Top 3 Best matches for the Zodiac Sign of Pisces

by astrology valley Sep 21 2021


Pisces, a water sign ruled by the planet Neptune, and the last astrological sign of the zodiac cycle are represented by two yins and yang pairs of fish that are swimming in opposite directions; believed to represent the constant struggle of a Piscean's attention between fantasy and reality.  

This constellation governs all the ethereal objects such as emotions, imaginations, and dreams. They are mostly dreamers and poets who intend to paint a fantastic vision of this world in their imagination. They are known for their deep desires and intense emotions. They are gracious and sensitive and are likely to go miles to secure the smile of those around them. The tussle between their rational mind and romantic hearts makes them sensitive.  

A Pisces is a deeply romantic sign and loves to stay in love. Natives of this sign are susceptible to intense intimacy and show serious loyalty to their partners. They adapt to their surroundings gracefully. They might even lose their personality in the process as not everyone is strong enough to accept that level of intimacy that a Pisces craves. 

It is believed that Capricorn, Cancer, and Leo are the best matches for these dreamers mistaken for delusional beings. These signs are romantically compatible with Piscean for their polarity, emotions, and passion respectively.  


Pisces and Capricorn 

These two Zodiac constellations have contrasting features. One is emotional, the other is rational; one is delusional, the other is logical; one is a dreamer, the other is a realist. However, despite being distinct these two signs are highly compatible and are considered as the most extraordinary match in the union of the zodiac.  

It is the polarity of their nature that brings them together. As the saying goes, "opposites attract" so are these differences. They make them a stronger bond, closely knit to each other with the strings of love, and communication. These two signs when coming together, show great respect for each other. Their differences not only strengthen their bond but also binds them in an invincible bond.  

The rationality of one helps the other to stay rooted to the surface. And the strong feeling of Pisces helps them to understand the seriousness of Capricorn. Together they form a beautiful bond and lead a stable and steady life. In this era of flings, they seek permanence in their relationship. 


Pisces and Cancer 

When Pisces and Cancer come together, they make one of the most romantic relationships one can ever imagine. They form a fierce sexual connection through their intense capability of feeling. Cancer brings intimacy and intensity to the relationship, and Pisces brings imagination and inspiration.  

The beauty of their sensual bond lies in the emotion they cherish through their love. They have a balanced relation of rigidity and tenderness. They do not miss a chance to communicate their feelings and beliefs. The Pisces enables Cancer to shrug off the traditional sense and make space for feelings. And Cancer builds the fortress of their union through trust. Pisces weaves the tale of their togetherness, and Cancer listens.  


They share a unique and unimaginable understanding. Their romance lets them flow towards each other. Once they have found their seed of intimacy, they become inseparable. They both value each other's integrity and space. It is the key to their fairytale-like romance. 

Their union is an inspirational alliance of wishfulness and passion. 

Pisces and Leo 

Pisces and Leo are certainly a match made in heaven. Both the zodiacs seek similar things from life and each other. It is their shared belief of secure and stable life that brings them closer. They both seek love. The differences in their features are undeniable as one symbolizes water and the other is fire. In their alliance, Leo is more Yang, and Pisces is more Yin. One is the feisty Sun, and the other one is the ethereal moon. 


Leos are straightforward and rigorous while Pisces is dreamy and sensitive. So what brings them together? This question is obvious and evident, yet one cannot keep these two signs apart. It is because of Pisces' empathetic nature. It can look deep into the fiery eyes of Leo, beyond their ego, and understand them from within.  

The foundation stone of their relationship is thus their understanding. Usually, Leos are believed to be in a rush, but in the presence of Pisces, they become vulnerable. The tranquility and poetic calmness that Pisces carry does not allow Leo to hide his feelings behind their stature. Despite being opposites in so many ways, they not only form a sexually desirable, but also a relationship based on vulnerabilities and sensitivities. 

Apart from these signs, Pisces is also believed to form a strong match with Taurus. It is because Pisces is the most romantic sign in astrology and Taurus, the most sensual. Their alliance forms a strongly desired relationship.  

Pisces, the passionate sign loves to fall in love and stay in love. Their ability to feel strongly steers them towards the other sign to seek compassion and company.