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When Pests Disguise Themselves As Friends, Find Them And Push Them Out Of Your Life.

When Pests Disguise Themselves As Friends, Find Them And Push Them Out Of Your Life.

To lead a healthy life, one has to get rid of the existing pests and come up with measures to control any pest that has a chance of getting into their life. While it might be difficult to identify the pests that come disguised as friends, the universe will always send out warning signs to you hence you need to be on the lookout so that you do not miss out on those signs.

Pests Disguised As Friends

Human beings are always seeking love and validation and friends fulfill this need. They are always there to give an ear when one needs to talk and they offer suggestions when one is looking for solutions. When one is in a bad mood, the friends always try to cheer them up and clear things up.  This can create a reliance on friendship such that one feels comfortable being vulnerable to them and revealing their secrets. Friends create a friendly and comfortable environment for you which makes you feel less judged and ensures you serve them the burden in your heart. 

Your zodiac sign shows that you trust people very easily and often look at their good side. You hold your friends in high regard and you have placed them close to your heart. You easily open up to your friends and entrust them with your secrets regardless of how intense they are. You depend on your friends to wipe your tears while you are mourning and offer their shoulders for you to lean on. While it is okay to trust people, you are reminded that you cannot judge a book by its cover hence the need to be cautious. 

Your zodiac sign is sending a warning that some of the people you consider your friends might be pests. They are on a mission to destroy you and distract you from your destiny yet you will never realize it. They work by slowly sucking and draining you off your energy until you have no more strength to move ahead and fulfill your purpose on earth. You never realize their true nature and intentions in your life until it is too late and the damage is beyond repair.

Identifying Pests In Your Life Disguised As Friends

The universe is providing you with the following signs to help you locate pests disguised as friends;

  • They talk less about themselves

Most of the pests disguised as friends rarely talk about themselves but they are always enquiring about everything that happens in your life. The fact that they are interested in your life yet change the topic when you seek to know about them should be a red flag yet you may miss it out because they manipulate you into thinking they are worried and concerned about you. 

  • You rarely disagree or differ in opinions

Disagreements and fights are normal in every relationship and they are healthy. When you find yourself in a situation where you are not arguing with your friends or having differences in opinions, take it as a red flag that the relationship is not genuine at all. Chances are that they are pretending that everything is okay to convince you that they are your mirror hence lure you into their traps.

  • They are always Proving Too Hard

Genuine friends understand that trust can never be forced as it is something one has to earn. For this reason, they will never try to manipulate you into trusting them but instead, they will be themselves then you can choose whether to trust them or not. On the other hand, pests are always trying to prove why you should trust them because they know very well they are not trustworthy. All their actions are just ploys to make them win your trust. If you ever catch them on the wrong side, they will be quick to explain and shift the blame to somebody or something else yet a genuine friend would never try to prove too hard.

  • They Benefit From Your Relationship

Genuine friends will stick with you through thick and thin and they will stand with you even when you lose everything you have. On the other hand, pests are still in a relationship with you since it benefits them in one way or the other. Although it may hurt you to imagine that if you get rid of those benefits the people you consider your best friends may leave, it is a sad reality. Pests manipulate you into thinking that they love you for who you are yet when you lose everything, they are the first to exit the door. 

Controlling The Pests

Upon identifying the pests, your zodiac sign directs you towards controlling them. You are provided with the tips below to assist you in the pest control process;

  • Sifting your words

By revealing everything to pests in your life, you give them the power to ruin it. Without knowing the moves you are about to make, they will never design a countermeasure to restrict you from moving ahead. You are advised to restrict your words and retain your power.

  • Putting your friends to test

Although it is okay to trust people without having to test them, this is the only way you can distinguish the pests from the beneficial people in your life. Get to find out why they are clinging to you and test whether they will remain loyal if the benefit is removed from your relationships. Do not be surprised if you find out that those who branded your best friends are the pests while those you looked down upon are the genuine people. 

  • Get rid of the pests

Upon distinguishing the pests from the beneficial friends, you are called upon to get rid of them. Without a second thought, show them the exit. Wait! The exit door is too far, push them over through the emergency door and do not look back.

Top Tip Of The Day

While friendships are meant to be beneficial to both parties, some pests come into one’s life disguised as friends. Their mission is to drain somebody until they have no strength to move forwards in life. You are called upon to identify and control those pests today!


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