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Life Is A Journey And Your Future Is Your Destination, When You Run Out Of Gas On Your Way, You Need To Gas Up Yourself And Move Ahead

Life Is A Journey And Your Future Is Your Destination, When You Run Out Of Gas On Your Way, You Need To Gas Up Yourself And Move Ahead

Gassing Up Yourself

You are your greatest motivator and cheerleader hence the need to constantly gas yourself to boost your confidence. This implies that it is necessary to boost your ego and hype your life if it makes you feel better. A person who waits for somebody else to gas them up lacks the inner drive to live and ends up missing out on many things. As one grows older, they come to the realization that nobody really cared about them or their dreams unless they were benefiting from them. 

Your zodiac sign is a call and a sign by the universe to gas up yourself. You need to stand up and run even when nobody is watching you or running by your side. If you keep waiting for others to gas you up, you may have to wait your entire life and end up wishing you looked out for yourself. Just because a cheering squad is applauding your opponent does not indicate that you should give up the race and let them win. It should motivate you to put in more effort to prove to them that your victory is not determined by their attitude and beliefs towards you. You are talented and capable of achieving many things, arise gas yourself up, and continue with the race to your destiny. 

Tips to gassing up yourself;

  • Believe in yourself- People may tell you that you are not good enough and you never less.  They may convince you to lower your standards and settle for less. If you have not gassed up yourself, you are at a high risk of letting their limitations stop you from achieving your goals. People who believe in themselves know that they are the best amid the noises trying to bring out the worst in them. 
  • Believe in your dreams-You must be the greatest believer in your dreams and not wait for someone else to convince about them. Most of the season entrepreneurs will reveal to you that when they started their businesses, it was just but a dream. They faced many challenges and losses that made them almost give up yet they persisted because only they could picture out the end results. They may have shared their visions with others and sought support yet they were shown the door because the listeners of their dreams could not comprehend it well. The greatness  they enjoy today is a result of believing in those dreams they had. 

Gassing Up The Lonely 

The world is full of hopeless people who have lost their sense of living and they only walk in the dark. They lack a purpose and a vision that motivates them to wake up every day hence they died even though there is still breath in them. 

Your zodiac sign is indicating that you need to look around you and find these people. The universe has granted you more gas that you need to get through life hence it is sending you to gas them up so that they can also move ahead with their journey. They are dressed in darkness and wrapped with the blanket of stagnation hence they can never move ahead in life.

They may be people who closed down their businesses and stopped trying after encountering numerous losses, they could be people who were in relationships but got too broken and damage after experiencing betrayal and heartbreaks, others could be people who got abused in the past yet they are still traumatised, they could be they could be students who failed in their exams and gave up when their teachers insulted them and told them they would amount to no good and they could be children who watched their parents quarrel and vowed never to get into a relationship. 

Tips on gassing up others

  • Seek to understand them; it is so easy to judge someone even without taking an effort to understand them. Before gassing up others, you need to put yourself in their shoes and seek to understand the reasons behind their actions. It may be uncomfortable but make an effort to view the world through their eyes. This will help you in knowing the type of gas they need and provide accordingly.  
  • Be a source of encouragement; When one is already gassed up, they may be tempted to look down upon those without gas. You are called to encourage those who have lost hope in life as opposed to criticizing them. While it is easier to make someone feel bad for quitting their marriage, let them know that they made the decision they felt was right at the moment and it is okay to do so. Criticize not a person who chose the path of drug and alcohol abuse but let them know you understand why they did so and anyone in their position would have taken the same decision. However, you need to let them know that there is always a better approach. 
  • Share with them your experiences; When someone is trapped in the dark, they easily feel like those in the light are not in a position to understand them. It makes a whole lot of difference while you open up to such people about the days you were also trapped in the dark without having the gas to move ahead. This will motivate them to stop feeling sad for themselves and gas them up to keep moving in the hope that ahead lies light. 

Top Tip Of The Day

In a world where everyone is chasing their dreams and steering in their direction, nobody will be there all the time to cheer you on or applaud that you are moving in the right direction. You will have to be your cheerleader because you are the only one who knows where you are headed towards. When your gas runs out, you will have to gas up yourself and move ahead instead of waiting for others. However, along your path, you will encounter numerous people who have run out of gas and the universe is sending you on a mission to help them.  


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