General Interpretation and Meaning of the Five of Swords - Upright & Reversed

by astrology valley Oct 25 2021

The only certainty about life is uncertainty. But with an accurate Tarot reading, a lot can be predicted about the upcoming events. Is your life going to be peaceful or is it going to be gloomed by fights and violence? Five of Swords Tarot card reveals a lot about what you feel and what you shall feel about what is yet to unfold. It reveals about your endeavors and if or not you will succeed at your efforts. To know more about what the Five of Swords Tarot card suggest, keep reading! 

General interpretation and meaning of the upright Five of Swords 

While the Five of Swords Tarot card is often considered to be suggestive of something good, that is not how it is. Five of Swords Tarot card is a symbol of escape and sacrifices. You can tend to become self-sacrificing when a serious conflict seems to be emerging. All you want is peace, and to avoid any chaos in your life, you can even sacrifice your interests. But have you ever contemplated why there is such a gap developing in your relationships?  

A little contemplation will enable you to see that it is nothing but a lack of good communication is causing all the problems. However, your inability to help the situation can turn you into an aggressive person and the conflicts within yourself fights louder. You might end up manifesting your aggression in many ways, even though violence at times. This calls for the need to stand up for yourself because sacrifices cannot be the key to a healthy relationship. But hey! Look at the bright side of things. Standing up for yourself can translate into your success. After all, how else is one supposed to carve one’s way out to reach one’s destination? This may not be easy, but the result is something you are bound to enjoy. 

Love & Relationships (Upright) 

The upright Five of Swords does not bring good news for those in love or a committed relationship. Your miscommunication with your partner can give birth to some grave conflicts that can leave an everlasting impression on your bond. This card, unfortunately, can also indicate the possibility of either person cheating on one’s partner. In the case of marriages, a stubborn attitude on your part can even lead to separation. This is what Five of Swords represents. It represents disintegration and that things in your life might be falling apart without your knowledge. However, you must acknowledge that it is better to walk out of a relationship that is not nourishing you.  

Money & Career (Upright) 

The upright Five of Swords is not at all an indication of the favorable. This also casts its impression on your professional sphere. The environment at work is not favorable and your colleagues are not supportive enough of your endeavors. This can give rise to some conflict and you may want to quit working with such unsupportive people, but this is not what you should ideally be doing. You need to learn to stand up for yourself because no one else will until you do. Also, if you wish to continue enjoying the finer things in life, you ought to keep up your spirits. 

Health Interpretation (Upright) 

As far as your health is concerned, Five of Swords sheds light on how likely you are to be exhausted from all that has been happening around you. You have been pushing yourself too hard, and this is not the right way to deal with the happenings in your life. You will feel tired of all the chaos and the misunderstandings and all you want is some peace. But you must not turn to drugs to escape from this feeling of being trapped. Deal with it with a fresh and calm mind or talk to a close friend if you think fit.  

Spiritual Interpretation (Upright) 

A spiritual reading of the Five of Swords Tarot card reveals that your spiritual side will be lighted up once you have emerged victorious from all the battles you have been fighting. You have learned your lesson and now that you realize what it is and how it ought to be, you must keep the message with you for the remainder of your life. 

General interpretation and meaning of the Reversed Five of Swords 

The reversed Five of Swords Tarot card indicates being at peace, something you have longed for quite some time. All the conflicts and disagreements you have had in the past are about to get resolved very soon. You no longer need to stress over the concerns that had been haunting you. The card signifies that you will be able to leave behind the unhappy memories of the past and go ahead in life with a new vision. But this comes with a cost. To arrive at this new idea of life, you might have to risk a lot. The things at stake could be very dear to you, but you must take this risk if you want to live in peace. However, the reversed Five of Swords could also signify that the conflict you have been engaged in is going to worsen. There could be a lot of guilt and shame revolving around this. 

Love & Relationships Interpretation (Reversed) 

The reversed Five of Swords Tarot card when viewed concerning love and relationships, is a reminder that relationships are built upon compromises. There is a lot that goes into building a relationship and it hardly takes any time to ruin them. The conflict with your loved one will lead you to this realization and with it, the difficulties the two of you have been experiencing will soon subside. The fact that you are interested in communicating after your recent experience must be appreciated. After all, all the happenings in your personal life have been affecting not only your career growth but also your growth as an individual. However, the reversed Five of Swords can also be an indicator of a broken relationship, but you need not feel disheartened. Some people are not meant to stay and it is better to let go of such people. If the relationship you were engaged in was stripping you of all your joys, it is great that you could finally take a leap of faith and decide to walk out of the abusive relationship. Eliminating toxicity from your life is proven to be effective when it comes to one’s growth. 

Money & Career Interpretation (Reversed) 

When the reversed Five of Swords is read from the perspective of money and career, you can rest assured that the problems in your career are going to make their way out of your life. As you begin to communicate with your colleagues, both parties begin to develop an understanding of the other. This serves as a solution to all the conflicts and heated arguments, opening up new ways of progress for the entire team. Alternatively, the Five of Swords Tarot card hints at the possibility of someone trying to manipulate you. Though the atmosphere may seem to be favorable, it is only a deception that you should not fall for at any cost. Either way, what you arrive at is a solution and this will stay with you forever. 

Health Interpretation (Reversed) 

A careful reading of the reversed Five of Swords Tarot card could imply that you had been detected with an ailment in the recent past. The news had taken you by surprise and you were unable to find any solution to it. The fact that you had not been feeling well was mentally exhausting as you had lost all hopes. But have you looked back at what could have caused you the uneasiness? What if it was only an allergy? Your discovery will help you realize what the cause behind the illness had been and even if that is not the case, you will still manage to recover super soon. 

Spiritual Interpretation (Reversed) 

If one were to seek spiritual meaning in the reversed Five of Swords Tarot card, one would discover that the obstacles have been dealt with successfully. Although you may have had to sacrifice something close to your heart, you do realize how significant the decision had been for you. Adapting to new ways after having to give up on traditions you had held in to for so long will not be easy for certain. But your realization will lead you to discover deeper truths.  


Five of Swords Tarot card is a powerful one that enables you to have a glimpse of what possibly could happen in your life. While the upright five swords signify that there could be misunderstandings and conflicts, the reversed five swords enable you to see that there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Retain hope and everything will be fine! 



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