Top 3 Best matches for the Zodiac Sign of Aquarius

by astrology valley Sep 22 2021


Unconventional and individualistic, Aquarius is an introspective zodiac. You love being the center of attraction. You have quirky interests and enjoy analytical conversations with your friends.  

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus. Uranus brings change and disruption to your life. You are great at making connections. You are best known for being friends with everyone. You are very opinionated about everything.  

Being an Air sign, people think that would interact best with a water sign. But truth be told, you are most compatible with fire signs. In this article, you will read about the top three signs that Aquarius is most compatible with.  


Aquarius & Sagittarius  

Aquarius is an Air sign while Sagittarius is a Fire sign.  There are sparks when an Aquarius meets a Sagittarius. Both of you share similar views about life that create an instant connection between you. You love being independent. Having a clingy partner, who keeps talking to you is something you both hate. You like your freedom and wish to do as you like. You are both open-minded. You share your experiences with one another that others might feel redundant or weird. You respect each other’s opinions and likes.  

You both have high compatibility with each other. Your sex life will be the best. You enjoy each other so much that nothing could equal that pleasure. And you are spontaneous with each other. You will be happy without even trying too hard.  

However, there is a dark side to this arrangement. Both of you are afraid of commitment. You like to have fun with each other but when it comes to sharing your true feelings with each other, you back out. If you try to be open about your feelings, your relationship will thrive.  


Aquarius & Libra 

Libra and Aquarius are both Air signs. You are both light and playful. You are adventurous and love taking risks. Every trip or adventure you do together will deepen your bond. You are likely to have a harmonious nature with Libra's need for balance and your adaptive nature.  

You both love to explore the newer avenues, which will keep the fire in your relationship lit. You love meeting new people and making new friends.  

You have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Your sex life will be super-hot and steamy. But it will take some time to start. As it turns out, you both do not initiate flirting. You will develop deep respect and trust for each other in only a matter of time. You commence your physical relationships only after there is an emotional connection between you two.  


However, you will face some obstacles in your relationship. Aquarians do not care about the opinions of others but Libras consider what other people say. Libras do not like getting a bad reputation and to protect their reputation, they will start distancing themselves from their Aqua partner.  

This will create misunderstanding between you and you might end up breaking up. You just need to talk to your person about your feelings instead of just ghosting them. The simple act of sharing your thoughts might save your relationship.  

Aquarius & Scorpio  


You must have heard the rumors that Aquarius and Scorpio are incompatible due to their differences. But all those rumors are not true. It is your differences that draw you closer to each other.  

You are strangely compatible with each other. Both of you are fiercely independent. So, you give each other the “me-time” you require and the personal space. The sexual energy between you two is explosive. The playful nature of Aquarius accepts the intense energy of Scorpio as a challenge that excites both of you.  

You share a healthy bond that is not formed instantly. But over time you begin to understand each other and it grows deeper. You are a smart intellectual couple who have healthy debates about the topics that affect the world. 

However, Scorpio hates changes. While Aquarius likes to explore and loves changes. This might be a cause of concern for both of you. You should not exceed your limits with each other. And if you do, make sure to have a thorough talk about it. You might also face a financial crisis in life.  

But if you support each other, that problem will also soon be solved. Do not let your differences get the better of you. Give yourself some time and you will find that everything will work in your favor.