General Interpretation and Meaning of The Hierophant - Upright & Reversed

by astrology valley Oct 19 2021

The Hierophant Tarot card is symbolic of traditions and culture that you strongly hold on to. It indicates that your faith in the traditional values is going to be further strengthened when a religious leader is going to pour into your heart the essence of religion. Your commitment towards these institutions shows that you are garnering strength, something that will lead you ahead in life.  

You have always valued knowledge and the ability of people to part with it, and now is the time when you will find yourself overwhelmed with the enormity of knowledge that you are about to gather. It also reveals that you should probably not go out and try something new at this point because that can lead you astray. Instead, conformity to traditional ways translates to lower risks and can help you in the long run. 

General interpretation and meaning of upright The Hierophant 

The upright Hierophant card has a lot to say regarding your beliefs and their reliability at this point in your life. It represents traditions and the traditional ways of learning and leading one’s life. It can also translate to your faith in a particular religious or social institution. You might come across a leader or a priest who could now become the guiding force in your life. Sometimes, it is wise to just let go of everything else and conform to traditions as they are established systems.  

Moreover, the Hierophant Tarot card also indicates that there could be an elevation in your financial or religious position. It is sheer certainly that helps you reach these heights and the only guarantee of certainty is offered by traditional values for they are set conventions. However, you may also find yourself looking forward to establishing your traditions based on your ideas. Either way, sticking to one particular idea with all your faith is something that enables you to feel stable.  

Love & Relationships (Upright) 

The Hierophant Tarot card for couples could mean that they may now feel comfortable laying their trust in the social institution of marriage and could be expected to tie the knot very soon. You will be ready to finally commit to a meaningful relationship where both you and your partner are embodiments of the same set of values.  

For singles, the Hierophant Tarot card could imply that you will find yourself making some significant decisions regarding your love life. There is a possibility of a new and intense bond-forming, and this relationship could be strengthened when you both feel committed and responsible for each other’s emotions. It is going to be an equal relationship where you both will harbor love and the same values.  

Money & Career (Upright) 

The Hierophant Tarot card signifies that if you get trapped in the facade of unconventionality, success will walk away from your life. However, if you choose to go for options that are already established, you may be amazed to see how it turns out to be in your favor this time. The card suggests that you could find yourself working to the best of your capabilities in the company of an efficient and supportive team, especially your mentor. This is a person who is worldly and wise and will give the best suggestions. As far as the economic aspect is concerned, you should stick to traditional ways of saving or investments because they involve lower risks.  

Health Interpretation (Upright) 

The Hierophant Tarot card prompts that if you are not in the best of your health at this point, you should not try out any new medication as you could develop side effects, or an allergy might resurface. Traditional methods are tried and tested. Therefore, they are the best option. You can also try out ways to help your immunity grow as this will help your body fight alien germs in the very first place. A balanced diet and routine exercise may be extremely helpful in this regard. 

Spiritual Interpretation (Upright) 

The Hierophant Tarot card suggests that to gain peace in life, you ought to bridge the gap between the humane and the divine. The only way by which you can achieve this elevated stature is by walking on the spiritual path. Your mentor could help you look at the spiritual side of your personality and even though it might seem like an alien idea, it is the best option available to you, now and ever. 

General interpretation and meaning of Reversed The Hierophant 

While the upright Hierophant Tarot card prompts that one should conform to traditional ways of life and conventional modes, the reversed Hierophant Tarot card signifies that one should break free of the shackles of conventions and try out new methods. Experimental efforts will help you carve your way toward success and there is no alternative to doing so. You may even find yourself rebelling against set norms that are often imposed upon people sharing the same community. The people around you may fail to realize the importance of exploration, but that should not in any way tarnish your spirit. It is time to prioritize yourself over anything else because only when you are happy can you help others.  

On the contrary, however, the reversed Hierophant card could also signify that you may be making a desperate attempt to stick to traditions and conventions, essentially because you wish to bring out the dichotomy that is inherent in the traditional structures. Do not let any sense of shame creep up because it will do not serve any purpose, except for the need of the upholders of traditions to dampen your spirit. Moreover, as opposed to the upright Hierophant Tarot card’s prompting that a mentor could help you find the right path, the reversed Hierophant signifies that you may get involved in a conflict with your guide, something you should probably refrain from being dragged into.  

Love & Relationships Interpretation (Reversed) 

As far as one’s love life is concerned, the reversed Hierophant card suggests that you are going to break free of the burden of traditional ways of conducting a relationship. You are unconventional in your approach towards this new person with who you are beginning to form a bond. For you, couple goals have an entirely different definition. You want to take this relationship ahead with no traditional bounds. What matters to you most is how to respect and value each other in this relationship, and this does not include any boundaries. You do not believe in compromises, but you must remember that both of you may need to make some compromises if you want this relationship to sustain and thrive. 

Money & Career Interpretation (Reversed) 

The reversed Hierophant Tarot card could suggest that someone in a position of authority is forcing to you abide by the rules laid down by them. This is not something you will be able to come to terms with and as a result, you may get involved in a conflict with this person. What must be remembered is that fighting with a superior in the hierarchy will make the environment seem even more hostile. You can feel confined and unable to express yourself well, in turn affecting your work and scope of action.  

Health Interpretation (Reversed) 

The choice of the Hierophant Tarot card means that for someone who has been sick for a prolonged period, the traditional medicines are not effective anymore. This calls for the need for alternatives. Trying to hold on to your previous health routine can be detrimental to your health because clearly, it has not been beneficial in any way. The comfort may lie in sticking to the same routine, but your priority ought to be to get cured of the disease that has laid its hands on you.  

Spiritual Interpretation (Reversed) 

The reversed Hierophant Tarot card indicates that the traditional norms that you have constantly felt the need to conform to are not benefiting you in any way. As the card suggests, you should keep experimenting because only then will you discover what works best for you. Spiritual contentment is the only way out of all your dilemmas and you must keep in mind that the spiritual is not synonymous with the traditional. Spirituality is all about your soul and has nothing to do with what others believe in. 


The Hierophant Tarot card deals with the importance of traditions and conventional religious or social structures and how these aspects influence one’s life. While the upright Hierophant Tarot card implies that there is a need to lay trust in traditions and go with the flow, the reversed Hierophant Tarot card signifies just the opposite. It reveals that there is a need for experimentation if one wishes to discover what helps them the most. The choice of the Hierophant Tarot card reveals that the only way to attain peace is by delving deep into the spiritual world and getting to know about one’s innate desires because it is the understanding of the self that solves half the problems.