Your zodiac sign can also help you to decorate your house, here is a guide for you

By astrology valley Aug 30 2021


Gold, Red, orange, pink. Since Mars rules Aries, Astrologer explained that he needs a home that immediately evokes strength, confidence, and mobility. These qualities are the same as your most powerful qualities. Aries is the zodiac sign which is known to be enthusiastic and a lively person, they like to express themselves in a bold manner so they express it in bold main colours and with their bold interior design work. 


Blue, Brown, earth tone, cream. Although Taurus is an earth sign, Astrologer said that those born in the bull sign have a design preference, which has two questions: admiration for the soft female colour choice of blue and pink. , Or like solid and deep colours (such as brown, green or blue). " In terms of Taurus zodiac sign’s suitability, the floral prints are great because many have doubts in making choice between off white colour or cream colour..”  


Yellow-green, orange, lime green, emerald green and canary yellow. Moody and curious about the core, Astrologer explained that Geminis are attracted to spiritual energy and vitality. These colours are a helpful match palette behind modern furniture colour with the graphic prints of the 1960s, creating what Astrologer called "When Colours are mixed together they will look excellent like flirting, youthful and lively Colour." 


White, silver, Wedgewood blue, lavender, antique pastels. Although you can move around into the world every day, you will find absolute peace at home. As a nature protector seeking balance in the living room, Astrologer said that focusing on stabilizing and calming the colour of your spirit is the key. He said that avoiding bright, dazzling or contrasting colours or patterns will ensure that your haven/shelter will not be disturbed. 


Gold, yellow, rust, turquoise, and burgundy. The centre of the solar system is the sun, which shines brightly on the planet below, casting a warm hue for your living home because this bright and brilliant star rules Leo. The astrologer said that Leo is the happiest when his space is full of sunshine and joy. Astrologer pointed out that he likes to be the centre of attention. 


Taupe, ocher, white linen, navy blue. When you are at home, Virgo, you want to feel that you are at home. So unlike some zodiac signs that focus on talking and talking about directions, Virgo needs a habitat to keep the peace. Astrologers said that soft, classic, white or cream colours could be easily integrated into almost any room, especially those with subtle pop colours.  For the Virgo zodiac, the colours are grey and neutral green that seems to be interesting. They will always enjoy the freshness of white wall or window decoration  


Light pink, lavender, light blue, grey. Libra, you value interpersonal relationships. This means that you approach your home with what Astrologer calls the "softness, elegance and elegance of life". It is also important not to force anything into your home because you want it to feel natural and warm without being openly organized. However, you will like the subtle and calm hues of pale pink and lavender. 


Prussian blue, blood red, black, plum, crimson. According to Astrologer, mysterious and sensual, you will be naturally attracted to plush and velvet furniture and bedding. Paying close attention to the feelings that colour brings to you will help you shape your intuitive perception of colour and match your space with your strong emotions. 


Plum, neutral Colours, turquoise, red and rust green. You love to travel at many places and have a dream to experience every adventures thing. As an interesting sign that always collects passport stamps, you will be attracted by colourful and meaningful works. 


White, navy, oxblood, hunter green, dove grey. Although you sometimes want to be more casual, like your inspiring friend Gemini, as the most responsible sign in the Zodiac, traditional colours and heirloom works define your home. But, according to Astrologer, it will lean towards a more general/typical palette, surrounded by rich wood grain and earth tones. 


Silver, turquoise, violet, electric blue. Colour will never test your patience, especially because Astrologer said those under the Aquarius sun like to be at the forefront of design. It will also select forms through functions and declaration fragments instead of convenient pieces. Electrifying colours are your choice and it can be rainbow kind of windows. 


Silver, sea-foam green, peach, light lavender, gradient blue. As a Pisces, you are sensitive to the needs of others and the colour of your home. Water, especially the need for a body that makes you feel relaxed, can be an inspirational theme in determining your colour scheme.  


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