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In The School Of Life; The Universe Has Granted You The Freedom To Choose Your Class

In The School Of Life; The Universe Has Granted You The Freedom To Choose Your Class

It is believed that birds of a feather flock together and this is evident by the way human beings categorize themselves into classes based on their diverse characteristics. 

Finding A Suitable Class

Walking alone on the journey of life can push one into the pit of loneliness where they may remain lost and undetected by the outside world. While loneliness becomes a companion for those who make a decision to be alone, it is better than getting absorbed by the wrong class. One may be focused and with their eyes eying the prize, yet joining the wrong class gives them the ticket to shifting their attention from their goals. The class that one joins influences them and moulds them into the type of person they become so that they can indeed flock together.  For this reason, one should be careful and conduct thorough research on the type of class they are admitted to before they accept the offer and join. 

Your zodiac sign is an indicator that you need to drop out from classes that take more from you than they add. While you should be benefiting and growing from your classes, some of them are on a mission to drain your energy and suck the life out of you. Although you keep believing that you are talented and gifted enough to bring change into your class, the zodiac sign calls you to be careful of the steps you are taking. Tread carefully and cautiously because every step you make determined your existence in that class.

You cannot keep banking on the fact that you are the candle in the dark class and instead of the others lighting up themselves, they wait for you to burn out so they can usher you into the dark and expect they mean good to you. A warning is being sent to you to drop out of that class that is filled with darkness and go seek admission in a class that appreciates your light and lights you up in case your flame extinguishes. This is an urgent call and you need to heed it very fast before you look back and realize you lost the life in you by tolerating your presence in the wrong class. 

Understanding Your Classmates

No man can exist in a cocoon where they do not rely on others at any one point. For the sake of peace and to easily coexist with classmates, one must fully understand them.  You cannot claim to be in the same class with somebody else yet you do not even know them or have some basic understanding about them. Although you may not necessarily have information about everything that they do or know them fully, having some basic information about them will be advantageous to ensure you relate well. 

Your zodiac sign is an indication that you mind your business and you do not seek to know the needs and desires of the people close to you. It is noble to mind your own business but it robs you of the opportunity to understand them better. They might be experiencing challenges that you are capable of solving, yet they cannot confide in you since you are not interested in their businesses. They may be walking in the dark yet you have a lantern in your hand but they cannot seek your help due to the fear of rejection. As long as you keep minding your business, there will always be a boundary between you and your classmates.

Isn’t it better if you created an atmosphere where they feel comfortable confiding in you? Would you not prefer to offer them help when they need it other than coming to realize much later than they had to suffer seeking solutions to challenges that you know you could have helped yet you were unaware? Would you not be devastated if you need help on a certain issue yet you cannot approach your classmates because you created the drift? The bitter truth is that you will always need other people as long as you are in the same class and that fact is undeniable. Take up the challenge presented by your zodiac sign and seek to understand your classmates in this school of life. 

Emerging The Best In Your Classes

With life being similar to a battleground where every party is seeking victory, every human seeks to be the best among their peers. However, being the best is often associated with; wearing the most expensive clothes, taking your children to the best schools, driving the best car, residing in a prime estate, and having the most beautiful house. This, in turn, turns into a stiff competition among classmates and everyone strives to be the cream of the society and gain recognition. At the end of it all, people forget that they are meant to enjoy and help each other instead of putting all their energy into competing. 

Your zodiac sign is an indication that it is a time to be different from the rest of your classmates. Change the competition norm and begin a new trend where the best in the class is the one who impacts many lives. Let the focus shift from the race to achieving material wealth to a race of winning the most souls and touching the most hearts. Let the battle be themed on promoting humanity because your time as classmates is not forever. The fact that each one will drop from the class of life anytime should be enough motivation to strive and be the best in terms of serving humanity. 

Top Tip Of The Day  

Life is a big school and you have the freedom of the class you would like to enroll in. After joining your class of choice, you are called upon to understand your classmates and be of a positive impact upon them. However, if you reach a certain point where you feel that you have outgrown the class and it no longer meets your growth needs, that is a sign that you should quit. 


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