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Beauty Can Be Felt Without Being Seen, It cannot Be Limited To Physical Appearance.

Beauty Can Be Felt Without Being Seen, It cannot Be Limited To Physical Appearance.

Before coming out victorious, there is a period of pain you go through. This season is meant to teach you lessons on how to handle what you will get afterward. You are able to know that what you have is of value and you appreciate it more.  Every problem you go through serves a higher purpose. You may be wondering why things happen as they do to you, later when things get better, you will have a better understanding of it.

Embrace The Process.

Hair loss is a problem that greatly affects people. With plenty of solutions that promise to fix the issue, many have proved futile. Hair transplanting is a recommended option that has a big chance of guaranteed results. However, the procedure can be painful to the patients. The involvement of needles to make hair growth possible can result in swelling or the skin in the area dying, however, many people choose to go through it because of the expectation that the hair loss problem will be fixed. Good things do not come easily; you have to have worked for it to be that good. 

You have been craving a good life for yourself, you have big dreams and big ambitions but you do not want to get uncomfortable. You talk greatly about the things you will do and you are well informed on how to get there, but it becomes wishful thinking because there is nothing you are doing about it. If you exploit all the resources you get and spend your time doing unhelpful things, there is nowhere you are going.

You may be looking for solutions that look like the easy way out, like dating older men for money, getting into illegal businesses, or betting and gambling. Though you might get what you are looking for, higher chances are the negativity will outweigh the positivity. As a young person or as a person who is well able to work and make reasonable decisions, remember that you cannot run away from the process unless you give up your dreams altogether.

Your zodiac sign indicates that you have a deep desire to do well in life and you should let your actions match up with that. You have to decide to be a doer rather than a talker, let your hard work speak for you. Everything is possible for you under the sun, you do not have limits, do not be a barrier to your journey.

Light At The End Of The Dark Tunnel.

Everybody wants to look presentable, if you ask people, they will always have something they would wish to improve on themselves. Though some issues are not dire, some are noticeable and affect someone’s confidence. Hair loss is something that an individual always wants to conceal, they will wear wigs and caps, and do everything possible to look fine, a person feels limited to fully be themselves because of that missing part. Imagine if the same person gets a chance of having a full head of hair? They will not hesitate to do it. Hair transplantation has been a light to many people’s tunnels. The confidence that is regained and a chance to be “normal” again. If there was always a promise of seeing light at the end of our problems, then people would have more perseverance.  

You have had experiences that drain you of the psyche to do better, you have suffered many blows given by life, such that you now doubt your abilities. You wonder if you are still able to perform as you used to and you feel challenged whenever you meet your peers. It has been a struggle for you to look at yourself and feel proud. You cannot tell when you started tolerating such thoughts, but the more they were fed to you, the more you embraced them, and that is how your confidence was lost. You cannot remember the days when you appreciated yourself, and you could make things happen.

As much as it is not a physical problem that others can see and you can fix, it is more of a hurt to your soul, a darkness that you do not know how to take away. You may have tolerated toxic and abusive relationships or had a bad childhood. You may have continually surrounded yourself with people who make the situation worse because they took advantage of how you presented yourself. This has become what is okay and acceptable for you, you do not know any other way. You are very far from the truth with this kind of mentality. Can you believe there is a light at the end of that way of living?  A chance to become something way different than you were made to believe?

Your zodiac sign Shows that your worth has not ever been reached yet. You have so much to do and become. People go for physical makeovers and feel great, this is a chance to makeover your mind, your emotions, and your self-belief. It is already painful being in a bad place mentally and emotionally, so letting go of people who put you in this situation and choosing to overcome yourself cannot be more painful. Let the light shine, get to the end of that tunnel of putting yourself down.

What if you were told that the universe has been waiting for you, for a time like this where your wings can finally flap and fly. Find a support system, change the way you think, by the things you consume, and tell yourself better things. Find something that you love doing and be intentional about doing it. You are a force to reckon with, do not go easy on it. Change how you dress, how you groom yourself, and how you speak about yourself. Transplant anything that you want about yourself.

Top Tip Of The Day.

Physical appearance can increase your confidence, but it is your inner self that will dictate how you feel about yourself. Even when you do not look your best, love yourself and do not place biases that will stop you. At some point, your physical appearance will change due to age, health, or other natural causes but does that mark the end of self-love? 


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