General Interpretation and Meaning of The Devil - Upright & Reversed

By astrology valley Oct 13 2021

The Devil Tarot card can be interpreted variously. From the upright Devil card representing violence and disappointment to the reversed card symbolizing power and independence, there is a lot behind the face of the Devil card.  


To discover what your choice of the Devil Tarot card can mean, keep reading ahead.  

General interpretation and meaning of the upright Devil card 

The upright Devil Tarot card explores a plethora of possibilities in terms of how you are feeling and will feel. If you have been depressed over some significant event in your life, this can even take a turn into a health issue that needs immediate attention. You can hopeless and violent, but neither of those is going to help you overcome what you are going through. Moreover, if you have been addicted to alcohol or some drug, your indulgence in self-pity will push you to consume more because you feel that it is going to help you battle those harsh emotions.  

As far as your personal life is concerned, you can feel like you are being cheated and this leaves you vulnerable and victimized. But have you tried introspecting into whether or not there is some basis for your ideas? Trying to manipulate situations or other people in your life can have some serious consequences and this is exactly what the Devil Tarot card warns you about. You will feel powerless and victimized, but surrendering to your instincts is only going to worsen things. What you should you utilizing your energy instead is on productive things. 

Love & Relationships (Upright) 

When viewed in light of Love and relationships, the Devil card announces the arrival of a Devil. Of course, it is not a literal Devil in flesh and blood. You and your partner seem to be missing in the passion towards each other and this has intensified your feeling of being bound in a relationship that barely has anything to offer. Even though the two of you rely upon each other for numerous things, independence is equally important in a love relationship. It is time you both should start exploring the world that lies beyond yours.  

If either of you are going through something devastating, you should try the medical way out because this might affect your bond in the future. For singles, the Devil Tarot card means that you may be met with some unforeseen circumstances where you can feel trapped in a loveless bond. You might even be faced with some sort of sexual violence that can have a serious impact on you mentally. If you have been wronged by someone you believed had loved you dearly, you can seek to resort to drugs or alcohol, which you must avoid at all costs. 


Money & Career (Upright) 

The Devil Tarot card brings to light the fact that you are not at all happy with the people you are currently working with. Trust forms a major part of any relationship, and the idea that no one around you is trustworthy enough will make you feel shattered. Nevertheless, you are the one who can change things. You may have several excuses and you are perhaps unwilling to go for a change just now, but your destiny is something only you can modify. The Devil Tarot card also implies that you will face difficulty managing your finances. Sometimes, you will find yourself overspending as well. But what is important to remember is that you should always have something in store as your backup.  

Health Interpretation (Upright) 

The Devil Tarot card, like the name itself suggests, is indicative of an unforeseen cycle of events. Your indulgence in unhealthy habits or addiction can affect your already deteriorating health. You may feel extremely anxious at times, and at other times you might want to be given some space. If this is something you have never experienced before, you should not shy away from seeking help. What you think is happening only out of frustration can also be due to an underlying health problem. So, before arriving at conclusions, you better take the necessary steps to diagnose if something is wrong.  


Spiritual Interpretation (Upright) 

The upright Devil Tarot card can mean that you have probably been too busy hunting after insignificant things in life; so much so that you have lost track of how you have deviated from your original goal. Hopelessness has pushed you into dark territory, but what can help you rise from here is hope. If you are wondering how, you can retain your hope, you should try exploring the spiritual world because answers to most of your questions lie within you. All you ought to do is discover them. 

General interpretation and meaning of the Reversed Devil card 

While the upright Devil Tarot card had some serious declarations to make, the reversed Devil Tarot card implies that there is scope of growth. Be it rising independent after a long-drawn battle against dependence or overcoming your grief, and in turn your addiction- you are here to rule!  

You have successfully unearthed the cause behind your downfall and your willingness to work towards mending it will bear fruits. You may have been emotionally affected or even devastated, but things are now changing for good. You no longer look at your problems as you earlier did. Rather, you have discovered how to use them to your benefit. If you think achieving your goals is a little difficult, you are right. But there is nothing that you get for free in this world. Success comes at a cost and you better pay this cost if you wish to live your life in the true sense of the term.  

The reversed Devil Tarot card could also mean that you have somehow escaped something or someone who had the potential to harm you in some way. But the fact that their behavior could be interpreted is an added benefit because how else were you supposed to rescue yourself from impending doom? Life isn’t as much about disappointments as you may have thought. 


Love & Relationships Interpretation (Reversed) 

The reversed Devil Tarot card indicates that their respect and love will help you sustain your relationship despite all odds. The past has not been a very fruitful phase in your love life, but now that you have emerged with a renewed sense of the self, you are willing to approach almost everything in life from a different perspective. The sense of being trapped in a vicious cycle is now gone and you now enough time at your disposal to explore the various facets of your valuable relationship. A little time away from your partner will fill you with an independent spirit and this will help you feel closer to your lover once again. However, even if you chose to broke up with your ex-partner previously, there is no point in lamenting because that was not a supportive environment at that point. Find your true love and walk the beautiful path of life together. 

Money & Career Interpretation (Reversed) 

As opposed to what the upright Devil Tarot card suggests, the reversed Devil Tarot card indicates that you will buckle up once again to unearth where the fault lies and will do so successfully. Your materialistic instincts have subsided now and you know exactly how to achieve your goals. Your calm has been restored once again and you should make the best out of this opportunity. 


Health Interpretation (Reversed) 

What the reversed Devil Tarot card suggests concerning your health is that your tendency to harm yourself has now evaporated. Although you had been depressed over the happenings in your life, you have regained control over your mind and you can now think of things more rationally. This has helped you fight some serious obstacles like your elevating addiction to drugs or alcohol and now that these are gone for all the right reasons, you will not just be able to focus on the larger things in life mentally, but your health will also stand by you. 

Spiritual Interpretation (Reversed) 

As far as the spiritual interpretation is concerned, the reversed Devil Tarot card suggests that you have emerged victorious after a long-drawn battle against your doubts and inhibitions. The way towards this destination is most likely your ability to manifest and if you now realize how spirituality has helped you rise from the dark realm, you should embrace it will all your heart and let the light fill in your entire life with hope and positivity. 


The Devil Tarot card shows the two entirely different sides of your experiences. While the upright Devil card suggests that you will and are undergoing a lot in your life, the reversed Devil Tarot represents the opposite extreme. You are now leaving behind your gloomy past to rediscover yourself and you are bound to thrive as an independent and enthusiastic soul this time. 



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