Top 3 Best matches for the Zodiac Sign of Sagittarius

by astrology valley Sep 22 2021

Inquisitive and dynamic, Sagittarius is adventure-mongers of the Zodiac. Just like fire, you are spontaneous, passionate, and deadly. You are an extrovert who can’t stop talking. Your optimistic attitude and energy flood the room with zeal and enthusiasm. You are unafraid to voice your opinions in front of others.  

Your ruling planet is Jupiter, which means you are blessed with abundance, wealth, knowledge, and intellect. Honest about your opinions and chirpy in attitude, you clamor attention from the opposite sex. Rightly so, everyone is invigorated by your humor and wit. But now the question is, who is the best match for YOU? Sure, everyone is fascinated by you but who will capture YOUR attention? Do not worry. You will get an answer, actually three answers, to those questions in this article. Read to find out.  

Sagittarius - Aries: One is spark while the other is flame 

Sagittarius and Aries, both are passionate, wild, dynamic and both are fire signs. What a match! But, would a relationship between two fire signs work? Hell yeah! You are a smirkingly hot couple. When you are together in a room, every eye is on you. And why won’t they be? 

With a compatibility of ninety percent, you both complement each other. You match each other’s energies. You like to go on adventures together. Your opinions about various things are similar. Even your personalities are similar. And your sex life will be fiery, amazing, and satisfying. You will feel things with each other that you never felt before.  

However. You are both high-headed. You do not easily apologize for your mistakes, sometimes you do not even realize your mistakes. Your uncompromising nature will be the root cause of many problems in your life. But remember once you make up your mind, there is no stopping you. So, with a similar dedication in your relationship, you will sail through it smoothly.  

Sagittarius - Gemini: The Most Innocent Couple  

You must have heard the saying, “opposites attract each other”. The same is true for airy Gemini and fiery Sagittarius. Both Gemini and Sagittarius are fun-loving, dynamic, independent, and sociable birds. You are both not very emotional. You do not like to overburden your partner with expectations and promises. This is probably the best part of your relationship. 

This quality of letting go is rare in other relationships but significant in yours. Thus, you become faithful and loyal to each other over time. You both have weird sexual fantasies. When you tell those fantasies to each other, they do not seem so weird. Gemini’s childish nature makes your relationship light and fun. You are one of the most innocent couples.  

However, problems are bound to be in every relationship, specifically if both the partners are opposites. In your relationship, there will be problems due to a difference in your personalities.  One can predict the future with a hundred percent certainty, can they? But one thing is guaranteed, no matter how many differences there may be, you will make your relationship, if you want to.  

But if you choose to break up, there will not be any hard feelings involved. You would choose to be friends and continue caring for each other.  

Sagittarius - Leo: Oh, la la Couple!  

With the compatibility of 80%, Leo and Sagittarius make a passionate couple. Since Leo is a fire sign, you are passionate, courageous, bold, and fierce. Sagittarius and Leo both being fire signs are highly compatible with each other. You are destined to be lifelong friends. You share your feelings with each other. You tell the stories of your adventures and experiences with each other. Though you have different personalities, you love to hear the opinions of your partner and also respect them. You are open-minded and do not judge others.  

You might be compatible with each other for a short period. However, you will have problems in a long-term, serious relationship. Leo is possessive and wants constant attention from their partner. Sagittarius, on the other hand, is free-willed and does not want a clingy partner. Leo likes to publicly show their affection, Sagittarius is private.  

Sagittarius likes to keep their personal life personal. Your sex life will be amazing, but Leo does not want just amazing. They want time and affection from their partner. With a conflict in ideologies, it is difficult to have a smooth long-term relationship. But if you wish to compromise and adjust, consider the other person’s feelings, you might be able to make your relationship work. Nothing is impossible, you know.