General Interpretation and Meaning of the Five of Wands -upright & Reversed

by astrology valley Sep 08 2021

The Five of Wands shows five males, each carrying a wand and waving it in the skies. It is about a dispute that the questioner is having. This dispute may be seen as a sign of confrontation among men, or it can be interpreted as a sign that all of them are just enjoying the adrenaline rush of the fight, and their competitiveness is of a good-natured rivalry rather than animosity. The casual manner in which they appear to be carrying their wands suggests that this may be a one-sided performance rather than a furious one.

General interpretation and meaning of the Upright Five of Wands 

The Fives in the Tarot is usually associated with struggle and transition, and the Five of Wands is no different. This card suggests that you are in the middle of a struggle, tension, or rivalry with those around you and that it is interfering with your ability to achieve your objectives. Instead of being able to collaborate on a shared objective, you are always up against resistance. 


Everyone is striving to be heard with the Five of Wands. However, nobody is paying attention. Conflicts and misunderstandings will abound when everyone has a different point of view but no one stops to listen to each other. Once you get yourself in this position, look at it as a chance to ascend above the confusion and disarray. Take a little time to hear what everyone has to say, although if you disapprove. The idea is to listen to one another and give each individual a chance to present their argument. And maybe, as a result, their views will grow milder and calmer. They may also provide you the regard you want and respect your point of view. 

This kind of debate and discussion may be extremely beneficial in certain situations, such as brainstorming sessions and problem-solving. You need a productive atmosphere in which you can put your ideas to the test and have them questioned by others. One may learn from forming a task force, panel, or mastermind group with other people who have different views and expertise. Be open to this discussion as a way to improve the quality of your thoughts and actions. 

The Five of Wands also promotes variety and differing viewpoints. You may come into contact with individuals from other cultures and origins and find it difficult to embrace their way of life. Recognize that each individual brings something distinctive to the board and that knowing more about them and what they have to give will benefit you. 

Love and Relationship Interpretation (Upright) 

When it comes to your romantic life, you must take action right now. If you're alone, you may realize that the person you want has a lot of admirers, and you might have to fight for their love. Be careful not to get swept up by this and act overly pushy; this will turn off your prospective mate rather than bring them closer.  

If you are already in a romantic relationship, there could be some minor disagreements. When either of you is anxious, what begins as light-hearted banter may quickly escalate into explosive confrontations. The arguments presented here are most likely not serious. Nevertheless, they will need some levity to recall how little they are to your pleasure. Keep things light-hearted. 

Money and Career Interpretation (Upright) 

If you uncover the five wands in this position, the contradictory and competing character of the card relates to your job. As a consequence of your line of work, this may become a permanent ailment. This card is often used by individuals working in commerce, finance, and sports. If that is not the scenario, and your work does not include a competitive component, it is most likely a transitory condition caused by disagreements over particular problems.  

Thanks to the presence of the five in this upright position. You are capable of overcoming the difficulties in front of you and removing whatever is obstructing your path. Understand that you could succeed, but you should strive for it. If you see the five here, you may be in a period of financial insecurity. It's just temporary, but you'll have to fight your way out of it. This struggle may take the shape of having to work extra hard or else make a considerable effort to manage your financial situation.  

Health Interpretation (Upright) 

In a health-related Tarot reading, the Five of Wands may indicate either a struggle with or a victorious battle against an infection. Moreover, it may be a sign that you need to lower your adrenaline and stress levels, otherwise you may put yourself at risk of developing stress-related diseases such as high blood pressure. The Five of Wands may also represent an injury sustained when participating in an aggressive or contact sport. 

Spirituality Interpretation (Upright) 

Reading with the Five of Wands suggests that you are facing a great lot of spiritual turmoil, which is interfering with your ability to see your way forward on your spiritual journey. If you are striving to develop your intuitive side, you may find it difficult to set aside your ego and the negative voices that are trying to keep you from progressing further. First and foremost, you must establish peace inside yourself. 

General interpretation and meaning of the Reversed Five of Wands 

The Five of Wands reversed indicates that you are experiencing internal turmoil and are unsure where you sit on critical matters. You might attempt to figure out your position on controversial subjects like abortion, deportation, globalization, or the environment. You could further deal with personal problems like whether to remain or quit a specific relationship or employment.  


You have people around you who have strong opinions about what you should do, which is causing a lot of stress and conflict. Just when you believe you have a firm grasp on a subject, someone challenges you or fresh information emerges, causing you to reconsider your position.  

This procedure is helpful and will assist you in reaching a well-suited and researched conclusion. Realize that there is no right or wrong solution and that someone will disagree with the route you take, so choose the one that works best for you. Sync your mind with your emotions to find inner serenity. When the Five of Wands is reversed, it may indicate that you want to avoid confrontation wherever possible. Any stress may make you feel uncomfortable, and you may wish it would simply go away. So, you divert a lot of that energy and, if there is a problem, you ignore it.  

The problem is that by doing so, you may just be putting some of your issues on the back burner without engaging with them or expressing your point of view. Some disputes may be beneficial, especially if they are constructive and may bring out the underlying problems in a manner that leads to a better solution. Consider avoiding such pain is always the right way to proceed, or whether you are settling on what is essential to you. 

Love and Relationship Interpretation (Reversed) 

Conflict resolution issues may be affecting your romantic relationships at present. Once you're in a relationship, be sure you haven't been holding your anxieties to prevent disputes that both of you have to maintain a smooth connection. Avoiding uncomfortable discussions eventually leads to a breakdown of trust. If you've been working hard to convey yourself honestly with your companion, you may notice that misunderstandings are disappearing. What were previously disagreements may vanish if honesty and clarity are reached. 

Money and Career Interpretation (Reversed) 

A reversed five of wands here indicates that the current strife and rivalry in your professional life is coming to an end. You may be transitioning to a less competitive sector, or the atmosphere around you is steadily becoming much more friendly and easy-going. Overall, this is a nice change. It is a respite from your recent job problems that will enable you to focus your attention on other areas of your life. When surrounded by supporting cards, it may indicate a shift away from financial hardship. You've won the fight against your money and are ready to enter a more stable period. Without the assistance of other cards, it may lead to an increase in disputes over money with loved ones. In such a case, any money arguments you may be having with people around you are likely to escalate and continue. 

Health Interpretation (Reversed) 

When the Five of Wands is reversed in a health Tarot reading, it may indicate a failed attempt to fend off a medical condition. It may also be a warning indication that your inability to manage your stress levels is putting you at risk for more severe medical issues such as heart attack or stroke. The term may also be used to describe severe injuries sustained when participating in violent or physical sports. 

Spirituality Interpretation (Reversed) 

If the Five of Wands is reversed, it is likely that you have successfully dealt with your prior inner struggle, which has resulted in you being more focused and experiencing inner peace and tranquillity, as well as harmony.