Virgo Traits & Characteristics

By astrology valley Sep 27 2021

About Virgo  

Virgo, the sixth Zodiac, and the second-longest constellation is the only sign represented by an illustration of the maiden figure among the other zodiacs. Virgo, an earth sign, is historically illustrated as the goddess of agriculture and fertility. It is ruled by the 'messenger planet' named Mercury. And consists of a cluster of several thousand galaxies, including the star 'Spica.' It is depicted as a winged maiden often correlated to Greek mythology where Virgo is seen as the daughter of Demeter, goddess of Agriculture, named Persephone. 

Persephone is said to be kidnapped by Hades, the god of the underworld. And the myth says that every spring, Hades allows Persephone to return to her mother. This was their mythological explanation of changes in seasons, and Persephone became the symbol of fertility.  

Virgos are generally perfectionists as well as humble, reliable, and they prefer to stay simple. They do not hesitate to improve their skills through diligent and consistent practice. Virgos are self-proclaimed ‘editors’ of the Zodiac cycle because of their ability to rightly prioritize things and sort them accordingly.

As a friend, they are likely to be kind, gentle, and supportive. And a Virgo in love is immensely graceful and will use their incredible intellect and resourcefulness to help their partner to become the better version of themselves. 

Positive Traits and Characteristics of Virgo  

Virgos are well-known for their strive for perfection and immense humbleness. They do not prefer to exhibit their skills by projecting their accomplishments. They are a powerhouse of talents but a bit timid to show them off. They possess tremendous patience and are perceptive. They are usually great communicators. People love to talk to them as they are magnificent listeners, as well. Their communication skill is remarkably expressive.  

They put effort and meaning into every word they utter. They own a sharp and stable personality who loves to analyze, organize and integrate everything around them. Their ability to analyze a situation in the best possible way inspires them to lay careful steps in every crisis. They are born hard workers and usually grow up to achieve leading positions in life. Their devotion, dedication, and perfection will help them to rise to unimaginable heights. They show allegiance to their efforts and are brave enough to accept the life they have achieved so far.  

A Virgo, as the maiden icon illustrates, is beautiful.  Ideation of elegance and grace. They express a polished, artistic and sophisticated way of life. They are attractive and classy and do not like to hop onto decisions. Virgos are supposed to know how to yield their ways from all difficult circumstances. They also try to stay grounded which makes them a guiding force in their workspace. 

Negative Traits and Characteristics of Virgo  

Not everyone is perfect, every individual has a few negative and unlikely traits, and it is true for Virgo as well. Virgos are hardworking and seekers of perfection. However, their perfectionist side might turn them into cynics. They already celebrate the nature of amending what is right and what is not for themselves and others, but it can turn them into someone who negates fun and frolic from life.  

They are never satisfied, and diligently lookout for ways to improve yet stumble on their back. This often makes them critical about everything around them. They start to sneer at anybody and everybody who is not functioning efficiently. They are hard to impress as they have high expectations for everything. They become fussy and cranky when nothing goes as per their plan. This strictness and no fun policies which they assign to their lives makes them stagnant and boring. Their strive for the ideal life will force them to lead a tedious life, and they forget that it is not the right way to live life. 

Virgos are often reluctant to strike a conversation, not because they are shy. IIs is the cautious and unwilling nature that stops them from doing so. Even if they utilize their wit, humor, and other mercurial skills yet they will remain distant about these topics. They are commitment phobics as well. They will not achieve stability in their career and life unless they are ready to take the first plunge. They are ridiculously terrible at communicating. 

They work efficiently only when they are working alone. If a Virgo is in a leading position, then they tremendously need external help that one can gather. It is because Virgos are likely to worry a lot more than required.  


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