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Damage Is Not The End Of The Road; It Is The Pathway To Recovery

Damage Is Not The End Of The Road; It Is The Pathway To Recovery

Nobody likes it when their items are damaged and anybody can go to the greatest extent to protect what they own. When damage occurs, the owner suffers losses whether it is in terms of money or time hence if possible, damage should always be avoided. 

When Your Trust In Humanity Is Damaged

With the changing times, human beings have become more heartless and greedy. Everyone is running their own race and seeking to claim the available resources without regarding who suffers in the process. It is very easy for children to trust people including those who harm them since they have an innocent heart. This is the reason why children are easily kidnapped as they cannot suspect that there are people with ill intentions towards them. As people grow up, they come to the realization that not everyone has good intentions for them hence they learn to watch out for the red flags. This explains why adults are always having suspicions about anybody and anything.

Your zodiac sign is taking you back to the days when you had so much faith in humanity. You believed that everyone was pure and had hope that those with evil intentions would change. You had so much trust in the ability of humans to always look at the brighter side of life. However, the trust and the faith you had in humanity only resulted in the damage in your life. Humans took advantage of your kindness and used you for their own benefit.

Without a second thought, they trampled on you and made you a laughing stock for your kindness and goodness. This left a long-term damage in your heart and you lost your faith in humanity. Today you struggle with trusting anybody even those with good intentions towards you and this has affected your life negatively.

Today you are called upon to look deeper into your life and let go of the fear of being hurt. It is true that being hurt before damaged your ability to trust people and the universe understands why you are hesitant. However, you cannot ignore the fact that there are nice people out there who would give up their life for you without a second thought. If you keep on pushing them away from your life, you miss out the opportunity to share with them real life. Your zodiac sign appeals to you to heal and begin to trust in humanity once more.  

When Your Reputation Is Damaged

Above other things that can easily be restored, reputation is key to human existence and it ought to be guarded. Reputation is about how others think about you and it affects your relationships with them. Wealth can easily be restored if lost but a damaged reputation may be repaired and not restored. 

Your zodiac sign is indicating that at one point in life, your reputation was damaged. You may not necessarily have been at fault yet you had to bear the consequences. This brought a change into your perspective about life and about other people in general. Your zodiac sign is providing you with the following tips to help you when your reputation is damaged;

  • Accept that it has already happened

Sometimes denial is the most dangerous thing that inhibits one from recovery and restoration. If you fail to accept that your reputation has been damaged, you will be blind to ways of restoring it. Immediately your reputation is damaged, people will talk too much and if you are not careful, you may be discouraged and in worse cases fall into depression. Your zodiac sign is advising you that you should be calm and take it easy when your reputation is damaged because fixing it is possible despite being difficult. Although people may never forget about your damaged reputation, with time they will stop talking about it. Accepting that your reputation has been damaged is the first step to beginning the process of restoring it. Calm down and forgive yourself for the universe believes in you!

  • Talk about it to those who matter without being defensive

Sometimes people are quick to spread false rumours about you when they have no idea of the truth. When it comes to your loved ones, you can be frank with them and seek their opinion when it comes to handling damaged reputation. It can hurt when you have been falsely accused and your support system loses their trust in you. By nature of being human, you cannot blame them for changing their attitude towards you after a damaged reputation and this is the reason you need to set the records straight. Remember that the longer you take to clarify, the longer they will take to undo the damages. However, do not try to defend yourself too much that it looks like it was all your fault because it leaves a bad impression.

  • Turn the situation to your advantage

There are many companies that turn their damaged reputation into an opportunity for marketing their products. A bad reputation may be a blessing in disguise if you shift your focus from viewing it as a disadvantage into an advantage. While there are many people who choose to look at the glass as half empty, you are called upon to look at it as half full. 

Top Tip Of The Day

Human beings tend to be overprotective when it comes to the things that matter to them. However, sometimes damage cannot always be avoided as it is unpredictable. The results of damage may be great losses and recovery may be difficult. However, the universe is letting you know that recovering from damages is still possible even when it is difficult. Your zodiac sign indicates good luck in preventing damages into your life as well as recovering what has already happened. You are called upon to protect your reputation from being damaged and strive to restore it if it happens. In addition, you are called to heal from the illness of damaged trust in humanity. 


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