General Interpretation and Meaning of The Chariot - Upright & Reversed

by astrology valley Sep 27 2021

The powerful Tarot card of The Chariot represents a courageous soldier who is standing bravely inside the chariot. His armor is nicely decorated with crescent moons which seem to be glowing while his tunic is in the shape of a square comprised of alchemical and magical symbols. His star crown symbolizes revolutionary victory and positive evolution. The ironic mystery about the Chariot tarot card is that although it seems like it is being driven, however, the charioteer is holding no reins. He just holds a magical wand which indicates that he is driven by his strong will and determined mindset.  

The Charioteer holds his pride and stands upright with dignity and honor and is steadily moving forward chasing his destination. The crown that he adorns comprises six-pointed stars which shows his connection with the celestial world. In front of the chariot, there is a presence of black and white sphinx which represents the duality. The sphinx is the representation of two opposite forces in a harmonious situation, namely the optimistic and pessimistic viewpoints. In the background, there is the presence of the “flow of the river” which symbolizes that one needs to go with the flow.  

General Interpretation and Meaning of the Upright Chariot Card 

The Chariot Tarot card in the upright position is the representation of overcoming obstacles. If the card appears in your general reading it means that you are focused and determined. You are willing to move forward with firmness and you are driven by willpower. This Major Arcana card indicates that you are motivated and in control of your emotions. You are ambitious and it is time to take action. You also need to understand, The Chariot doesn’t mean there aren’t any obstacles. But with your calm and focused nature, you are willing to take the charge and win the battle. You are going to conquer the joy with your confidence and your abilities.  

Chariot is a mode of transportation. This can mean that you are presently acting a little aggressively to hide your vulnerabilities. You might have doubts, but don’t worry. Your confidence and determination will help you move forward and you are going to achieve success. The Chariot card also implies that you are trying to establish a balance between your mind and heart. 

Love & Relationship (Upright) 

The Chariot upright in the love and relationship interpretation suggests that you are ready to conquer the emotions. You are soon going to experience a period of bliss with your partner and take actions that are essential for the smooth moving of a healthy relationship. If there have been some disputes between you and your partner, you are soon going to establish a mutual ground where the relationship is going to be harmonious. The problems or obstacles are limited in number and if you are determined to make the relationship work, you just need some hard work and trust. If you and your partner are facing some anxiety-related problems, it is probably time to take a step towards that. The Chariot indicates establishing a balance between mind and heart. If you are single, the Chariot card is an indication that you are healed and prepared to find the love of your life. 

Money & Career Interpretation (Upright) 

When The Chariot card upright appears in your career interpretation this means that you are rejuvenated with a new purpose in life. You are ambitious and confident about yourself. If there have been conflicts between you and your colleagues trying to demean your virtue, it is time to stop worrying. Keep these worries at bay and continue to strive harder. Your hard work is soon going to be recognized and pay you off. If you are feeling stuck in your present career and have been aiming to switch jobs, The Chariot represents new opportunities coming in your way.  

Health (Upright) 

If you have been facing health problems which has been bothering you for quite some time now, there is going to be a new surge of energy and optimism that will help you feel rejuvenated. You are soon going to undertake the path of recovery. Although the process of recovery might have been difficult and challenging you are soon going to experience the fruits of this tedious process. 

Spirituality (Upright) 

The Chariot Upright in the spiritual context represents that you are going to embark on a new spiritual journey. The upcoming journey isn’t going to be easy and will be full of obstacles, but it is going to be worth the struggle. You are ready to take the lead to achieve greater joy and success. Don’t lose your focus on important things and matters to you and you will see that slowly everything will turn out to be favorable.  

General Interpretation and Meaning of the Reversed Chariot  

The Reversed Chariot card indicates that you are feeling helpless and confused. You find it difficult to handle the situation and feel powerless. You are stuck in a situation where you are unable to make changes. You have to understand you need to take charge of your future and not let others dictate over you. The Reversed Chariot is an indication that you need to regain your focus and revive your determination. You can’t let others determine your passions and your goals.  

This is your life and you can’t afford to be the sheep and follow others blankly. Try to analyze the entire situation that you are stuck in and try to take pragmatic steps so that you can change the scenario that you are stuck in. You are feeling powerless and demotivated which might provoke you to let others take charge of your life at this moment. This might make you feel agitated, frustrated and you are being aggressive. It is time to focus on the resources that are available to you and the changes which are required to make to regain control of your life.  

Love & Relationship (Reversed) 

When the Reversed Chariot appears in your love reading, it is the time that you take it as a hint to slow things down. You might be progressing a little too fast with your relationship. This might have caused a disbalance between you and your partner. You need to have patience and confidence to make things work. If you are trying to force to make things happen the outcome is going to be disastrous. There can also be another situation where you feel the relationship you are in is creating immense pressure on you. It might be the time to step back and ask yourself the question of whether you are prepared to be in a relationship or not. If you are single, that is as a warning, that you are soon going to meet someone. But don’t rush with your relationship and take one step at a time. 

Money & Career Interpretation (Reversed) 

The Reversed Chariot Tarot card in your career reading implements that you feel lost and demotivated. You are either pushing your limits way too much or else you are scared of taking the step. You need to calm down and understand that sometimes it is walking that brings joy rather than running. Don’t jump to conclusions and take a slow pace. By this, you will be able to follow everything at a better rate and understand the situation. Don’t be too forceful with yourself and set your goals per your capability. Take a step back and analyze the hurdles that you are facing. You are advised to take softer or more subtle paths when it comes to achieving your goal. Financially, don’t take any kind of hasty decisions. You are advised not to rush with investments or sealing financial deals with other companies. Go through the protocols and analyze the pros and cons methodically.  

Health (Reversed) 

As opposed to the Upright Chariot card, the Reversed position of the Chariot card signifies depression, anxiety, worry, and lack of motivation. You don’t have to rush to make things happen. Go at your own pace and you will realize that things will unfold at their own pace. Don’t get demotivated if the new medications aren’t showing favorable results immediately. Trust the process. Everything takes time to be healed. So does even your body require that time and patience?  

Spirituality (Reversed) 

In the Spiritual context, the reversed Chariot card indicates that the spiritual journey that you have been taking for this long needs to be changed. You might be feeling lost and feel demotivated. It signifies you are now ready to take a different path of spirituality which will make you enthusiastic and you will no longer feel an obligation. You will enjoy the path and won’t become too over-focused on the journey. Every journey you take needs to be enjoyed at a certain pace. Allow yourself to enjoy and feel motivated by the change that you will be embarking on. The experiences that you had weren’t known to you. There was nothing that you could have changed. So, forget and forgive the past and enjoy the presence.