Top 3 Best matches for the Zodiac Sign of Cancer

by astrology valley Sep 22 2021


Cancers are the ultimate caretakers when it comes to solving the problems of their loved ones. Although their sign is crab which looks dangerous but deep inside, they are very emotional beings. If you are feeling anxious then Cancer is the sign you should go to. They know how to handle complex situations pragmatically. They are always ready to listen to your problems and if you want, you can also lean on their shoulder to cry.  

Everyone loves them for their caring nature but sometimes Cancers can become a little bit clingy. Well, that’s reasonable because they give so much love to everyone around them and they expect the same amount of love from them. They get hurt by small things like not texting them Goodnight or not telling them that you will be going out after work. Cancers want a person with amazing communication skills.  

Cancers take love very seriously. The first thing they need is a home filled with laughter and love. They prefer feelings and emotions over material beauty. So, they expect stability when they come into a relationship. You are here, reading this article because of two reasons- either you are a Cancer or thinking about dating a one.  



Cancer and Taurus speak the same language of love that is money. Sounds nasty, right? But the truth be told, Taurus is known for managing money well whereas Cancer is great at planning for the future. Both the signs need financial and emotional security. You must be thinking that their pairing would be dull. Here you are wrong. Like Cancers, Tauruses are into classic romance- the flower-giving type. We are talking about beautiful bouquets of flowers without any specific reason! You will probably see this couple in couple cooking classes rather than any fancy dates.  


Taurus provides stability to Cancer in a relationship. Both the signs are very cautious about love but naturally, they are sensual signs. Taurus tend to show affection to the person they love. Both the signs are more likely to fall in love at first sight. Taurus and Cancer seem to understand each other and this makes them compatible.  


Virgo loves to provide and Cancer has that motherly nature. In short, both the signs love to pamper the person they love. So now the question arises, who is going to pamper the pamperers?   


These two signs are very similar and that is for their good. They will constantly fight over who will get to do the dishes? And then fight again because one of them didn’t get a chance to do so. But they are not always fighting. When both the signs are in their good place, they like to nurture each other. The idea of taking long walks in the parks seems wonderful to them. Both of them need security so they trust each other well making their relationship more intense.  

If Cancer is having a tough time, then Virgo is the one that will provide them support. And of course, vice versa. Both the signs are guided by completely different forces. Cancer lives with emotions and imagination whereas Virgo is the practical and calm type. They possess the qualities of a warrior but when in a relationship they make a powerful team. One of them is ruled by thoughts and the other one by emotions. Both the signs are perfect for each other.  



Pisces’, water signs, are emotional and deep. They immerse themselves completely in love. That is some good news for Cancer because they want not only a commitment but also someone who will let them shower love and care upon them. Pisces offers a devotion to Cancer’s nurturing soul. Pisces are the ones who will write one poem each day for a year and then give it as a surprise to their loving Cancer.  

Their relationship depends on pure love and how to maintain that love forever. Both are water signs so they share a pure cosmic connection. They tend to know each other very well so they are able to do anything without any fights. Pisces and Cancer have the best love compatibility among other zodiac signs. Both of them are gifted with great intuition, they understand each other’s emotions very well. Cancer believes in nurturing the person they love whereas Pisces likes to form a mental connection. It wouldn’t be surprising if both the signs go well from the first meeting itself.