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Your Humanity Is Determined By The Treatment You Give To Others

Your Humanity Is Determined By The Treatment You Give To Others

You can only truly know and understand a person based on the treatment they give to others, especially those they consider below their class. A person may pretend to be nice yet the way they treat others betrays them, making them reveal their true self.

Treatment To People Beneath Your Status

Although human beings are all equal, the fact that there are classes means that there will always be people who will be ranked as more important. Classes may be based on; level of education, family history, or financial status. Those who fall under the tip of the pyramid have access to the best opportunities in the world as those at the base struggle to acquire basic resources.

Your zodiac sign indicates that you need to offer good treatment to everyone you encounter on the path to your destiny. While it may seem like a person has no benefit in your life, you are reminded that life is a cycle and what goes around will certainly come around. You may look down on somebody today yet you find yourself in the same situation tomorrow. Before you shout at the waiter for giving you a wrong order, understand that the waiter is human and deserves to be treated with dignity.

The waiter is someone’s brother, uncle, cousin, or even father. Understand that everyone makes mistakes including you hence be kind and understanding enough. Before insulting a janitor for accidentally splashing water on you, remember that they are also trying to make a living. You may think that your words have no impact on them yet you may be the reason they spend their day in a bad mood.

Today the universe is revealing to you that everyone you meet is fighting a battle you have no idea about hence you need to treat them with kindness. Instead of being the person who spreads negativity to others, make it your mission to spread positivity. Whenever you find people in a bad situation, make their situation better and if that is not possible then do not make their situation worse. If you cannot bring light to those whose candles have been extinguished, then do not take the candles away from them. Sometimes, people are just having a bad day and all they need is a smile and reassurance that everything is going to be okay. 

Treatment In Relationships

It is always a pity when people are blinded by love such that they endure ill-treatment from their spouses. Other times people are trapped in toxic relationships just because they have lost their sense of self-worth and how they feel about themselves lies in how their partners treat them. It is often a mystery how a person in a relationship might be receiving ill-treatment from their partner yet they remain in the relationship despite receiving external advice that they deserve better.   

Your zodiac sign is indicating that you need to be cautious of how people treat you as well as pay attention to how you treat them. You may realize that you are tolerating disrespect and poor treatment from people you consider close to you. The universe is providing you will some of the questions to help you determine treatment;

Love relationships;

  • Does my partner respect me?
  • Does my partner view me as a human being capable of making independent decisions?
  • Does my partner treat me as a person rather than an object?
  • Do I respect my partner and treat them with the respect they deserve?
  • How do we resolve our relationship issues?-Do we communicate appropriately or do we give each other silent treatment?

Friendship relationships;

  • Do my friends genuinely love me regardless of my weaknesses?
  • Do my friends talk life to me or are they pioneers of sucking the life out of me?
  • Do I view my friends as genuine or am I in a relationship with them due to the benefits they bring to my life?

Family relationships;

  • What does family mean to me and how do we relate?
  • How do they treat me when I am in my lowest moments?
  • How do I treat them after receiving criticism?

Handling Ill-treatment

It is human nature to reciprocate the ill-treatment received but the universe states that you can be different and repay evil deeds with good deeds. The world has become very cruel and everyone seeks to repay evil with evil. It is said that hurt people will always hurt people and that is the reason why most people are always competing to be the ones who hurt each other the most.

Your zodiac sign indicates that you need to be the bigger person and forgive those who hurt you. There may be people in your life whom you harbour ill-intentions towards simply because they treated you badly in the past. You wish that you could make them hurt like you were hurting at that time out of the pain they caused you. The truth is that whenever others treat you inappropriately and you take it to heart, you end up harbouring bitterness and it ends up consuming you. On the other hand, if you repay their ill-treatment with good treatment the goodness in your heart will shock them and it will slowly consume them and perhaps have a good influence on them. Be different, the universe trusts you!

Top Tip Of The Day

The law of the universe states that one’s humanity is determined by their treatment towards others and especially those beneath them. Your zodiac sign indicates that you need to treat everyone you meet with the dignity they deserve since they are humans. You are challenged to take a deep look into your life and assess the nature of treatments you give and receive in your relationships. Offering ill-treatment does not make you superior to them but instead, it is a sign of weakness. Treat others with love and kindness and watch the universe reciprocate that to you and grant you what you desire. 


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