General Interpretation and Meaning of The Empress - Upright & Reversed

by astrology valley Oct 25 2021

The Empress Tarot card portrays a woman seated on a throne. She is a full-figured and beautiful woman who has a peaceful aura. It can be assumed that she illustrates the Earth Mother archetype, the goddess of fertility because she is surrounded by abundant nature. Venus rules her world which means that there is pure love, luxury, harmony, and fertility by the blessings of this goddess. This woman is blonde wearing a crown of 12 stars, indicating her connection with the mystical realm. Her robe has a pattern of pomegranates which symbolizes fertility, and she is sitting on a luxurious line-up of cushions that have Venus signs embroidered on it.  

A captivating forest with a river flowing through it surrounds her, marking her connection with Mother Nature and life. She gets her sense of peace from the water and the trees and gets recharged by nature’s energy. Golden wheat springing from the soil can be seen in the foreground, which displays abundance from a current harvest. The Empress creates blessings and abundance in the readings of those she encounters.  

General interpretation and meaning of the Upright Empress Tarot card 

The Empress Tarot card symbolizes motherhood, femineity, and pregnancy. This Major Arcana card is one of the most powerful pregnancy cards in the whole Tarot deck. However, you can look at supporting cards to confirm that it is truly about pregnancy or just an indication of a caring, nurturing, and motherly attitude.  

If you are a mother, this card means you will be able to find fulfillment. And if you are a father, The Empress is signaling you to improve your communication with your children and reveal your caring side to them. If you are not a parent, the appearance of The Empress in an upright position has the same message for you, embrace your soft side and let yourself listen to your intuition. People will get inclined towards you especially those who require empathy, nurturing, and compassion you will be able to give.  

Love & Relationships (Upright) 

The Empress's love meaning comes from the element of the Earth. This is a very positive card to get in your love Tarot reading. The Empress indicates romance and real love are coming your way, so if you are single, you will get mingle soon. It represents that you are caring, loving, appreciate things, and financially independent. For those in a relationship, this card indicates that your committed relationship is getting more affectionate, loving, and deeper. This card also represents good sex. As the Empress strongly indicates pregnancy so if you are not ready for it, take precautions carefully.  

Money & Career Interpretation (Upright) 

Your career might be at its peak now. The appearance of the Empress in your career Tarot reading represents that you will be more passionate and creative than usual, and you will use it on your projects and inspire people around you.  Your mind will be filled with new ideas. For those who are thinking of changing their careers or thinking about making their career, this card indicates that you will do well in creative fields like Arts.  

The Empress is abundant with materialistic and creativity, so this card can indicate that your financial situation will be stable. It is the ideal time to listen to your intuitions regarding investments. It will be great for you to share your wealth with those in need.  

Health Interpretation (Upright) 

The Empress indicates pregnancy very strongly and a good omen for the ones trying to conceive. On the other hand, if you do not want to get pregnant but are capable of getting pregnant, the appearance of this card is a strong signal that you should take precautions seriously. The Empress is a signal that you should look after yourself more and pay attention to the signals your body is giving you. Keep a check on your energy levels, and take time out to unwind and relax 

Spiritual Interpretation (Upright) 

In a spiritual context, the appearance of the Empress Tarot card indicates that your intuition wants to tell you something so you have to slow down and closely listen to it. Your instincts will be correct and it is a great time to continue down or start a spiritual journey as you will easily connect with your higher self and everything will flow pleasantly for you. The Empress is indicating that now is a great time to strengthen your creative and spiritual gifts and link with Mother Earth.  

General interpretation and meaning of the Reversed Empress Tarot card 

When the Empress Tarot card appears reversed in your Tarot reading, it indicates that you have lost very much of your strength and willpower because you have been placing too much concern and effort on others' affairs. The Empress’ nature involves showering her near and dear ones with care and affection but sometimes it goes overboard. You might be ignoring your needs or suffocating the needs of your loved ones with your good-intentioned actions. This card signals you to caress your feminine qualities. And it is not restricted to women only. Every human is a mixture of feminine and masculine qualities. The Empress reversed represents that you need to balance both of these qualities. You may be paying more attention to physical aspects instead of emotional aspects of life. You can also be feeling undesirable and unattractive and your confidence has gotten low lately. You need to divert your focus and correct the imbalance. It can signal the symptoms of the empty-nest syndrome in parents who have grown-up children. 


Love & Relationships Interpretation (Reversed) 

If you are single, the Empress reversed in your love Tarot reading can represent that many capable partners are pursuing you but you are not showing who you are to the world. Do not fake yourself for the sake of getting other people’s attention especially when the matter is related to romantic relationships. If you are in a relationship then this card can indicate that you are not truly expressing what you are feeling and crushing them so that you can maintain the balance in your relationship. Maybe you are scared of a negative reaction or rejection if you tell your partner honestly about your feelings. You need to take some time to figure out why you don’t want to express your feelings truly. You tend to get dominant at this time so be careful. It is nothing more than a symptom of your insecurities so it is time to divert your focus to yourself and everything will be fine. Put your faith in your intuition and allow it to take you to the inspiring, beautiful, and confident person you were born to become.  

Money & Career Interpretation (Reversed) 

In a career context, the Empress Tarot card reversed indicates that your career may be unfulfilling, stale, and tedious. It will feel like you are making very little progress when the matter comes to developing your abilities and skills. You can be desiring to do something more creative. Again, it can be a result of your insecurities. You can also feel like your work is not getting appreciated by others, making you feel irritated. The other problems you are going through can also be related to it. It is not the ideal time to make big decisions related to your career, it is time to take a pause and get up when you feel ready. Take time out to find the root cause behind these feelings. Figure what things need external change like shifting jobs and what need internal changes like improving your confidence and communication skills.  

In a financial context, the Empress indicates that you have everything that you need but you are not feeling confident enough that there is financial prosperity. It can be because of growing up in poverty or the wish to get self-employed. Some level of internal work is required to understand why this is happening and what can you possibly do to change it.  As long as you are making sound financial choices you will have financial security. Do not dissipate your money.  

Health Interpretation (Reversed) 

The Empress in terms of your health tells you to look after your health in a fruitful way as you handle your emotions. It can signal that emotional dispute may be causing lethargy, binge eating, lethargy, or apathy. You should start exercising and involved in activities that make you feel great about yourself. It will make you enjoy sound health. It can also indicate issues with fertility or pregnancy. It can be anything like miscarriage, problems conceiving, termination, or an unwanted pregnancy depending on the supporting cards.  

Spiritual Interpretation (Reversed) 

In a spiritual context, the Empress reversed in your Tarot reading signals that you may have disconnected with your intuition which is also affecting your other aspects of life. It is the missing link that will help you get out of your current issues. Follow spiritual females for guidance and inspiration on your spiritual journey. Listen to the wisdom of motherly figures in your life.