Which Zodiac Sign Is the Best Kisser - Astrology Valley

by Astrology Valley May 19 2023

There are those who have it and those who don't when it comes to kissing.

Certain signs can be incredibly sensual, but others fall flat.

If you are looking for the perfect kisser, start with one of these signs.

Before we get started, let's clarify that Sun Signs are not everything. When it comes down to it, all others are irrelevant when it comes to kissing.

Someone who is a naturally great kisser may seem the worst to someone who has difficulty kissing.

Compatibility between individuals is ultimately more important than skill when kissing is the topic. There is skill (and this is the topic of this article).

Let's start with our top kisser -


The crown for kissing goes to the watery, immersive Pisces. These quiet, sensual, and passionate souls have a lot to offer in terms of sex. They are romantics at heart and will do anything to make their relationship work. They are caretakers who want to give their partner all the love and perfect moments they think they deserve.

Pisces love sex, but they can make a long, intense make-out feel as powerful and immersive as sex. They lose themselves in their partner, both physically and emotionally. Their partner may also get lost. Also, they're not afraid to kiss first. There's such an inherent strength that even the shyest of them are comfortable with it. Pisces are the best kissers, and this is before they even consider their mechanical kissing abilities (which are top-notch).


Scorps rank second on the list of kissing prowess. They are also immersive kissers, just like Pisces. The most sensual, passionate, and aggressive sign of the zodiac, they will defend their reputation by kissing each other. They kiss with all their heart.

You can't avoid being swept away by the experience of kissing Scorpio. Scorpio is passionate and knows just how to amp the arousal up with the right amount of forceful energy. When they want, they want. It shows in the way they kiss. Scorpios' passion and intensity are irresistible to the right person. They are highly affectionate kissers and will kiss you at any time. Only Cancer enjoys kissing more frequently (more about them later).


Taurus is sensual and earthy. Venus rules this sign. These people are dripping with sex and carnal passion. Taurus is a lover of kissing and all things romantic. They are connoisseurs and know the importance of kissing in sensual passion.

Taurus is no different. The art of kissing is a natural skill for them. Taurus is born knowing how to perform the act with sensuous perfection. Although they may have the softest lips of the zodiac and kiss with the gentlest touch, don't be fooled by their approach. They'll soon get you hooked. Taurus loves to please and satisfy. They kiss their partners not to impress, but to be able to overpower them with love, sensuality, and gentle energy. The effort they put in shows. The way they kiss makes you feel like every part of their body is tuned into you. Taurus partners are always open to what you want. Taurus loves to satisfy others and will adapt to your needs on the spot. No worries if they aren't your first-choice kisser. The experience of kissing your Taurus will evolve like a fine red wine.


Ah, Cancer. The Zodiac's soft heart. It is a wonderful experience to kiss them because they put their hearts out in every kiss. Each kiss is a symphony of emotion. Kissing is the best way to capture Cancer's seductiveness. Kissing them has a certain magic that makes you want to keep doing it. Cancer is a loving sign with a lot of heart. Each kiss you give will make you feel like 'you belong in the universe.

This sign will make you feel like you're lost in the sea of love. It's never just about the lips. It's a full-bodied, sentimental experience to kiss them. Their kisses will melt your hearts and make you feel comfortable beyond belief. Their love style is characterized by warmth, spiritual and maternal passion, and raw emotion. Cancer is the kisser who can overpower their kissees with emotion and love. They love to kiss. Cancer is the sign that responds best to constant kissing and nuzzling. When it comes to kissing, Cancer is very generous.


Aries is the best kisser on the list because of their fiery passion. They want to impress you. They want to overwhelm you with passion. They love to ravish their partners and turn them into a sensual puddle. They put all their passion into each kiss. They are serious about their makeout sessions and won't slack off. Aries are also known for their courage. When the mood strikes, these fire signs will not hesitate to kiss. They will take your hand and guide you to the right place and time for a kiss. You'll feel so enthused and wanted after kissing them. You'll have a great time if you can mirror their passion and sexual energy.