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The Time To Hide Your Capabilities Has Run Out; Arise Dear Child Of The Universe And Take Up Your Position.

The Time To Hide Your Capabilities Has Run Out; Arise Dear Child Of The Universe And Take Up Your Position.

The Time To Hide Your Capabilities Has Run Out; Arise Dear Child Of The Universe And Take Up Your Position.

Today’s message from the zodiac sign indicates that you are a bright and rare talent but you keep hiding from the world. You are always covering up your presence and masking your capabilities. Today you are challenged to use your talents and stand up like a lawyer, ready to represent your interests as well as protect the interests of those in a position to benefit from you. 

Restoring Your Confidence

Even when a lawyer has no idea of the allegations of the opposition, they cannot afford to fear and back up at the last minute but instead they have to protect their client. They have to stand shoulder high and remain calm without a hint of panic even when the other party presents substantial evidence in court that is to their disadvantage. You will be faced with situations that will test your confidence and it will be easier to let fear take over you. You will face circumstances that you have the capability to change yet if you remain hidden you will never realize the difference you are capable of making in the world. 


The universe has granted you immense wisdom and decorated your path with beautiful flowers that you should use to colour the world. You are a rare gem and a crown has been placed on your head and a lantern in your hands so that you can lead the world and light the darkest paths. The zodiac sign is a call for you to use the gifts that the universe has bestowed upon you; so put your fear aside and wear your legal attire.

A Call For Justice

In a world that is dominated by injustice, it is easier and tempting to be an unjust lawyer. The world has become a prison for the oppressed because they have lost their voices. Anyone can shut their ears to the cries of injustice and close their eyes to the sufferings of the poor yet it takes a courageous lawyer to stand up for the truth. The zodiac sign is sending a warning that you need to come out of your hiding hole. It is only when you stop hiding that you can experience the injustice in the world and gather the strength to stand up for justice.


Whenever you feel small and insignificant, the zodiac sign is a reminder that you have everything it takes to make a positive difference. When the entire world pretends that everything is going on well, you are tasked to fight for justice. Be a lawyer who chooses justice over material benefits, the universe is cheering out for you. 

Using Your Inner Strengths To Win Cases In Court

Winning a court case requires a lawyer to be witty and keen enough to notice even the miniscule details. Lawyers who easily lose their calmness are more likely to lose their cases when the opposition bombards them with provocative questions and allegations. A witty lawyer knows that the courtroom is just like a battlefield and they have to be cautious because the enemy can always attack from any direction. To represent other people, you do not need to use force or manipulation but you can gain influence by inspiration. 


Life will place you through tests that will see your inner strengths weighed. You will be passed through fire but you will have to maintain your calm nature to ensure you have hardened and the best version of you is exhibited. The zodiac sign indicates that you are covered in strength even if the world perceives you as weak. Your wit is more than capable of granting you victory yet you keep overlooking it. It is time to cease underestimating yourself; arise and win the battle ahead of you. The universe believes in you!

Challenging The Existing Law

Lawyers play a crucial role in the amendments of laws that no longer serve their intended purposes as well as in the policy making process. The world has made it a norm that the oppressed have no voice and nobody dares to challenge it. As a lawyer, it is always safer to stick to the existing laws and follow them to the latter than challenging a law even when it has loopholes.


The zodiac sign means to challenge you to challenge the status quo in your life. Look deeper into your life and question why you act in a certain manner and whether your actions bring harm to others. Are you seeking to get married just because you feel that it is the norm when you attain a certain age? Are you looking for a white-collar job because it is the norm for educated people to follow that path? Are you using your finances in a certain manner just to keep up with societal standards? The zodiac sign is a call to challenge the law and seek a broader perspective on life. 

Top Tip Of The Day

Life may be an empty void covered in darkness yet there is light within you. While you may be finding comfort in hiding your presence and abilities, the world is in dire need of the light within you. Instead of hiding that light, you are challenged to emit it and spread it out. You are called to be a lawyer in the courtroom of life and represent the voiceless who need your voice, the blind who need your eyes and the deaf who need your ears. Gather up the courage to come out of your hole, capitalize on your inner strengths and challenge the unfavourable norms in a quest to restore justice.  The universe has chosen you for this mission and equipped you with the necessary requirements to be successful.  


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