What The “Best Day” Looks Like, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

By Admin Aug 25 2021

Arguably, many should get a chance to live as many of their “best” as they can.

But, especially in a world of distractions, these kinds of days are far in between, and even rare.

What people don’t realize though is that psychology has a tremendous influence to get optimal days like these.

The Zodiac signs can help us find what performance scientists refer to as “psychological triggers” that enhance our brain’s reward systems.

If people can build their life around such triggers, they increase the likelihood of a life they otherwise wouldn’t have—a life full of awe.

Here’s a breakdown of each Zodiac Sign and what a nice day would ideally look like for them, what are other helpful triggers, and the best zodiac pairs to hook up for a great time.

Aries (March 21 – April 20)

Their View Of A Nice Day: Aries’s “nice” days are composed of the best approaches to spend the day. This is because they usually have an edginess to them, whether they’re in competition or when they’re frustrated. If Aries can utilize the day wisely, then that is a worthy day for them.

The Next “Best” Thing: There are times, of course, that Aries can feel “the grind” pressure of a need to accomplish things. In cases like that, Aries can opt to decide on tasks that heavily excite them. Often, that’s a high-risk item on their “bucket list” or competitive game with their friends, companions, family.

Their Best Hookups: Sagittarius, Aquarius


Taurus (April 21 – May 21)

Their View Of A Nice Day: A “nice” day for a Taurus is a day that yearns for the sensual. Taurus especially is a fan of “surprise” meetups that turn their future-based, stressed-out minds down to Earth and the more immediate and tangible. This may come in curiosity for a romantic interest or a sudden birthday meet-up with friends.

The Next “Best” Thing: But, more often than not, a Taurus can find comfort in solace, too. Particularly, they can temporarily replace the need for companionships and friends to get some productive tasks off of their lists. An alternative to meetups is a Taurus back in the woodshed to make furniture or some “passion project”.

Their Best Hookups: Pisces, Cancer

Gemini (May 22 – June 21)

Their View Of A Nice Day: A Gemini’s “nice” day is likely a casual romance with someone from a culture that they got “no idea” about. And that wouldn’t be the least bit of a surprise if that were the case. For Gemini, it’s all about that chance to meet people who can stimulate not only their flighty minds but also their hearts, which might yearn for long-term companionship.

The Next “Best” Thing: If trips to other countries and cultures are out of the picture, a Gemini doesn’t need to shoot that far to make a day nice. They can, and probably should use verbal affairs to strike up conversations with people. Even if Gemini can’t make an affair with them, they can—at the least—get some company before the night is over.

Their Best Hookups: Leo, Aries


Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Their View Of A Nice Day: Cancer’s idea of a nice day is a fair use of their ability to care. Yes, they are picky when it comes to who they care for, and they won’t open up to anyone. But, under that exterior is a desire to feel pride that they’ve helped who they consider as “family”.

The Next “Best” Thing: Cancer, for all its guarded nature, is emotionally driven. They’d likely want to make all their days with friends and family comfortable and stress-free if they can help it. But, if that’s a stretch, they can opt to schedule a beach vacation with them, or even a retreat in some mountain monastery—and reflect on their bonds.

Their Best Hookups: Virgo, Taurus

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Their View Of A Nice Day: For a Leo, there is probably only one version of a “nice” day they care to consider. And, that is a day based on positive reinforcement. If a Leo can fill up their day with as much personal joy as they can get, then it’s a thumbs up in their book.

The Next “Best” Thing: There is a tendency of course, that Leo will encounter more bad days than nice days. If such setbacks arrive, they need to shift their idea of joy, instead. Rather than see joy as a result of some things that occurred in the day, Leo must find joy based on their plans for the day—schedule it, rather than wish it.

Their Best Hookups: Libra, Gemini


Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Their View Of A Nice Day:  It’s easy to think that a nice day for Virgo would involve some kind of charity service on other’s behalf. And while that’s certainly noble, it doesn’t always serve their other desires. Virgo’s tendency to get precise can leave them with a want to dish out something creative in their vacant time, which typically isn’t a lot.

The Next “Best” Thing: A Virgo would find themselves remised if they were to take a “vacation” to get some “creative time”. They consider other options though if they like. And, one concept to add to Virgo’s day are batches, which are scheduled blocks of time and composed of tasks that are similar to each other.

Their Best Hookups: Scorpio, Cancer

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Their View Of A Nice Day: If there is anything that Libra demands for a “nice” day, it’s to create a sense of beauty, particularly in their physical body. And to them, it’s not a matter of artistry, but dignity. When it concerns their physical appearance,  they tend to want to conform to aesthetics that people consider “well-designed”.

The Next “Best” Thing: The Libra is generally accommodative when it concerns opinionated ideas and social dynamics. But, they’re also strangely non-negotiable in their idea of a dignified appearance, which they may not get in life. If that’s the case, they can still admire 

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