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You Become What You Might Be When You Let Go Of Who You Are.

You Become What You Might Be When You Let Go Of Who You Are.

Unity of people is powerful, there is so much that can be done when different ideas are put together. People have been able to do big and great things by working together. However, there is a downside where some individuals prefer to stay in the background without participating which prevents independent thinking. You are finding yourself in positions where you have to be accountable for what you do, this is a good time to exercise self-independence.

Online Class Is For The Resilient People.

The online class sounds like a lot of free time and an easy way out for education, but the truth is that it can be more than a traditional class. With you having an option of doing something else during class time, only those who are focused on what they want out of it, do well. Most people let the classes pass them by and it reflects in their performance. With the poor performance, the whole class might have to be repeated, this time with more concentration and involvement. 

Generally, life has no room for lazy people. You went through some things that started killing your morale for working hard. You may have worked so hard with very minimal returns and you find that you are still struggling to live comfortably. You have applied for jobs, you have furthered your studies, you have tried talking to people who might help you but nothing seems to be coming your way. You have been feeling like that is all there is to life, struggle, and you have slowly watered down your dreams and settled for anything that comes your way. You do not know what you want out of life anymore, but you are living it a day at a time. 

Your zodiac sign shows that there is light at the end of the tunnel if you choose to keep trying. The universe notices the work you do, and the doors will open when you least expect it. As time goes by, life is becoming sustainable only for those that are resilient and who refuse to stop. Many unfavorable things are going on in life, and unless you envision what you want and go for it no matter what, it will easily become just a thought you have.  Like an online class, where you have an option of doing what you want because you are not being monitored, choose to focus and concentrate on what you do. Pass the life exam by having an unwavering spirit, refuse defeat, the world waits for you to inspire and make others move too.

Things Don’t Have To Happen The Same Way Every time.

It is always hard for people to embrace change, with the onset of online classes, most people have difficulties adjusting to them. They find it to be very different and have lost a lot of time trying to familiarize themselves with the new way of studying. People may feel alone because they do not get to stay with other people in a class, even though there are social media platforms that are used for class communication. As much as online classes are different it has some good benefits and can accommodate each person regardless of the distance.

Life can be spontaneous; you have to keep your mind open to try things as they come. You have been used to doing the same way, you believe in following a systematic way of living. You do not attend to any other thought that comes, that does not fit into how you think things should be. You have seen people fail in life, for example, someone who was in an unhappy marriage and walked out of it, but instead had more problems while they were alone. You do not want to experience the same thing, so you stick to what you know. You have had to lead this kind of life because of fear because you don’t want to take chances and fail. You believe that as long as you are safe with what you have, that is all there is to it. Have you considered if you are happy? If you can live that kind of life forever?

Your zodiac sign is a reflection of taking chances. Life does not have rules that are cast on stone. Things can be going well for you and then stop, and if one way is not working for you, you have a choice of doing something different. Do not be afraid to try or to leave bad experiences. Let each new day be a chance for you to do what is best. Some else’s story doesn’t have to be yours, observe the steps they took that didn’t work and move differently. You were made to be adaptive, so adapt to change fast and make it work for you.

Be An Independent Thinker.

With all the new things coming up in the world, do you have a chance of escaping peer pressure and conforming? There is big followership that happens with people that need you to just make an active decision to remain true to yourself. Online classes have people studying and working alone, you can decide if you will attend and concentrate in a class or not. You can be physically present but you are doing your stuff on other social media platforms. No one is following up on you and your performance is fully dependent on your commitment. This is a way to promote independent thinking, for you to know what is best for you without the influence of classmates.

You completely stop relying on other people, it is now you and your future. Independent thinking makes you fulfill your purpose. You have been relying on other people too much, could be your parents, spouse, or friends. They get to influence all your decisions and you do not remember when you did something that you truly wanted. You have desired to know how far you can go without falling for the limits people have set for you.

Your zodiac sign shows a need to start small. Start making your decisions alone, from the small ones, try doing things you like without asking for insight from others first. Believe that you are capable of doing what is best for you.

Top Tip Of The Day.

You can do big things if you do not limit yourself and think. Do what you can, where you are, and with what you have. Tomorrow is too far to begin; the time has to be now. Look back and see how far you have come, then believe your future will be greater.


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