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Scorpio, thank your friends. Tell them how much you appreciate their friendship. You must show appreciation for those around you. You will feel a generous feeling in your heart. You will be more successful in every situation if you are generous. You can never go wrong if you smile.

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1. Is The Zodiac Sign of Scorpio Trustworthy? Do They Make Good Friends?

Scorpios are famous for being secretive but that doesn't make them malevolent. They are just very private so anybody needs to be intuitive with them. Scorpions can be called as one of the most loyal signs of all other zodiac signs. If a Scorpio cares about you, he or she will be there for you no matter what happens, tells the Scorpio Horoscope Today. However, if they are just your acquaintance then it is difficult to say that will be trustworthy. It takes passion and love to make them committed towards you. Scorpions can give an impression of unseemly and harsh nature but never untrustworthy. They will give the shirt off their back if they love you. They do not want people to look down on them. They love their social image and they avoid everything that can tarnish their image which includes betrayal and that is another reason behind them being trustworthy. Scorpions are very loyal in every relationship that is why they make great friends. They will let you that you can count on them at any time. However, it takes some time to get into their close friends’ circle. But once you gain their trust, you can rest assured that you will be close friends for life. They are very devoted people so they will prefer hanging out with their best friend instead of going out with a couple of acquaintances. Scorpios are not an open book so every time you hang out with them you will get to know something new about them and that will make your friendship bond stronger. If you have a Scorpio friend, consider yourself very lucky as per Scorpio Horoscope Today. They are very supportive of people they care about. If you are going through a rough day then your Scorpio friend is the one that you should go to.

2. How does a Scorpio socialize?

Scorpios can be called social but they need their me-time also. When they are fully charged and energized, they become this huge friendly bubble that everyone likes to be around with and these people purely value their social circle. Essentially, Scorpios can discuss any subject as per the Scorpio Horoscope Today. But they find it hard to let people know about their feelings and allow them into their inner world. They prefer being quiet to babbling. Scorpios like to go on group dates where they can do activities that lead to conversations like wine tasting or bowling. They are very secretive so it takes time to know them so do not think you will have fun with them if you are just an acquaintance, warns the Scorpio Horoscope Today. If you invite them to a party, they will either ignore the invitation or show up just to stand quiet and alone at a corner. They do like people but they doubt their intentions at times and that calls for some awkward social situations.

3. How do Scorpio’s flirt?

Scorpios have a unique way of flirting by having a conversation with you. They would like to spend time with you and by doing this they will also test your loyalty towards them suggests the Scorpio Horoscope Today. When a Scorpio starts to flirt, you should know that it is going to be a very passionate and intense situation, filled with lots of emotional confusion, sexuality, and a captivating atmosphere. It will be very obvious if a Scorpio is flirting with you because they will make eye contact and will not budge their eyes until they have got you. If they are into you, their eyes will be constantly looking for you in a crowded room as they are silent romantics as per the Scorpio Horoscope Today. When they flirt, it is not about getting your attention, they expect true intimacy of souls. Their flirting style is mostly sexual and powerful. They expect great involvement when they flirt so keep that in mind before flirting with them.

4. What is Scorpio's idea of love? Do they easily fall in love or take their time?

Scorpios approach love with passion and intensity. There should be a magnetic, emotional, and deep connection for these individuals to fall in love. But once they fall in love, being a fixed water sign, they stay in love and in any relationship for a very long time. They will do anything to keep their love alive. They are not the type to give up on love. Love can be a turbulent matter for a Scorpio and his or her partner. According to Scorpio Horoscope today, they want to test their partner's loyalty and this is sometimes done by the push and pull method. They take a lot of time to fall in love because they need to find a partner who deserves to know about their inner world. Once you pass with flying colors in their emotional tests and gain their trust, they will easily fall in love with you. It can look like they are playing some sort of game by testing their partner but actually, it is their way of kicking out the wrong people from their lives. A Scorpio in love can be both mysterious and bold. They fall in love very hard and all they need in return is the same amount of effort they put into a relationship.

5. At what age do a Scorpio should marry?

Scorpios become very possessive when the matter comes to relationships. Before jumping into a relationship, they like to build trust first as per the Scorpio Horoscope Today. They are very passionate individuals so a broken marriage can tear them apart emotionally. They should take their time to find the ideal partner for them. They tend to take wrong decisions because of their trust issues and insecurities. First, they need to build a healthy relationship and then hop into a marriage. Scorpios are independent so they will be fine if they do not find someone to marry. But when they do, they make loyal and passionate lovers. They care very little about what other people think about them. They can wait till their 30s to get married and if they found the one before that they can marry then too also, informs the Scorpio Horoscope Today.

6. What are the best career paths for Scorpio?

According to the Scorpio Horoscope today here's is a list of some career paths on which Scorpios can excel at: Chemist Being a chemist can be one of the best career paths for these people as a chemist is not a child's play. A Scorpio will surely know how one element will react with another or can simply challenge a theory that has been discovered. Most of the medications have been discovered by a Scorpio. Mortician Scorpios are not afraid of death as these people are all about the transformation of life which involves birth, life in general, and death. This is another career path on which Scorpios will not only excel but also move on it gracefully. For them preparing the dead person to be viewed or preparing them in general for a funeral would be something they have a knack for doing. A police officer or Detective Scorpios are not only secretive but they know how to find out a secret because of their great intuitive abilities. Scorpios have the natural ability to uncover secrets by using their intuition and brainpower. They are very logical and intelligent individuals. They can easily pick up suspicious behavior and that makes them a great fit for being a detective or a police officer. Couple's therapist Scorpios can be called an expert on intimate topics because they are comfortable talking about this subject. They love to give advice and make sure everyone is succeeding in their endeavors. You can comfortably talk about topics like fertility, death, fertility, and intimacy between couples. You have the confidence to help people with these issues so a couple’s therapist can be another career option for them. They have great listening and empathetic skills so they will be able to understand the couple's problem and situation very easily. Listening to others' problems and providing a solution is not an easy task. Researcher Scorpios have great analytical and practical skills. No matter how much difficult a situation might seem they will always come up with a solution. Their area of interest includes playing with data and numbers. They are experts in these fields. The last thing you can expect from a Scorpio is missing out on the details. And this is one of the most important skills needed for a researcher's job. Scorpios make a perfect fit for a career in the field of research. They are blessed with such skills so why not take advantage of them professionally and make it one of the most rewarding career options for them.

7. What is Scorpio's life motto?

Scorpio comes on the eighth number in zodiac signs and their life motto is said to be "I desire" as per the Scorpio Horoscope Today. Scorpios likes to forgive people but one should never be on their wrong side. They want to make everything great and that is the purpose of their life. They are often misunderstood at times so they tend to be cautious with everyone. Their life motto should be, ‘smile often and trust more’.