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With The Individualism In The Society, A Conference Call Is The Bridge To Link People

With The Individualism In The Society, A Conference Call Is The Bridge To Link People

In the quest for a better life and greener pastures, people have lost touch and become strangers with each other. Everyone is busy fixing their own life and being the best in a world where only the fittest are bound to survive. Long gone are the days when people lived together and sacrificed themselves for others. The good old days of communal life are long gone as everyone strives to fend for themselves. However, regardless of the distance, with the development in technology a conference call would go a long way in ensuring that people remain in touch in spite of being continents apart. You are called to embrace it! 

Preparations For A Conference Call

A conference call is the bridge that connects people from various lands hence playing a very critical role in the world. Before connecting to a conference call, one needs to ensure that their network is strong and at a high speed. This is to avoid a situation where the call is disconnected or disrupted by the internet hitches. One has to ensure that their gadget is powered up or connected to power to avoid an instance where the device would shut down in the midst of the conference call.  A quiet and comfortable place is also crucial to avoid the possibilities of noise disruption.

Your zodiac call indicates that the time is ripe to make a conference call. Bearing this in mind you need to make certain preparations before the call to ensure that things work out smoothly. The universe is providing you with the following tips to help you in your preparations;

  • Find out about your audience-You may be hosting a conference call for your relatives whom you haven’t spoken to in ages. This means that there could be tension if you are not in a position to address them as they desire. They could be less interested in some topics hence if you bring them up, they are likely to remain silent throughout the call or leave the meeting. This will deny you the opportunity to connect as you would have desired. 
  • Have an agenda for the conference call-The agenda does not have to be complicated as it may be as simple as to catch up. If you send people an invitation to a conference call, their first point of interest will be the agenda of the call. If they relate with the agenda, their interest to join will be sparked while those not interested will make the decision of not honouring the invitation. An agenda will also provide an order during the call and avoid any unnecessary topics that emerge midway. 
  • Prepare a presentation for the conference call-The main aim of the presentation is to ensure your audience follows you through as you speak. In case you pass across a very important point, they are more likely to remember if there were visuals to accompany it. Before making the conference call, you need to prepare some slides and visuals that you will use to demonstrate as you share your screen during the call. 

During The Conference Call

Upon heeding to the above preparation, one is now set to make the conference call.  Your zodiac sign indicates that you need to take up the bold decision of connecting your loved ones on a conference call.  You may be hesitant to that idea at the beginning but after the call, you will appreciate every effort you spent in preparing for it. 

The universe is providing you with the following tips to enable you navigate through the conference call;

  • Take up the leadership role-The participants of the conference call may be unfamiliar with each other hence they rely on the host to break the ice. Taking up the leadership role will ensure you chair the introduction and create a rapport for the participants to engage fully. If the host fails to recognize the responsibility bestowed upon them, the call is not likely to yield any results and most of the participants will hang up out of frustrations.
  • Engage your audience-Even though you have taken up the responsibility of being the leader, do not dominate the conference call because your audience is likely to get bored. Engage them and let them participate so that they do not feel out of place and eliminate the sense of monotony. 
  • Ensure the communication flows-Heed to the rules of a conference call by ensuring that people respect each other and communicate in an acceptable way. If a point is misunderstood, be bold enough to elaborate it and seek clarification as this will reduce any malice feelings towards each other.
  • Appreciate your audience-People like to feel appreciated for the little achievements they make.During the conference call, people will point out important and impressive issues. You ought to appreciate their contribution towards the success of the conference call. Remember that a conference call without contribution will be boring hence show gratitude to those who are kind enough to make it interesting.
  • Thank your participants at the end of the call-As the conference call comes to an end, ensure you thank your participants for taking up their time to join and engage through the entire process. Do not take their participation for granted. Eventually, let them rate the session and give feedback so that you may know what to improve during the next conference call.  

Top Tip Of The Day

The quest for a better life may push you into a constant race where you are always racing against the clock. This is likely to create a boundary between you and your loved ones especially if you do not live in closer proximity to them. To bridge your distance, your zodiac sign is putting you up on a challenge to connect them on a conference call. Make it your duty to be a bridge to them and not a wall to separate them. The universe is putting you up for that mission. Go get it!



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