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If You Ever Feel Like Giving Up; Remember That You Have A Purpose To Accomplish! It Is Not Yet Over

If You Ever Feel Like Giving Up; Remember That You Have A Purpose To Accomplish! It Is Not Yet Over

Did you ever know that the word mortgage is etymologically derived from the words “mort” and “gage”? You may have come across the words; mortal and mortuary and just like the words suggest, the word mort means death. On the other hand, “gage” means pledge hence the word mortgage may be used to literally mean a death pledge as the mortgage pledge ends when the consideration is fully paid. 

Taking Up Your Purpose

When you were placed in this world, the universe forged a path for you to follow and until the day you die, you will always be walking along that path. Sometimes people try to defy nature and divert from the path already set out for them. While they may feel like they are making the right decision, they may encounter plenty of potholes and diversions along the way which may slow their pace. 

Your zodiac sign is indicating that just like a mortgage, you have a purpose on this earth and it will end upon your death. There are days you will wake up without any motivation and you will feel like your existence is irrelevant. Other days your purpose will not make any sense to you and this will push you to the verge of abandoning it. Most of the time, people will discourage you and make you believe that you are on the wrong path which will divert your attention to other issues as opposed to giving your purpose the expected attention. However, your zodiac sign reminds you that you need to keep moving on and fulfilling your purpose even when you have no strength for the darkest hour is just before dawn.

Servicing Your Purpose

Just like a mortgage is always being serviced every month, one has to keep on servicing their purpose to ensure it remains relevant and the journey towards their destiny becomes smooth. One may be placed in the universe with a purpose to bring happiness to humanity and they can service this purpose by ensuring they put a smile on people’s faces even if it is just a single person. Another may be on a purpose to touch lives and they can service this purpose by ensuring they spread their light to those in the dark even if the number seems insignificant in the world.

Your zodiac sign is indicating that you need not wait until the twilight of your lifetime to begin thinking about your purpose. If you spend your energetic years diverting from the path that the universe has set out for you, you may wake up in the future and realize you were only chasing the wind. At that time, it might be too late to go back and start the journey afresh as dawn may be approaching. While you still have the time and energy on your side, you are advised to seek your purpose and draft strategies to help you fulfill your purpose. 

Handling Issues

A mortgage, being a long-term loan, may push one to feel the need to pay it up in advance especially in situations where they acquire money that they had not anticipated. A mortgage owner is charged a prepayment penalty in cases where they make their payments in advance. This is always aimed at discouraging them from paying earlier than what was initially agreed as a prepayment results in a financial loss for the lender in terms of their interest income that would have been paid over a certain period. 

Your zodiac sign is indicating that sometimes you may think that a certain manner is the most appropriate to solve your existing issues yet that is not always the case. You may think that the route you have chosen towards your destiny is the most appropriate yet it is the path that will lead to your doom. When you feel like things are not meant to work out as you would want them to, you are called upon to seek signs from the universe. Your zodiac sign indicates that there are plenty of times when the universe tries to speak to you yet you are too busy to notice. Keep calm and listen to the universe!

Enjoying The Present

For mortgage owners, they know very well that they are supposed to make their payments every month regardless of the economic situation. This means that it does not matter whether they received an income or not hence but they ought to pay for the mortgage. However, if they keep worrying about making the payments all the time, they will never be able to enjoy living there. 

Your zodiac sign shows that you need to put aside your worries and begin to live life. Stop focusing on your past since it is gone and you no longer have control over it. Your past mistakes will only make you feel inadequate to face the present while your past success may trick you into becoming overconfident such that you lose sight of the happenings. You are called to leave your past behind because that is where it belongs and do not worry too much about the future that you miss out on the present. It is okay to be ambitious and work hard to secure your future, yet if you focus too much on it, you will work hard for a future that will never come. You are reminded that today was yesterday’s future and it is tomorrow’s past. Make every single day count!

Top Tip Of The Day

Like a mortgage contract, you were placed in the universe for a purpose which you are expected to carry until the day you die. As long as you are breathing, your purpose is not yet done and you have to take up the responsibility of fulfilling it. You are also reminded that things may not always be handled as you think and that is absolutely okay. Finally, you are challenged to enjoy the present and make every day count. 


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