What Are The Dirty Secrets That You Hide From People, As Per Your Zodiac Sign

by astrology valley Sep 09 2021

We all have some dark and dirty secrets hidden inside. They define how much dirty our minds are because these secrets are usually embarrassing, shady, or nasty. People who say that they do not have such dirty and dark secrets would definitely be hypocrites.  

A dirty secret cannot be shared with anyone so people generally do not talk about these things. And here the exciting part comes in. No matter how much we try to hide our dirty little secrets, they cannot be hidden from Astrology.  

It is said that these dirty secrets which we keep hidden from the world might be connected to the time of our birth in some ways. In Astrology, we can actually be carried away towards some unusual behavior, and then we will eventually try to hide that behavior from the world. This behavior will now automatically be termed a dirty secret. And of course, we do not have just one dirty secret hidden inside us! We have a lot of them.  

So, now let us find out what are your dirty secrets based on your Zodiac Sign.  

ARIES – (March 21-April 19) 

Aries might probably have ruined a relationship or marriage. It is considered that Aries is very impatient when it comes to making a decision and they eventually end up taking the wrong step. However, they know they did a bad thing and may feel guilty throughout their life but still do not have the guts to admit it. They move on in their life as if nothing happened and drop that nasty secret into the bag of denial. And later, it remains a dirty secret of their life.  

TAURUS – (April 20- May 20) 

It is said that Taurus steals a lot. They have this characteristic of being materialistic and they think that stealing is just a simple part of their business. They may steal money, things, and even hearts. Taurus develops the thinking that if they needed something which is not available at that particular time, then they would still that from somebody else and make it their own.  

They even feel guilty about stealing but never accept that they have done it in order to maintain a good image in society. Later, this behavior turns into a dirty secret.  

GEMINI – (May 21 – June 20) 

The dirty secret of Gemini is that they do not care about anyone. They also appear to be rude at times. They even clearly know that how they do not come through for their family and friends. Gemini people are not someone that you can count on in life because they simply do not bother about anything else.  

CANCER – (June 21 – July 22) 

They are considered to be cheaters. They are pretty disloyal and may end up cheating. If you see that someone is trying to hit on your partner, it may be Cancer. They are also very moody. This is the only zodiac sign which probably has a lot of nasty secrets hidden from the world. 

Cancer people may directly lie straight in front of your face and you will not even realize it. They may also build up a connection with you just for advantages that they are likely to get by being your friend.  

LEO – (July 23 – August 22) 

Leo is known to be a bruiser. It means that Leo has hurt people both mentally and physically, at least once in their past life. We all are aware of the fact that Leo has a very short temper and there are times when this anger gets out of control. They may have been violent at times and hurt a lot of people.  

Leo definitely has a lot of violent and nasty secrets because of their temper issues. They have stored these dirty secrets inside them and they keep regretting such behavior throughout their life. 

VIRGO – (August 23 – September 22) 

Virgo is always disappointed in their existence. They have the characteristic of self-hate and think that they are not worthy of anything. They are continuously stuck between considering themselves to be the worst and trying to be the best but then suddenly they get demotivated. They are considered to be their own enemies. They're over judgmental attitude may sometimes ruin everything. They have no idea how to appreciate the flaws and get over them.  

LIBRA – (September 23 – October 22) 

Libra hides every single thing which may hurt them. They do this because they are afraid of confrontation. They think confrontation to be their biggest enemy and do not like to take the blame for their actions. Libra does not like that person who seems interested to know about their actions. They also feel that are lonely and lost and yet they will not share anything happening in their life.  

They are always busy beautifying their outer appearance with the all is well attitude whereas they completely feel lonely inside. This is the dirty secret that Libra carries on throughout the journey of life. 

SCORPIO – (October 23 – November 21) 

Scorpio does not know how to manage their emotions and specifically their temper issues. You will find a lot of Scorpio people who are extremely violent. They have been involved in such situations where they have hurt people physically and considered it to be their victory. Moreover, they might have also caused some irreparable damage as a result of their anger.  

Their temper issues have ended up giving a lifetime of regret which they store inside them as their dirty secrets. However, such violent secrets should definitely remain in the dark.  

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21) 

Sagittarius people are the stupidest of all. And they hide this as their dirty little secret in their journey of life.  In some parts of their life, they have ended up doing the silliest and absolutely stupid things. They take some of the worst decisions in life and then regret it later. Even if they try to act smart and do something, the results make them feel like an idiot.  

However, Sagittarius would not let anyone know how stupid they are and pretend to be normal in front of others. They mostly prefer staying away from people because they fear that can do some really stupid things and be ashamed around others.  

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)  

Aquarius can backstab and hurt you repeatedly. They may feel guilty later, but they enjoy hurting people and this has become the dirtiest secret of Aquarians. They love the moment when they hurt people and completely enjoy it. And they are not guilty about the pained that they have given to someone who loved them, rather they feel the guilt that they would probably end up hurting someone again just for their enjoyment.  

They do know that this is one of the worst things to do but they just cannot stop themselves.