a farm.  But, due to their tendencies, they will most likely become a caretaker and breadwinner for their families. And, it wouldn’t surprise anyone for Virgo to take on most tasks before lunchtime.

Their Best Tandem: Pisces

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Their View Of Parenthood: Arguably, Libra’s success as a parent may reflect the family they were brought up in than innate tendency. Of course, a Libra is naturally to think of “what’s fair” in most aspects of their lives. But, when it comes to parents and children, fairness is something that families all over admire. This makes this tendency easy to pass on to the generations.

Their “Ideal” Household: To a Libra, a family that “shares” together, will most likely keep themselves. Unsurprisingly, the “ideal” family household to them is built on diplomacy, which can help families thrive in different places. A Libra’s role then as a parent, is to persuade against the use of any kind of inharmonious quarrel in the household.

Their Best Tandem: Leo

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Their View Of Parenthood: In terms of parents and their children, Scorpio has a probability to get strained. Their tendencies to project their emotions can become a lynchpin for their children to latch on to—both for the good and bad stuff. As such, the Scorpio’s parental approach is heartfelt, but also comes with burdens upon burdens of “expectations”—and what’s “in” the family.

Their “Ideal” Household: It’s often said that “time” will heal all wounds, and this is especially true in the Scorpio household. For the parent and the child, their “ideal” household isn’t probably productive or creative. Instead, it’s likely a place built far away, where the household is reliant on nature—a sort of retirement cottage house, after years of struggle. And, where the Scorpio parents can find emotional convalescence from expectations outside their immediate family.

Their Best Tandem: Taurus