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On The Days You Cannot Speak Up For Yourself Let Your Kindness, Inner strength, And Hope Fight For You

On The Days You Cannot Speak Up For Yourself Let Your Kindness, Inner strength, And Hope Fight For You

Kindness As Your Lawyer

As long as humans live on earth, they have to pay the debt of kindness to others. An act of kindness to another is a seed that once planted, germinates, and the sower receives a harvest even during moments they never expected. One may sow the kindness seed and think it never grew just because they never reap whenever they expected. However, the truth is that the seek of kindness may take ages to grow but eventually one will reap it.

Based on this fact, one should never cease being kind or feel bad when their kindness is not reciprocated. One should never base their decision to be kind on the kindness of other people but instead set up a standard for them to follow suit. When the right moment comes, the seed of kindness will be received as a garden full of harvest. 

Your zodiac sign indicates that you need to be kind because kindness will one day be your lawyer. Begin to lead a life where other people matter to you and you treat them with the respect they deserve. When you are gifted with more, be kind enough to share with those who do not have. Tables may turn and you may be in their position and how you treat them will determine how they will treat you. A day will come when you will not be in a position to speak up for yourself but you will require somebody to represent you. The universe is challenging you to be kind so that on that day, your kindness will be your lawyer. No words will be necessary because your actions will do the talking. To avoid embarrassment on that day, let your actions win the case for you and free you when you lack a voice.  

Inner Strength As Your Lawyer

The world is full of bitter and cruel people who seek every chance to destroy others. They are victims of their own imprisonment and they are on a mission to recruit more prisoners. They delight in making life hard and miserable for others just to massage their ego and feel happy about themselves. Since they cannot stand up for themselves, they strive to bring others down to their level. Their victims end up getting a life imprisonment sentence by spending the rest of their lives cowering in fear and doubting themselves. 

Your zodiac sign indicates that you ought to let your inner strength become your lawyer. When your physical strength cannot protect you, let your inner strength fight the battle. People will try to diminish the life in you by speaking and manifesting death in your life yet your inner strength will dictate whether you will believe them. They will go ahead and try to extinguish the light in your life by attempting to blow it out and filling it with darkness. If you are a coward, you will believe them and follow them naively.

However, if you have inner strength as your lawyer, you will be in a position to stand up for yourself and let them know that you are in charge. You are the captain of your ship and you determine the direction to move towards. Do not let them call the shots in your life. Whenever they are taking you along the long path and you are too naive to speak out and stand out for yourself, seek the help of the universe and amass your inner strength. The universe has placed everything at your disposal and your inner strength will be the lawyer to fight for you and give you a voice.  

Hope As Your Lawyer

The journey to your mission is not meant to be easy but no matter the challenges on your way, you must keep on hoping. Hope is the light at the end of a dark tunnel and an oasis in the desert. It is the tree that provides shade in the desert hence life without hope can be very difficult. It is sad how the world is full of hopeless people who are opting for suicide as the solution to their dark lives. Even with smiles on their faces, their hearts are empty and they have lost their purpose and will to live. It may be hard to recognize the people since they mask the darkness in their hearts with a calm face. They are scared of being vulnerable and think that speaking out and seeking the light is an indicator of being weak. 

Your zodiac sign indicates that you need to cling to hope even when you feel like it is not relevant in life. A day will come when you will feel like giving up everything you have yet hope is the lawyer that will plead your case. You will fall down plenty of times before reaching your destiny, yet hope will hold your hand and lead you ahead. No matter the hills, mountains, valleys, and rivers you encounter, you will be assured that your life has a lawyer who will always look out for you and ensure you keep pushing ahead. A life without hope is meaningless as one is subjected to a life imprisonment of giving up at the slightest failure. Hope is the lawyer who will always appeal your case even when the judgment is not in your favour and assure you that everything will be okay. 

Top Tip Of The Day

While on the journey of life, you will be faced with numerous obstacles that will test you. You will find yourself in circumstances where you are voiceless and you will need somebody to represent you and win the case. The universe is calling you to choose; kindness, inner strength, and hope as your lawyers. Your life will never be the same and your battle is sure to be won. The universe is looking out for you and cheers you up.  


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