Everything You Need To Know About an Aquarius Man: Traits & Characteristics

by astrology valley Nov 03 2021

Individuals who are born on the dates between the 20th of January and the 18th of February are called Aquarians and they belong to the element of Air. This means that these individuals are intellectual and are known to be extremely charismatic by nature. They are known for their eccentricity and are quite popular for their communication skills. The Aquarius man is ruled by the planet Uranus and the planet represents invention, intellect, impulsivity, and disruption.

They are well aware of themselves and are known to be humanitarian among all the zodiac signs. They are extremely smart and are often called nerds but because they are charming and kind, people find them endearing. They are the rebels of the society who do their best to fight for a cause that is worth saving for. 

Aquarius Man Good Traits

The good traits of an Aquarius man are that they are intelligent by nature and are known to be visionaries. They are open-minded individuals who think beyond the box and are always going out of their way to improve the world in any way they can. They also have a strong moral compass that they will not be able to surpass because they will never do something they find morally incorrect or something that would trouble their conscience. 

The Aquarius men are progressive and always have faith in their beliefs, they believe in their independence and their innovative skills. They enjoy understanding new people because it gives them a different perspective to learn about. They are very passionate and are driven by their need to succeed and will always achieve what they have set their mind to. They are known not to waste time on people who do not believe or are willing to believe in what others have to say and they will always make sure that they listen to both sides of a discussion.

Aquarius Man Bad Traits

The bad traits of the Aquarius men are that they can come off as being cold and individuals who seem to know everything. While they are known to be the problem-solvers, because of this they also tend to assume they are always right and can come across as condescending. They are also extremely stubborn individuals who will not back down and will never admit that there are people out there who are smarter than they are and that they know more than them. The Aquarius men can also come across as cocky because of their need to assume that they are the smartest individual in the room. These men are known to be perfectionists who have extremely high standards for themselves and when they do fail, they cannot bear it at all. They also tend to dream a lot and get lost in their world.

Aquarius Man in Love & Sex

They are the life of the party and are not great when it comes to foreplay and flirting. They will try their best but instead will always end up asking you what stimulates your mind and will be more interested in knowing what ticks you and what does not. The Aquarius man enjoys having deep and intellectual conversations and will only fall in love with an individual whom they know will be able to keep up with their eccentricity and their intellect.

The Aquarius man also never forgets and they do not know how to deal with an upset partner. They are not the type to be emotional and they will cut you out of their life if you have broken their trust.

Dating an Aquarius Man

Dating an Aquarius man is not easy because they are loners and they need their space and freedom to be by themselves. These individuals will only date someone who will understand this need of theirs and is as independent as they are. They prefer not to have partners who are clingy because they have a life of their own and they find it hard to be with someone who will need them all the time. They are not the kind to be jealous and they take time to warm up to people.


The Aquarius man is honest and loyal and they will not spend a second of their time with someone who annoys them and does not understand their point of view. They are people who are aware of themselves and know what exactly they want.



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