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When You Have More, You Have A responsibility To Donate To Those Yet To Be Gifted

When You Have More, You Have A responsibility To Donate To Those Yet To Be Gifted

One who has been granted much but keeps all to themselves ends up putting a limit to receiving more. The secret to receiving more from the universe lies in the kind deed of donation.

Donating Blood

Blood is more than just a fluid that flows in the human body. It is not constrained to the; A, B, AB, and O blood types but instead it is a sacred element of life. There comes a time when someone needs blood and they cannot get their match from the available options. Donating blood to someone in need is a kind act that touches the soul of the universe. Blood is life and when one has a deficiency in the amount of blood in their system, they are not likely to survive for long. By donating blood you literally gift somebody else life. 

Your zodiac sign is an indicator and a call for you to partake in the unique mission of spreading life. If you have never donated blood before, you may feel paranoid and uncertain about whether to go ahead with the act. It is a courageous act and only a selfless person is capable of being bold enough and donating. Whenever you are scared of being a blood donor, think of it not as a blood transmission but a chance to give somebody else an opportunity to live. You will never understand how much difference you make in their life unless you are in a position where your life is hanging by a thread and blood donation is the remedy you need.

To make the situation worse, your blood type is not easily available yet you do not have the luxury of time. At that moment if a stranger walks in and offers to donate blood to you, your entire perspective about blood donation will change. The universe warns you not to wait for that moment but instead take up the challenge of being a blood donor. Embark on the mission of saving lives and restoring smiles on the sad faces. 

Donating Organs

Organ donation is a sensitive topic that is rarely discussed. There are people who consider their organs so precious and they would prefer to sell them rather than donating even when there was someone in desperate need of the organs. People are more open to blood donation since it is easier and less involving as opposed to donating organs. An organ donor is a prodigy of the ultimate humanity that nobody in the entire universe can fathom. Some of the organs that can be donated while one is alive include but are not limited to; a kidney, an eye, a segment of the liver, and even a lung or part of it. For one to qualify to be an organ donor, they have to be healthy and various tests are conducted on them to ensure they are indeed healthy and avoid any negative outcomes. 

Your zodiac sign is an indicator that you are against organ donation. You cannot imagine having to go through it yet it is an opportunity to save a life. The truth is you may be dreading the outcomes of the donation and the long-time effects of the procedure. You wonder; what is the long-term effect? Can you lead a normal life after donating? Are you putting your life at risk by donating an organ? The universe is letting you know that it is okay to feel how you are feeling since you are a human. However, you are called upon to ceasing shutting out the possibility of organ donation. It is the greatest sacrifice and the highest form of human love and not everyone is cut out for it. Nevertheless, the universe will always have your back. 

Donating Time

There are many things in life that one can restore after they are lost yet time is the greatest treasure that is very underrated. No matter how wealthy a person is, they can never go back in time hence you have to utilize your time well while you live and treasure every moment. Life is very short and every minute is precious hence you should spend your time doing things that you will never look back in the future and regret. Every moment you spend with someone will only be a memory in the future hence it is up to you to create beautiful moments. Do not wait until you get on your deathbed and wish you had spent your time differently.

Your zodiac sign is a wake-up call for you to donate your time towards making a difference in the world. Quit being so busy that you hardly spare a few moments to share with people. Imagine you have all the monetary treasures in the universe yet it was revealed to you that you did not have much time to live. Would you not wish to give everything up to buy more time? If you have been chasing money, it is clear that you will wish for more time to spend with others. On the other hand, if one donated their time, they would be at peace. 

Top Tip Of The Day 

When the universe entrusts a person with more, they are given the responsibility of donating to those with less. It is very easy for the one with more to look down upon those who lack forgetting that the universe may take them back to that position any moment. While many people shy from engaging in donation, your zodiac sign indicates that even without a coin you can donate; blood, an organ, and even your time. This is a great act that surpasses any monetary donation since it involves the priceless that money can never buy. Go ahead and open yourself to donation; the universe watches you and will reward you with more. By being a donor, your cup will never run dry and your basket will never be empty since the universe will always refill them. 


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