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You Cannot Lie To Yourself, Even When You Lie To Everyone In The World.

You Cannot Lie To Yourself, Even When You Lie To Everyone In The World.

It would be good to know that someone knows you and your flaws and still stands by you. In life, most people tend to disappear when they see who you truly are. You may be seeking to find a perfect person who doesn’t bother you at any one time, but that is an impossibility. Stick around someone just as an attorney does, regardless of who they are, and have better ways of addressing the issues that you do not admire in them.

Be Your Authentic Self.

Have you ever seen an attorney at work? They stand by their clients until a job is done. Attorneys want their clients to be honest with them, they want to know the whole turn of events so that they can understand how to represent their clients better. They do not want the client to change the story on them and they advise them on the things to say when questioned. Clients have to remain with consistent stories to avoid unnecessary probing. 

Being true to yourself is a vital part of self-confidence. You may be feeling uncomfortable in your own skin like you have to fit in the shoes of everyone else around you to make sure they are comfortable. You feel the need to be different because you think that is when people will embrace you better. In the quest to retain relationships, you have not been true to yourself, you change according to what each person needs from you. You may feel tired and misunderstood because you have to keep your face. Always remember that if anyone wants you to change yourself to suit them, then they are not for you.

Your zodiac sign invites you to view life from a place of self-love. Embrace your story, your journey, your mistakes, and everything you are made up of, do not go changing yourself. When you love yourself you will treat yourself better and you will attract people who will do the same to you. You cannot demand something from someone, that you are sure you cannot give yourself. Set yourself free from societal standards and be genuinely honest with yourself and how you want to live life. In a world with people who are very similar to each other, who have left their authentic selves for acceptance, there is a need for more people with self-approval.

Dare To Become.

Attorneys have very strong characters, they make a choice to keep a straight face no matter the circumstances because they don’t want their defense to be undermined.  They believe in your story and defend you even when they know you are the one in the wrong. They are easily intimidated to retain the upper hand. If there is something you can learn from an attorney, it should be to dare and become something! 

You have been easily pushed around most times. You have your life set out for you even if it does not make you happy. You do not want to try other things because you are not sure they will work for you. You have had a lot of opportunities to do new things in your life, but you continuously do not attempt because you believe you are not that capable and skilled. You have decided to live a life that is comfortable and regular, where you do not get opposition. Have you seen a businessman starting his business? Do you think he knows everything about the job? But in case someone requires something from him, he believes he will deliver it, he goes ahead to learn and brings results to the best of his ability. You cannot know everything without trying and failing. Failing is not a reason to stop!

Your zodiac sign shows that you have been suppressing your abilities. Deep down you know you have more to offer, and you have to dare to bring that part of you alive. You do not have to be a master of the skill, you have to have a willing spirit that is resilient enough to do it again. Imagine all the things you can do, is it fair for you and everyone who needs what you have to let your abilities die off? Arise, child of the universe, attend to your calling and do not be intimidated.

Express Yourself.

As simple as it sounds, many people fail to express themselves, they play safe and do not want to offend anyone. Attorneys understand the power of good communication, they spend their time explaining things in a court, showing exhibits and evidence. They want the court to understand motives and get a new perspective of why something would happen. With such a job, you have to know how to communicate and deliver information in a way that everyone else can understand. 

You should learn to make yourself understood. Many times, you have felt shut out on conversations, it hurts you but you choose to survive it. You have concluded you are not a people’s person but maybe it is fear of judgment that makes you stay in your cocoon. You may have had people shut you up when you were younger or made you feel like whatever you are saying is irrelevant. This is stuck in your mind and even now you subconsciously do not believe that you can say something of relevance or what others may be interested to hear.

Your zodiac sign wants you to heal your inner child and let her out. You can say what you think and feel and people will listen to you, believe that. You have taken your time to know things and you are in a better position to bring constructiveness wherever you involve yourself. Do not give away your power, reclaim it back.

Top Tip Of The Day.

Take up the character of an attorney and make a statement with your presence. Believe in yourself first, do not shy away from approving yourself. You will face many obstacles and things you don’t know in life, choose to be strong while facing them and learn as much as you are required to. Do not back down, you have everything in you to live in an unpredictable universe.


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