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When Much Has Been Given To You, Much Is Expected From You Hence You Need To Keep Transferring It To Create Space For More

When Much Has Been Given To You, Much Is Expected From You Hence You Need To Keep Transferring It To Create Space For More

Transfer The Spirit Of Laziness Holding You Back

One may never know the extent of their capabilities if they never take a step ahead and try. Even when the universe has granted you everything you need, you cannot afford to fold your arms and wait for things to get to you. There is no pain without gain thus you have to make a sacrifice for you to receive abundance. Sometimes the universe is testing your desire for whatever you wish to achieve and in response, it places you in a position where you need to use your energy and dig out the treasures it has placed for you.

The spirit of laziness is the barrier that sees many people diverted from their mission and success because they are not ready to put in the extra effort. Those who understand the universe know very well that the universe cannot bring everything to your doorstep but one has to arise, face the universe, and demand that they receive a transfer of whatever they desire. If they are proven worthy, the universe will grant them their wishes. 

Your zodiac sign is an indicator that you need to transfer your spirit of laziness and seek to absorb the spirit of hard work. You cannot afford to be questioning the universe why some people receive more than you do yet you were still snoring while they woke up early in the morning to go seek. Why would they work so hard and manifest abundance yet you sit around manifesting then expect to receive and hope they get denied? Come on, the universe can never be that unfair!

Your zodiac sign tells you that you must make things work even when there are forces stopping you. You must put in your best effort and divert things towards your favour; adopt the mentality of believing that things must work and put action to it. After all, if the mountain can’t come to Mohammed, then Mohammed must go to the mountain!

Transfer Your Energy To Others

The world is filled with different people whose energy levels are very different. There are people who have high energy levels that their life is never deprived of light yet they are those who struggle in the darkness because their energy levels are low. To live a happy life, one must always strive to attain high energy levels as this always ensures they never lose their way. The challenge comes when people with high energy levels associate with those with low energy and without knowing and their energy begins to get drained from their system. If they are not careful, they may not realize it until all their energy has been deprived. To counter this, those with high energy can consciously transfer their energy to those who lack it without lowering theirs. However, there must be a mutual understanding and willingness by both the transferor and transferee. 

Your zodiac sign indicates that at the present moment your energy levels are very high and your path in life is clear. However, there was a time when your energy levels were very low and you had no sight of where you were headed to. Your life never made sense to you at that moment and you were merely existing instead of living. You never knew what to do because darkness had taken possession of your life and you were falling into an abyss of hopelessness. Remember when you were about to give up and suddenly you saw some light.

Just before you fainted, you suddenly felt strong and you were able to get back on your feet once again. This was only possible because there was a person who transferred their energy to you and you felt alive again. The cycle of life is that the universe requires you to reciprocate so that the world becomes a good place. Your zodiac sign is a call to action and an indicator that it is time for you to transfer your high energy levels to someone who is running out of energy and make them live again. Do not be selfish by assuming that they do not deserve the transfer; remember that you were one in their position!

Transfer Your Courage To The Weak

There are people out there looking up to you and gushing over your confidence. Although they are talented, their fear stops them from living the best version of their lives. They wish that they would have just a minuscule percentage of your confidence. There is nothing wrong with them, they only need someone to provoke their sleeping warriors and awake them. 

Your zodiac sign is putting up a challenge for you to transfer your confidence energies to those imprisoned by cowardice. Provoke them to believe in themselves before the world believes in them and their capabilities. It may be tempting to feel superior and proud because you are the most confident in your area or among those you associate with you yet this is a gift you need to use to better the world. The noble thing is to transfer to them some of your confidence energy that will help them find their confidence. This does not mean that making them significant will lead you to become insignificant but it is a rare and priceless chance to prove to the universe that you are worthy of being entrusted with abundance due to your selflessness. Are you willing and ready to take up the challenge?

Top Tip Of The Day

When you ever feel like the world is denying you things that you should possess, take it up as a call to transfer your laziness and seek to work harder. When the universe has filled you with abundance, it is an indicator that you have been sent on a mission to share that abundance with those who lack. Transferring what you have in excess to others does not result in a loss but it opens doors for more to be added unto you. 


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