What are the clauses of love for your Zodiac Sign?

By astrology valley Aug 29 2021

Love and compassion are tools that can transform human life. It makes the person feel very boundless when it comes to love.  

What happens when this boundless feeling isn’t there anymore? Here is a checklist for you. The information given below will guide your love life and make sure you understand each sign with accuracy. 

Aries – Aries cannot tolerate disloyalty.  

Aries is a headstrong personality who is courageous to get into battle. They will be on their feet for any kind of battle because they are very good at fighting. Their fights are usually a brainchild of their imagination which doesn’t have any relation with their reality. As they are good warriors they will try to find various battles around them where they can give their best shot again. 

Taurus- Taurus cannot tolerate being disheartened 

You must be very bad at heart if you have disheartened a Taurus because it’s not an easy task to break Taurus’s heart. They are very loyal and they don’t abandon you at all. You have to make sure that you have made your place in their heart as a trustworthy partner; otherwise, you are in big trouble.  

Gemini- Gemini cannot tolerate cunning players 

You should not mess around with those who are great at messing with you. You need to learn that one has to keep their cunning behavior in check when you are dating a Gemini. It is their best quality to understand mind games, it’s better to not indulge in one when you are dating them.  

Cancer- Cancer cannot tolerate being ghosted  

They are always most loving among other zodiac signs only until you make them feel insecure. They don’t like when someone just leaves them in midway. You need to make sure that you make them feel comfortable. Once they feel insecure they are sure to run away from you.  

Leo- Leo cannot tolerate feeling like a halfwit  

Leo is always a center of attraction. They naturally want the limelight. They know the importance of themselves and hence they tend to know even their slightest faults. They want you to accept their faults and value their efforts towards you. 

Virgo- Virgo cannot tolerate dishonesty  

The last day of your relationship with them is the day when you become dishonest with them. They have eyes like a hawk so they will eventually know the truth. They are extremely sensitive which makes them lose trust in people very easily.  

Libra- Libra cannot tolerate the irritation 

Make sure that you sign a peace treaty with them because they don’t like when their life is chaotic. They want their life to flow with stability. They will go to their full extent to keep the bond safe and secure.  

Scorpio- Scorpio cannot tolerate someone who hides things from them 

They are lovers of a very true kind. They love honesty in a relationship. The moment they realize that something is fishy; they will take revenge on you. They have this sixth sense which will tingle when you take their advantage. It is safe for you to not lie about anything to them.  

Sagittarius- Sagittarius cannot tolerate people who are not joyful.  

When you are not joyful enough, they will eventually run away from you. It’s good to not mess with their positivity and let them be joyful all the very time. You need to be careful around them.  

Capricorn- Capricorn cannot tolerate people who leave them  

Capricorn knows when someone is leaving them. They are very honest with their partner. Their partners have to understand what the greater good for their relationship isThis way Capricorn will be with you and make sure that they give their all to this relationship.  

Aquarius- Aquarius cannot tolerate if their partner is not unique enough  

They will get attracted to you with your specific traits and what makes you your best self. These little qualities that you have will always be appreciated. They always love those who are out of the box. They don’t want you to lose your unique shine. 

Pisces- Pisces cannot tolerate those who don’t have trust in them 

The day you discourage Pisces, they are prone to leave you. They don’t have a boundary between what is imaginary and what is reality. This is the reason why you have to be gentle with them. They need to live in their imaginary dreams.  


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