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There Are Plenty Of Good Things In The Universe Knocking At Your Door; Choose To Welcome And Host Them.

There Are Plenty Of Good Things In The Universe Knocking At Your Door; Choose To Welcome And Host Them.

Hosting Kindness

There are people you encounter in life and they prompt you to question the real meaning of life and the purpose for your existence. This type of people are unique in everything they do and they have a golden heart that cannot be cheapened by the corruption and injustices of the world. They have a light in them and even when they are thrown in the dark, the light remains evident. The world may deem them silly and even refer to them as stupid yet in their stupidity lies the hope for the world. These kinds of people are rare to find and they are becoming extinct in the modern world. What is unique about them? Their secret is that; they host kindness in their hearts that is capable of melting even the most frozen hearts.

Your zodiac sign is an indicator that you need to host kindness in your heart because you are called to melt the frozen world. This will not be an easier task since unkindness has been normalized and made to appear attractive; everyone is striving to be referred to as mean and bad. As you embark on a quest to share the kindness that you host in your heart, you will be tempted to get rid of it and quit your mission. You will show people kindness yet they will be the first to criticize you and treat you brutally.

When you think you can light a fire of kindness in their lives and make them hosts of kindness, they will use that fire to burn you. You will train them to fight what oppressed them yet immediately after giving them a sword to slay the spirit of unkindness, they will use that sword to slay you. This will make you heartbroken and at that point, you will feel like giving up. You will begin to question whether hosting kindness is worth all the trouble you will experience.

Nevertheless, you have to keep going because one day you will meet a hospitable person and you will leave them in awe. They will thank the universe for meeting you because the kindness in your heart will make a difference in their lives. It will speak to them even when you utter no word to them. Your encounter with them will be their turning point in life and they will embrace kindness and host it. It is at that moment you will understand why the universe has tasked you for this journey and it will be worth it. 

Hosting Justice

There is an unending fight for justice in the world. The majority of the people are on a mission to kill justice leaving out very few people who are ready to sacrifice their lives for it. Those who fight for justice know the impact it has in the world and they cannot be ignorant of that. Most of the people have chosen to be onlookers as they watch the fight for justice. They are not brave enough to get into the battlefield and fight for it and they are too timid to openly oppose it hence they choose safety which is a dangerous zone.

Your zodiac sign is a sign that you are called to be a protector of justice by hosting it. Your time to watch the fight from far is up and you need to put on your armour and match to the battlefield. You are reminded that once in the battleground a warrior never quits; it’s either you win or die. The fight to host justice is tough as the opponents have more warriors than you do. However, the numbers are not the determinants of victory but your willingness to be a host of justice will determine your fate. The universe has your back; go fight for justice and you will be granted victory!

Hosting Humility

It is always ironic how people can be so humble when they are lacking and automatically change without a thought at the first shower of abundance. These people humble themselves, cry out loud and beg the universe to grant them their desires and even promise that upon being granted, they will be nice people. Some take vows to remain humble and grateful and help others in case they are uplifted. The universe after hearing their cry opens up the skies for them and showers upon them unlimited abundance. It holds their hand and leads them along the road to their destiny in the hope that they will also be humble enough and lead those behind them. 

Your zodiac sends a signal that you need to host humility in your heart. The path to your destiny will be long and you will be subjected to many tests that will require you to be humble. If you lack humility, you risk failing the test and as others move ahead towards their destiny, you will be pulled back by a force you cannot oppose. You are called upon to let humility take charge of your life even when you are in a better position than others. Just because you got a new job that needs you to upgrade your lifestyle does not give you the ticket to insult that boss who allowed you to learn and sharpen your skills even with a meagre salary.

The success of your business does not mean that others are lazy and you cease associating with them. Being the most educated in your family does not warrant you to despise and look down upon those who sacrificed their dreams to make yours come true. It is sad how human beings can forget that they were once in a low position with others once they get uplifted. You are called to host humility in your body so that you will be different from them. 

Top Tip Of The Day

In a world that is freezing in cruelty, you are called to host kindness and melt it. When everyone chooses to be silent on the injustices of the world, you are called to put on your armour and go fight to be a host of justice. When pride takes over the world, you have to be a host of humility. 


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