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1. Is the Zodiac Sign of Cancer trustworthy? Do they make good friends?

Trust, in any relationship, is important. If there is no trust, there is no ship possible. It is the same for friendships. But if we look at the Cancer horoscope today or sit back and try ranking all the zodiac signs based on their trustworthiness, we will find that Cancer is one of the first three Zodiac signs who are the most reliable ones. There are several important factors when it comes to trust, questions like: Are they capable of safekeeping your secrets? Whether they are always truthful to you? and Can you completely rely on them? Will come to your mind. But when a Cancerian is in question, you can completely trust them. It is because of their inability to be double-faced. They cannot stand two-timers. When they care, they care with their whole heart. They have strong principles for what is right and what is wrong. They are innately driven towards a righteous path and follow the ethical and honest pathway throughout their life. Be it a relationship or a friendship, if they are committed to you, then you are their family, there is no other way around. Even the Cancer horoscope today resonates with this ability of Cancerians. Yes, they can be your loyal friend, you do not have to worry about getting cheated on by them. They can be protective too. They are the most caring, loving, and loyal sign who are ready to offer you a shoulder to lean on and gain support in times of need.

2. How does a Cancer socialize?

For many beings, socializing comes naturally. These people can connect to anyone within a moment, as talking and blending come easily to them. Cancers in this regard may not be the social butterflies, but they are good with people. Cancerian traits show that they value their close ones over everything. They like to be in a close-knit circle of friends where they can be their true selves. Often misinterpreted by their scaly and brittle outer look, Cancers are believed to be cold, stone-faced, and non-empathetic beings. But it is untrue as the Cancer horoscope today will show you how a Cancerian is interested in organizing a get-together with family and friends. They prefer small gatherings and meetups. When it comes to socializing and not being awkward at a social event, Cancerians choose to entertain their loved ones in their own home. They are most comfortable in a homely setup with people who are more than mere acquaintances. They can seem tough to approach, but once they let you in their shell, they will make sure that you are their lifelong friend, and they will go to any extent to understand you. They can be a fun host of home parties; the Cancer horoscope today will reaffirm that. If you have a party to attend, which is being hosted by a Cancer, you will not regret being friends with them.

3. How do Cancer’s flirt?

Cancerians are misread for being stone-faced and unapproachable as they carry a strong facade of toughness when they meet. They do not let anyone and everyone inside their generous and caring heart. But they are deeply emotional and empathetic, it is evident in their flirting. As you can see in the Cancer horoscope today, a Cancerian does not fall easily in love with everyone, as they are not the initiator of such conversations in most cases and prefer to be approached instead of taking things in their hands. However, they do not miss their chance, if they find flirting accessible. When they make up their mind to flirt around, they maintain a certain class in their language. T There is a pinch of shyness and a lot of awkward smiles when they try to initiate conversations. But they are very optimistic and put a good lot of effort when they flirt. There is a sweet blend of innocence and depth in their words. They make sure that they notice and value your qualities and feed you up with compliments. They follow a pattern when they try to flirt, their questionnaire consists of some common queries regarding your life and thoughts. They ask these questions to check whether the other person is equally interested in them or not. And they make sure that the interest is maintained throughout the session, as we can decipher from the Cancer horoscope today. Their narrative will show how affectionate and cute they can be when they try to flirt. They prefer deep conversations often when they are flirting and bring up their past whenever they find it possible.

4. What is Cancer's idea of Love? Do they easily fall in love or take their time?

If you are not someone looking for serious relationships, then you must not date a Cancerian. Cancers have the purest of hearts looking for someone who needs love and care. Their ideal form of love is unconditional. They keep no expectations and have no intentions other than loving when they enter a relationship. It would be wrong to say that they fall in love easily because that is not possible. It can be an infatuation, but they value love in its pure form. When they find love, they make sure that they go beyond everything to make things possible in their love story, it is stated in the Cancer horoscope today. If you share the same belief and want to shower a Cancerian with love, you have to be patient with them. They keep their heart guarded to keep them away from heartbreaks. You have to indulge yourself in deep conversation with them to know every shade they carry. They are hard to read but not impossible. They take time to open up, but once they do, they value and care for you as an important part of their family.

5. At what age should a Cancer marry?

If you go through the Cancer horoscope today, you will see that the stars are pointing at your wedding bells. It is because the characteristics of a Cancerian align with that of a homely person. They love to love, care, and protect their family as their family is their most cherished possession. When it comes to marrying, they seek a partner who can match their understanding and perspective of life and living. Usually, they adore the institution of marriage from a young age. As a result, they try to build long-lasting bonds with their partners. They are not scared of the commitment, but they fear negligence and distance. That is why they tend to marry young, that is in their early 20s. The most compatible signs for Cancer are Pisces and Scorpio. It is because of their mutual respect for depth in relationships and likeness for devoted bonds. They also bond well with Taurus and Virgo, for their mutual vibe.

6. What are the best career paths for Cancer?

Cancerians are quite emotional about family values; they understand the importance of home and family. They like to settle down, and hence they can be great real estate agents, who can help one in finding their designated choice of home. It might seem obnoxious as they are not very rational as a sun sign. And a job that is based on a lot of commission-oriented work seems out of their comfort zone. But their nature and conduct make them good at it. They like to decorate and nurture. Their sense of styling is brilliant, it makes them great at the job of Interior decorator or home stager. Many people lack organizational skills, but as you can see in the Cancer horoscope today, a Cancer loves to organize house parties. It shows their organizational skills and makes them befitting for the job of an event manager or party planner. They also love to cook and feed and nurture the people they love. It is why they become a great nutritionist as caring comes naturally to them. Other than that, they can shine as a baker or caterer as well. These professions help them to spread smiles through their food.

7. What is Cancer's life motto?

Cancer is the fourth in line of the Zodiac signs and is represented by a crab. Cancerians are strongly associated with emotions. They are emotional beings and tend to be deeply connected to emotional things. They value sentiments and are genuinely caring. It makes them sensitive and nurturing in nature. It enables their highly intuitive sentiments, and this often turns them into insecure personalities. They are slightly introverted and prefer a deep and intimate relationship in their life. They adore the company of very few people. All these traits and the cosmic tip in the Cancer horoscope today, indicate that to have a secure and content life, Cancerians must control their emotions. If they do not wish to be subjected to emotional manipulations, they have to keep a check on their sensitive side and sentimental thoughts. They understand that being happy doesn't take much, and make them one of the kindest signs.